Is planning a novel worth it? Comparing a planned & pantsed project. #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

This month I’m posting the results of an experiment I started last October: The Pantser Plots series. How does a self confessed pantser fare when they try to plan instead? 

For NaNoWriMo 2017 I planned out a project based on Merlin and Arthurian legend. I’ll compare this project to my NaNoWriMo 2016 project, Dragonspire, which was unplanned.

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The Pantser Plots: Part 8. #NaNoWriMo Progress Week 4. The End of the Road!

I have to write 2000 words today but I’m distracted by snow. I get excited when it snows because it doesn’t happen often. Of course I wanted to go for a bike ride in it and take pictures! (I actually fell off, since I forgot sharp turns are a no go on ice!)

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The Pantser Plots: Part 6. #NaNoWriMo progress Week 2, Midpoint Motivation!

The words for my short story came easily today. It’s a fun tale about aliens and alcohol written in first person. I wrote 2150 words in 82 minutes, faster than I’ve been writing on my Nano project. (1650 words in the same time!) To me that made it obvious I needed a break to write something different!

As for my NaNo words? I was a bit distracted after writing something else, but I managed 1005: More than my target 🙂 It felt good to get out of my own head and just write!

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The Pantser Plots: Part 4. Twas the night before NaNoWriMo… Introducing my project #BeautifulBooks

The night before NaNoWriMo is here, and whilst everyone else is posting about Halloween, it’s time for me to introduce my project.

Warning, contains spoilers: The end of BBC’s Merlin. 

Earlier in October I discovered Beautiful People, a monthly link up hosted by Cait @PaperFury and Sky @FurtherUpandFurther. Each month they post 10 questions to answer about your characters. This month the focus is on NaNoWriMo. What better way to introduce my project?

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The Pantser Plots: A #NaNoWriMo Experiment, Part 2…

I started planning on the 3rd of October. Why not the 1st or 2nd? I write weekly short stories on Sundays and have Monday’s off, but I did head to the library to snag a book for research.

I also made a ‘preptober plan.’ It’s not as advanced as others I’ve seen people posting on the internet. Theirs have check boxes. Mine is a scribbled list.

So how is my planning going so far?

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