Sunday Scribbles Week 44. The festival of Asteria. #sunscribbles

‘Relics of Earth?’ Arthur asked as they moved past stalls selling asteroid bracelets, coffee mugs and disposable cameras, and came to a stop at another stall.

‘Yup. Replicas of things from Earth before the asteroid hit,’ the stall owner said.

Merlin frowned and picked up a carving of stone henge. ‘The stones are in the wrong place.’

‘I think you’ll find my wares are 100% accurate,’ the stall owner insisted with a glare.

‘No, Merlin’s right,’ Arthur said. ‘I grew up near stone henge, and it doesn’t have a roof.’

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The Pantser Plots: Part 4. Twas the night before NaNoWriMo… Introducing my project #BeautifulBooks

The night before NaNoWriMo is here, and whilst everyone else is posting about Halloween, it’s time for me to introduce my project.

Warning, contains spoilers: The end of BBC’s Merlin. 

Earlier in October I discovered Beautiful People, a monthly link up hosted by Cait @PaperFury and Sky @FurtherUpandFurther. Each month they post 10 questions to answer about your characters. This month the focus is on NaNoWriMo. What better way to introduce my project?

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Sunday Scribbles Week 33: Beware the giant purple space dragon! #sunscribbles

‘It may not have seen us, but it’s seen them,’ Arthur replied. He pointed to three woman and a child, trapped in a building in the dragons line of fire.

‘Dammit!’ Merlin huffed and ran a hand through dark hair as he surveyed the area around him. Apple trees? No. Those took years to grow. He couldn’t set them alight to distract the dragon. ‘Thirty apple trees, lots of rubble, but nothing to play with.’

‘Quit playing games and help them!’ Arthur yelled, as the cornered citizens continued to cower. ‘Before the space dragon eats them!’

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Sunday Scribbles, week 30: Camlann, the fall of Camelot, and the Once and Future King!

‘Maybe…’ Merlin replied. He looked away.

Arthur ducked and caught his worried gaze. ‘Is there something else?’

‘I had a dream. So many people died, Arthur. You…’

‘People die in battle, Merlin. It’s a part of life,’ Arthur interrupted gently. ‘You and I? We’ll live forever. If not in person, than in legend.’

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Sunday Scribbles Week 14: A wizard takes a train in the year 3000.

A large suitcase shuffled forward to protrude from the platform edge and hang over the train track. Someone was going to get hurt, again. It happened nearly every day. Well not today. Not whilst he was here.

The old man connected his fingers together, palms splayed, and his eyes flashed mysteriously. A sudden wind pushed the suitcase and its owner back a little. The commuters perked up in interest, but when no train appeared, they began to grumble.

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