The Pantser Plots: Part 3. #AuthorToolboxBlogHop: 7 things I learned from planning as a pantser

There’s no feeling more awesome than getting excited about a project. Planning, or finding images that help visualise characters and locations, can be fun, inspirational even.

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The Pantser Plots: A #NaNoWriMo Experiment, Part 2…

I started planning on the 3rd of October. Why not the 1st or 2nd? I write weekly short stories on Sundays and have Monday’s off, but I did head to the library to snag a book for research.

I also made a ‘preptober plan.’ It’s not as advanced as others I’ve seen people posting on the internet. Theirs have check boxes. Mine is a scribbled list.

So how is my planning going so far?

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Sunday Scribbles Week 39: Be careful where you make your hideout #sunscribbles

‘Like he knows anything,’ Elaine replied. She pouted and glared at the deck. ‘If I can’t be governor, I’ll be a pirate and plunder everything he has. That’ll show him.’

‘Good luck doing that as a cabin girl, wench,’ one of her crew mates taunted. He shoved Elaine from behind and she lost her balance. Sopping wet, she pulled her head from the bucket of water and threw her sponge at him. Hard.

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Sunday Scribbles Week 38: The Dragon Skin and the Hoard.

‘Don’t…’ he said, with a warning growl.

‘Don’t? You wanted me to move my stuff!’

‘Yeah, but there’s a knack to openin’ the door,’ her father insisted.

He motioned backwards and eased the door up. The contents behind creaked. Lily took a couple of steps back as a wave of brightly coloured balls cascaded out.

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