Lessons in Storytelling from TV and Film: First Episodes #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

Watching TV can’t teach you the basics of writing, (you won’t learn how to structure a sentence or write great descriptions), but it can teach us a lot about starting a story, pacing, plot, structure, character development and dialogue.

This will be the subject of my next few Author Toolbox posts.

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The Dragon Skeleton. Sunday Scribbles 2018, Week 10 (Danger) #shortstory #sunscribbles

Small waves cascaded out from the centre of the lake, and a giant, pure white object pierced the surface. 

Natalia gestured to the skeletal wing. ‘Told you it was dangerous!’

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The Giant’s Dance. Sunday Scribbles 2018, Week 9 (Story) #shortstory #sunscribbles

Aldan shuddered. ‘Mr Hopkins says this place is cursed.’

Myrddin stepped forward and placed a worn hand on the closest stone. ‘Like I said, he’s a fool.’ His eyes slipped closed, and a chill wind blew around them. ‘It’s sacred.’

Lizzie stepped up beside him. ‘They’re magic, aren’t they?’

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1st Line Thursday: First lines written, snow, and other firsts of March!

Welcome to the first Thursday post of March! How is everyone? Buried under 6ft of snow? Me too! (Well, more than I’ve seen in years!)

The first Thursday post of each month is about firsts: The first book I picked up, picture I took, blog article I read, short story I wrote last month and so on!

What’s the first line you wrote, article you read, or picture you took? Let me know in the comments!

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Bringing Painting to Life. Sunday Scribbles 2018, Week 7 (Festival) #shortstory #sunscribbles

As the next few paintings were revealed his father scribbled notes in his notebook but made no comments aloud. Finally, he stopped in front of a canvas in the middle of the stage. When he read the artists name he sucked in a breath and turned wide eyes on Greg.

Greg smiled a wobbly smile and waved. His father grimaced.

‘The artist has courage to enter such a competition, but it’s no where near the standard we’d expect,’ the hooked nose woman said.

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Research Thursdays: The Colour of Roses

I love research. As a writer this is a good thing. We research plane crashes, stab wounds, and how to kill someone with a sword, to name a few examples. If anyone looked at our internet history, they’d be thoroughly disturbed. (Unless they were another writer who knew about our work in progress!)

Today’s post will be about the colours of roses and their symbolic meaning.

Red roses symbolise deep romantic love and beauty. In a romantic relationship, a bunch of roses, 36, says your partner is crazy about you. In someone you’ve just met, a single red rose can symbolise love at first sight.

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