Research Thursdays: The Colour of Roses

I love research. As a writer this is a good thing. We research plane crashes, stab wounds, and how to kill someone with a sword, to name a few examples. If anyone looked at our internet history, they’d be thoroughly disturbed. (Unless they were another writer who knew about our work in progress!)

Today’s post will be about the colours of roses and their symbolic meaning.

Red roses symbolise deep romantic love and beauty. In a romantic relationship, a bunch of roses, 36, says your partner is crazy about you. In someone you’ve just met, a single red rose can symbolise love at first sight.

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Random research of a distracted writer: How to light a candle in the middle ages.

According to my research, candles in the middle ages were made from animal fat (Tallow.) These candles, when lit, smelt worse than manure and gave off a smoky flame. They were common in general home use because they were cheap.

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