Sunday Scribbles Week 49: Forbidden Fruit #sunscribbles #pizzaassassin

Shawn crept up to the ship, and from behind a pile of crates he spied its name, painted in large yellow letters on the bow. ‘Fruit Loop 20? What happened to the other 19?’

‘Best you don’t ask,’ a voice said from behind him, and Shawn felt the barrel of a gun press into his back.

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Sunday Scribbles Week 47: The Sword in the Stone #sunscribbles

By the time he reached the lake the sun had set. The water rippled in the light of the full moon and stars sparkled above. A small island, reflected in the shimmering water, sat in the centre. Arthur shuddered. This place made him uneasy where wild animals did not.

A fallen tree hung over the lake. It reeked of death, and the rustle of leaves, the lapping of the water against the bank, sung songs of sadness the like of which Arthur had never heard. The lake was haunted with ghosts of the past, and it was even more eerie at night.

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The Pantser Plots: Part 6. #NaNoWriMo progress Week 2, Midpoint Motivation!

The words for my short story came easily today. It’s a fun tale about aliens and alcohol written in first person. I wrote 2150 words in 82 minutes, faster than I’ve been writing on my Nano project. (1650 words in the same time!) To me that made it obvious I needed a break to write something different!

As for my NaNo words? I was a bit distracted after writing something else, but I managed 1005: More than my target 🙂 It felt good to get out of my own head and just write!

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Sunday Scribbles Week 45: When the job offer is out of this world… #sunscribbles

‘Oh no. You’ve been cut off for today!’ the bartender said when he saw me.

I gestured behind me, to my new friends. The bartenders jaw dropped. People who glanced our way screamed and pushed past us, out the door. Some fled out the patio and off it into the lake. Soon, the bar was ours.

I led my friends to the bar. ‘You going to argue with them?’ I asked. ‘They have laser pistols.’

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