Bringing Painting to Life. Sunday Scribbles 2018, Week 7 (Festival) #shortstory #sunscribbles

As the next few paintings were revealed his father scribbled notes in his notebook but made no comments aloud. Finally, he stopped in front of a canvas in the middle of the stage. When he read the artists name he sucked in a breath and turned wide eyes on Greg.

Greg smiled a wobbly smile and waved. His father grimaced.

‘The artist has courage to enter such a competition, but it’s no where near the standard we’d expect,’ the hooked nose woman said.

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Research Thursdays: The Colour of Roses

I love research. As a writer this is a good thing. We research plane crashes, stab wounds, and how to kill someone with a sword, to name a few examples. If anyone looked at our internet history, they’d be thoroughly disturbed. (Unless they were another writer who knew about our work in progress!)

Today’s post will be about the colours of roses and their symbolic meaning.

Red roses symbolise deep romantic love and beauty. In a romantic relationship, a bunch of roses, 36, says your partner is crazy about you. In someone you’ve just met, a single red rose can symbolise love at first sight.

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The best things take time, inspiring typos, and other inspiration from Dragonspire!

It takes a tree years to grow into anything substantial. It’s the same with anything when you start out. Even if you can’t see immediate results, it doesn’t mean what you’re doing isn’t worthwhile. Be patient, and be consistent. You’ll have doubts, and there will be doubters who say it will never happen. Ignore them. The end result could change the rest of your life.

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Beyond Repair. Sunday Scribbles 2018, Week 3. (Repair) #flashfiction #sunscribbles

Adam sighed and slipped through the open door of the library. It was deserted this time of day. The students had left long ago, and the harassed looking teachers he passed in the corridor ignored his polite greetings in favour of books and coffee. It was a posh prep school, and the lot of them had their noses in the air. No time for a repair man. 

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Is planning a novel worth it? Comparing a planned & pantsed project. #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

This month I’m posting the results of an experiment I started last October: The Pantser Plots series. How does a self confessed pantser fare when they try to plan instead? 

For NaNoWriMo 2017 I planned out a project based on Merlin and Arthurian legend. I’ll compare this project to my NaNoWriMo 2016 project, Dragonspire, which was unplanned.

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When you’re invisible, it’s easy to run. Sunday Scribbles 2018, Week 2. (Invisible) #shortstory #sunscribbles

Benedict sighed and ran a hand through his hair. ‘No. I suppose it isn’t… But around here, what else is there?’

Aurelia took the soup off the fire and heaved it onto the counter. ‘Nothing. We’re nobodies. Invisible. Our lives belong to our masters. We don’t get to love, learn, leave the city or make our own lives.’

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