Louise has been writing, reading, and enjoying great stories for as long as she can remember. When she was 11, her English teacher told her that she had a talent for writing. This comment stuck with her, and she’s continued to enjoy reading and writing stories, as well as experiencing them on the big and small screen through TV, film, and games.

Louise’s blog will cover her writing and reflect a lot of her interests, which all influence her writing. These include books, films, TV shows, games, history and inspiring scenery.

Louise enjoys fantasy stories first and foremost, usually with a hint of mystery, magic, or supernatural powers.

Her current favourite TV shows are Arrow and The Flash, although she enjoys Sherlock, Supergirl and Psych too.

If you were to ask her what her favourite film is, she would not hesitate to respond, ‘How to Train Your Dragon.’ Louise has always loved dragons, and has a collection of dragon figures, as well as two plush Toothless, which keep her company as she writes!

toohlessLouise likes a good adventure story, drama, detective story, comedy, science fiction, or even romance.

If you were to ask her why there is so much variety within her favourites, Louise would reply that her experience of a story is strongly linked to the characters, and how well developed, engaging, and rounded they are. An amazing, strong, lead character can drive a narrative, and even if that character is doing something mundane, like cake baking, she would still be intrigued by them. 

Louise also enjoys gaming, in particularly Hearthstone and Ark: Survival Evolved at the present, but she has been known to devote hours to Japanese role playing games if the characters are good. In fact, NaNoWriMo 2015 was sidelined in favour of Tales of Vesperia and going on holiday! She is currently looking forward to the Final Fantasy VII remake, as the original was one of her favourite childhood games.

Having studied medieval history at university, it is no wonder that Louise finds the past inspiring to her writing. In fact, she spent a lot of her time during her lectures daydreaming and thinking up stories related to her studies!logo

Louise currently lives in a small town on the east coast and enjoys spending time at the beach in the sunshine, especially when writing and looking for inspiration. She enjoys being taken by surprise by an unpredictable plot and believes that the best stories inspire. Her ultimate goal is to publish stories which inspire writers to produce original work of their own.


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