June Updates: Beach Adventures!

Hey everyone, how’s it going?

June was a mixed bag, with some good moments, at the beach and car boot markets, and some stressful, like the ongoing Covid situation and a family meal with good and bad points. Anyway, here’s what happened in the writing cave in June!

June Writing Cave Updates


I wrote three posts in June, an updates post, a post on Trigger Warnings, and a post about random finds from a local boot market, including pirates and Demogorgon’s. This month there’ll be two posts, including this one: A review of the Shadow and Bone TV series!


I wrote nothing in June. As the date the government set for easing lockdown restrictions inched closer I became frustrated, checked the news too often, and couldn’t switch off. After lockdown was extended until 19th July I did some research for Merlin Second Chance and thought about my other two projects a bit. I’m still struggling to write, but at least the desire to write is slowly returning.

I’ll aim to write 6 hours a week in July, words or research. I’m not sure how it’ll go, as I’m still recovering from the stress of my MA, but I’ll try. And yes, my MA was stressful, despite being scoffed at and told ‘I don’t know what stress is’ when I mentioned it at a family meal! I don’t want to force myself to write, but I hope I can, and I’m thinking of writing short stories again to post too! 


I realised my problem with reading is it’s usually done in silence. I’d lost the ability to focus at home where there are lots of distractions, like games and TV, so I took my new book, Six of Crows, to the beach with me and reading was much easier:

Book: Six of Crows, with stony sandy beach and calm sea in the background on a sunny day.
Reading is much better at the beach!

I’ll review the book when I’m done, and I’ve already bought the sequel, Crooked Kingdom! I’m also reading The History of the Kings of Britain, in particular the sections about Merlin and Arthur for more background for my retelling. After that I’ll activate my free trial for Kindle Unlimited and try to catch up on my ‘book a month’ challenge, which I’m so behind on this year. 


Merlin’s as fed up of the crazy weather as I am. Some days were cold and miserable, which makes him sleepy, and others were so hot he didn’t want to move. To stay cool, he sits in our bathroom sink or on top of my laptop when it’s off. Thankfully the cooler, but sunny, days were most common!

Merlin, Ginger and White cat, Sitting on Top of my Laptop
My laptop is surprisingly cool when it’s off, which Merlin loves, but it’s hot enough to burn when the fans are running at full capacity!

Merlin got to visit my mum for the first time in ages though, which he loves as she gives him chicken, and every time we cook homemade pizza he hangs around the kitchen hoping for chicken too!

Video Games:

The new Dead by Daylight Resident Evil expansion is fun, especially the zombies, but although the new killer, Nemesis, is cool, I still prefer Demogorgon. I’m playing killer more now, because survivor is getting frustrating or boring, but my gaming laptop is 5 years old and I can’t run the game well as killer! I’m looking at an Acer laptop, but I’m unsure about the brand as I’ve had HP for years.

Cycling and the Beach:

I’ve been cycling at least, even if I haven’t accomplished much else. My latest route is to cycle to the beach, drag my bike across the sand, and lean against it close to the sea. At first it was the only way I could read, as I’ve become easily distracted by technology, but after a few visits I’m relearning to switch off at home!

Waves crashing against the beach, with blue skies on a sunny day and a pier in the distance.
I got really close to the waves to take this picture, and my shoes got drenched. It was worth it though πŸ™‚

The views are lovely, the beach is very quiet at the moment because it’s not school holidays, and listening to nothing but the sound of the waves is great πŸ™‚

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Thanks for Reading!

How was your June? Had any awesome weather? Do you have a difficult relationship with some family members? Know anything about Acer laptops? If you write, why do you write?

Chat in the Comments!

Why do you write?

I want to write the types of stories I want to read. As a teen I adored M/M romance, but there was little choice in books or TV: Gravitation was one of few options, and whilst it’ll always have a fond space in my heart, especially the music, it’s not great. I also loved some popular shows/books, like Merlin and Harry Potter, but I preferred to ship Arthur/Merlin over Arthur/Gwen or Harry/Draco over Harry/Ginny!


    • Glad you had a good month πŸ™‚ I hope the heatwave in the US and Canada doesn’t go on too long, it gets hot here sometimes but never that bad thankfully. Thanks, it’s only a little bit of writing, but hopefully it’ll get me started again πŸ™‚

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  1. So I think I read a lot in June, but since when do I keep track of what I read when? I read The Fires of Treason by Michele Quirke, and I really loved it – even reviewed it on my own not-bookblogging blog. I also read Deathborn by CE Page. Those were the highlights. And, of course, I released Children of the Dryads. So that was fun, but am I any good at marketing? No.

    I write because I have the stories inside me. They come to me. And I think about things through writing and characters and stories. Oh, and I also have a fascination with world-building. My imagination won’t stop it πŸ™‚

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    • I used to use Goodreads to track my reading, but I kept forgetting about it. I think maybe I’m up to 4 books this year? Compared to me you read loads πŸ™‚ I dread marketing, thankfully I’m a long way off publishing so I’ve got time to figure it all out!

      I know what you mean, my imagination never turns off: Even when I’m not writing words, I’m thinking about stories every day πŸ™‚

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  2. Yeah, I barely wrote in June, so I can relate. It’s tough to keep our attention off the news. Something about it makes it hard to take a break from it, and I hope you’ve been able to take a break from it this month. I think your new goal of 6 hours a week is good – less than a hour a day makes it more manageable and reduces pressure/stress. I’m so sorry that someone downplayed your stress at a family meal. That’s awful and insensitive. You have my support. I’m glad you got to read at the beach and got some cool fiction and nonfiction books. Do you usually enjoy researching for books? For me, it’s hit and miss. But, again, I’m glad you got to go to the beach and ride your bike. I haven’t really learned how to ride a bike lol. Also, I hope the weather becomes stable- and I think it’s cool that Merlin likes chicken lol. Peculiarexus’ favorite food is chicken.
    Great post!

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    • It’s so tough, especially at the moment as we’re waiting for rules to change again and I feel like I need to check the news daily to keep up with what’s happening. Sorry you didn’t get much writing done either. I’m hoping a small goal will be manageable and more achievable, so maybe try to set a very small goal too? πŸ™‚

      Thanks, I think it hurt more than usual because I haven’t seen that person in a while and before the pandemic I’d kind of gotten used to how insensitive some of that group can be. (I shouldn’t have to be used to it, but it’s family, what can you do?)

      If it’s one of my special areas of interest I can research for hours and never get bored, but if it’s something I’m not interested in I procrastinate like I did for half of my degree xD Thankfully I only write things I’m interested in, so I end up only researching things I’m interested in too πŸ™‚

      Haha cool, Peculiarexus and Merlin would get on well, either that or fight over chicken xD

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      • That’s tough. It’s tough finding a balance. Have you thought about cutting down slightly to a few days a week?
        I need to try a small goal. THat’s a good idea. Thank you! πŸ™‚

        Yeah, it’s tough when those who make hurtful remarks are family. It’s definitely understandable how that hurt more than usual since you haven’t seen them in a while. I send you my support. Your stress is valid and I am here for you.

        lol that’s good. It’s best when we are able to focus research on things of interest to us :). Your main interest is medieval history, no?

        LOL I can imagine them doing both, but probably more of getting along since Peculiarexus loves cats (he doesn’t like dogs though lol as he’s been bitten by dogs). But I can imagine them fighting over a chicken drumstick. Does Merlin like drumsticks?

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        • I might try to do that. It’ll be easier once life begins to return to normal, which we’re hoping for an announcement about on Monday.

          Thanks πŸ™‚ I do like medieval history, but my main interests are usually specific characters, TV shows or tropes πŸ˜€

          Merlin’s not allowed anything with bones in, in case he chokes on them, so we give him chicken cut in small pieces rather than drumsticks.

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          • Yeah that should make things a bit easier. Do you check news more or less often on weekends?

            That’s cool. Which trope do you look up most?

            That makes sense. Best to be safe. I’m sure Peculiarexus wouldn’t fight with Merlin over chicken since Peculiarexus loves drumsticks most. He would spoil Merlin with small pieces (none with bones in) of chicken :).

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              • lol so no European Championship for you? πŸ™‚ Do you like sports other than football?

                Good question. I’m not sure. I do like the reluctant hero and unlikely hero trope. I’m not sure what you’d call this one, but with Peculiarexus, he has this complex where he thinks he’s tougher and stronger and taller than he actually is at times lol. Did you notice other tropes in the Peculiarexus story you read? I wish I knew the official names of tropes more lol.

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                • Nope, I didn’t even watch the England vs Italy final! I’m not really into any sports, playing or watching. If I had to choose one to watch it’d be either darts, snooker, or ice skating πŸ™‚

                  Maybe Peculiarexus is the overconfident hero? Not sure if it’s a trope or not though. I don’t think I noticed any other tropes. I tend to dislike reluctant heroes, which is probably why I didn’t like Alina in Shadow and Bone. My heroes tend to want to be heroic but the people around them disapprove xD

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                  • No worries. Ice skating is fun to watch. Have you watched it during the Olympics? (I know you don’t usually watch or play it but I’m curious if you tune in to watch it on a more limited occasion, as the Winter Olympics only comes every 4 years).

                    Haha yeah he is an overconfident hero who thinks he’s tougher than he really is.
                    I think that’s understandable, reluctant heroes can be annoying lol. I like the growth in character, but at the same time, I can see why it is irritating. lol why do people around your characters not approve of their heroism?

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                    • Nah I’ve not seen it at the Olympics, I don’t usually watch that either. I’ve seen a few TV shows with ice skating though and we used to go skating before the nearest rink to us shut down.

                      Yeah I like heroes who grow too, but I prefer them to start out weaker rather than reluctant πŸ™‚ Depends on the character: One fails in battle often and no one wants him to get hurt, the other is pretty competent but his mother doesn’t want him to be a hero as his dad died doing the same thing.

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  3. That’s cool, Louise! What is your favorite skating show? Did the rink shut down because of the pandemic or other reasons?

    That’s a good point. I think it is cooler to see a hero who is weaker and gets stronger. Who would you say is the best example of this? The characters you mentioned have loved ones with understandable reasons for not wanting to see them be heroes. My MC Matt is similar to the second one. Matt’s brother was killed by cyborgs and Matt’s mother disappeared during a battle with one. So, I’m fairly sure that if his father found out that he (Matt) was a superhero, he’d be unhappy.

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    • I’m not sure I have a favourite as most of the live action ice skating shows I’ve seen aren’t very good. I think the rink shut down due to lack of use. It was on the outskirts of a city which isn’t always a good location.

      Barry in The Flash was great in earlier seasons, and I loved the whole Oliver as a mentor thing πŸ™‚ Exactly, I bet Matt’s dad would want him to be safe, not in danger, but Matt would argue he can take care of himself and wants to avenge his brother and look for his mother.

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      • Aww yeah, city outskirts are usually not a good location for things. Did you go ice skating often when it was open?

        Oh yeah, I love Barry as the Flash in earlier seasons. In later seasons, it just got bad. I’m not 100% what went wrong, but it seems like they wanted to make him a dark brooding hero, when he’s supposed to be lighthearted – and their storylines just weren’t so good anymore. What would you say were the main mistakes that they made?
        Yes, I agree. If his dad found out, he would argue back saying what you mentioned. And he’s very stubborn, so he’d definitely still be a superhero regardless. Do your characters make similar arguments to the ones that Matt would make?

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        • Sadly not as much as I’d have liked. It was quite a trek on public transport and by the time I got more confident in driving it’d shut. Nearest one now is nearly a 2 hour drive away!

          Yeah, I think Season 3 is where it started to go downhill, because of how confusing the Savitar stuff was, and Barry became darker, but Season 4 is when it lost me completely. For me the main mistake was taking the focus away from Barry and his powers. That and I preferred Iris and Barry as found family with that brother and sister type relationship. They were both so much more playful, fun, and independent before they got together. I know in the comics Barry is with Iris, but it would’ve been nice to see them continue the found family direction instead.

          My characters are stubborn too, and would continue regardless like Matt. Leo wants to be just like his superhero dad, even though his dad died saving people. His mum wants him to focus on studying though!

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          • Wow, that is really far.

            Great points. I agree it started getting bad in Season 3. I still don’t completely understand the Savitar stuff because of the inconsistencies lol. But yes, when they started having non-speedster enemies, they had to focus away from his powers, so I can see why is a big mistake (not to mention how some of the non-speedster villains like DeVoe were overpowered). Excellent point about Barry and Iris’ relationship. There wasn’t as much chemistry between them. Some suggested he should have been with Caitlin – do you think that would have been a better fit?

            That’s cool πŸ™‚ What are Leo’s powers?

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            • I still don’t really understand the Savitar stuff either. So many plot holes. I could’ve written it so it made much more sense πŸ˜› I hated with DeVoe how Barry just let himself get arrested. Coulda sped in there, cleaned up the crime scene, dumped the body, and got away with it before the captain showed up! The whole ‘don’t run’ thing felt so absurd. I do like the idea of Barry and Caitlin, but my favourite ships will always be Barry/Oliver or Barry/Snart πŸ˜€

              Leo can teleport places πŸ™‚ Does Matt have powers? I can’t remember if you mentioned before or not.

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              • Haha, I wonder if even the writers are able to make sense of it. It doesn’t make sense given the time paradox created. I’m curious how you would’ve written it? I know you would have done much better at writing it πŸ™‚
                Yeah, like you, I am frustrated with how he didn’t try to do all that- it would have saved him a lot of time and stress, not to mention also save him and his loved ones from a lot of anguish. Barry/Oliver and Barry/Snart would be great ships. Have you written a Barry/Snart fanfiction? :]

                Nice! Matt can fire energy blasts and leap far. He also creates forcefields. Does Leo teleport long distance?

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                • I wonder that too, whenever you see them try to explain it, it’s still very confusing! My version would be instead of pulling Snart from the timeline before he died, Barry could’ve gone back in time to the Vanishing Point and saved Snart just before he blew up, leaving behind a remnant of Barry in his place to hold the button. That remnant could’ve easily sped away and outrun the explosion, and, angry that he’s lost everything, would’ve become Savitar. Makes much more sense than what actually happens, explains Savitar’s scars, and has the added bonus of not killing one of my favourite characters πŸ™‚ I’ve written a few scenes for Barry/Snart fanfic but never posted it. I’m not that great at finishing stuff because I’m so easily distracted πŸ™‚

                  That’s cool, Matt sounds powerful and totally able to protect himself πŸ˜€ Leo can’t teleport far at first, but as the story progresses he learns to use his powers better, especially when it comes to protecting Blaise πŸ˜€

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                  • Haha, are there video interviews with the writers? (Or was the cast trying to answer questions about it and getting confused?) Your version is MUCH better than what was shown. I think it’d be neat if that was the storyline (saving Snart and sacrificing a remnant that ends up surviving and going after Barry and Snart). Do you think it would have been cool if Savitar went against Barry and Snart too? Your idea sounds awesome and you have great ideas.
                    No worries. I have a few unfinished stories because I too get distracted easily in my free time. All good πŸ™‚

                    Thank you! Matt is able to defend himself, but his weaknesses are his impulsiveness and struggles with his doubts. Does Leo have any weaknesses or shortcomings that hinder his abilities (besides not being able to teleport far at first)? He sounds awesome. Is Blaise his partner? :).

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                    • I think it was a video interview from a convention, but they post lots of stuff on their Facebook page. Thanks πŸ™‚ I get that Wentworth Miller wanted to leave the show, but killing Snart went too far for me. Savitar vs Barry and Snart would’ve been awesome. I like even better the idea of a Savitar redemption arc though, because deep down he’s Barry, and I don’t think any version of Barry would ever be corrupted beyond saving.

                      I’m the same in free time, my folder of unfinished stories is insane. I should try and finish something someday πŸ™‚

                      Matt sounds like an awesome character πŸ™‚ Leo is also impulsive and ends up in a lot of trouble because of his desire to protect people! Blaise will be Leo’s partner by the end, but they have a really rocky start!

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  4. That’s cool. Do you check their page pretty often? Yeah they could have left him alive. Maybe they could have him go on his own journey – that way, he wouldn’t need to be killed off. And what you said makes sense. Barry’s a good guy and he has such a good heart that I concur that no version of him would be beyond saving. I wish they found a way to redeem him instead of focusing on inaccurate time travel confusion lol.

    πŸ™‚ Have you tried working on one story at a time and finishing them one at a time?

    Thank you πŸ™‚ Matt is similar. He will jump into situations to save people too. I think he’d relate a lot to Leo. Do Leo and Blaise get on each other’s nerves?

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    • Yeah usually when I’m scrolling Facebook, the fans aren’t that happy with the show in the comments section! They could’ve redeemed Savitar and had him and Snart go off on adventures, I’d have liked that spin off xD

      I have, but my issue with focusing on one story is my stories are linked to fandom, and if I get bored of the fandom the story was inspired by or really into a different fandom I get bored of my story and want to work on something else. So I’m constantly jumping back and forth between different ideas and pretty bad at sticking to just one πŸ™‚

      Yeah I think Matt and Leo could be friends, but they’d need someone to bail them out if they jump into situations unprepared πŸ˜› Leo is one of the few people who has the patience for Blaise, so once they get past their issues they get on pretty well πŸ™‚

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      • Haha I imagine that fans must be pretty upset now. Is it a pretty negative comment section with every post? Lol I too would have loved that idea! Maybe Savitar would be like Mick Rory in that he’d prefer to steal and be mischievous? XD It’d make me laugh to see Barry as a robber.

        That makes sense. πŸ™‚ Is there a fandom that you’ve stuck with long term/a show that has consistently remained good that has kept your interest (even for ones that you haven’t written fanfics of)? πŸ™‚

        Haha Steph would probably bail them out. She’s used to Matt’s antics and has helped him/saved him a few times. What kinds of trouble does Leo usually get in? And that’s awesome, I’m glad Leo has patience for him. Leo and Blaise are awesome!

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        • The comments section is so negative after each episode airs. I wonder why people are still watching, if they hate it that much! Barry as a robber would be awesome, between him and Snart they’d rule the world xD

          There are a few fandoms I always end up going back to, like Yu-Gi-Oh, Psych, Merlin, The CW shows and a few others. At the moment I’m stuck on Stranger Things though xD I never stick with one thing long, usually a few months, but I always return to my favourites.

          Haha yes Steph would save them πŸ˜€ She and Matt are awesome! Leo rushes in without a plan, he’s kinda like Barry in that respect, and early on he rushes into a burning building. Blaise is the cool calculating one who always has a plan, kinda like Snart πŸ˜€


          • Haha I too wonder why they keep watching. I guess they love to hate it? And hehe Barry and Snart would be fun. Imagine Mick getting jealous of them.

            Cool! Neat fandoms. Are you going to go back to LoT fandom? I forget – did you finish Season 5?Glad you are enjoying Stranger Things

            Awww thank you so much! Do you like Steph’s courage, kindness or calm most? Or something different? She’d be happy to help Leo and Matt. And Matt would be glad to help them! πŸ™‚ Matt totally relates to Leo and would rush into things. Steph is like Blasie since she is very calm and plans things; I love how similar our characters are (tho I dunno if Blasie has a giant sneeze) =)

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            • Probably, some people love to complain πŸ˜› They should take Ray or Zari with them, then Mick can have some company πŸ™‚

              Thanks πŸ™‚ What are your favourite fandoms of all time? I’ll go back to LoT eventually, but the ending of the last season I watched put me off for a while. I think it was season 4 or 5?

              I like her kindness best, she’s so good with Melissa and Peculiarexus πŸ™‚ Haha that’s cool Steph is like Blaise and Matt is like Leo. Blaise doesn’t sneeze though, because of his powers he barely feels the cold let alone gets sick πŸ˜›

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              • Haha I guess some people thrive off the negativity. I wonder if Barry and Zari would get along. I agree that they should bring Ray or Zari too. And imagine Barry and Mick arguing lol.

                You’re welcome! I guess my favorites include Person of Interest, The Flash’s early seasons, LoT, and Daredevil. Oh yeah – you were referring to how Zari was swapped out for her brother, right? Would you like me to tell you a spoiler that may help?

                Aww thank you! She is compassionate and easygoing and is a great friend/big sister/aunt figure to Melissa and Peculiarexus, no? She’s a good, caring, and empathetic person and gets along easily with people πŸ™‚
                Haha that makes sense. Does Blaise not have hay fever either then? Does Blaise get annoyed at Leo for being impulsive?

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                • Yeah probably, Barry seems to get along with everyone, and so does Ray πŸ™‚ Mick would be constantly rolling his eyes at their optimism xD

                  I’ve still not seen Person of Interest, I’ve been meaning to though. Daredevil was awesome and I’m sad the Netflix Marvel shows were cancelled. I already know Zari comes back at some point, but by the time I found that out I’d lost enthusiasm. I’m sure I’ll want to watch it eventually though πŸ™‚

                  Yup πŸ™‚ Blaise is very different to Steph in that regard as he’s not very caring and finds it hard to trust people. No hayfever either. At first Blaise doesn’t care if Leo is impulsive, he just kinda rolls his eyes at him and lets him get on with it, but when he starts to care about him it frustrates him!

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                  • XD Yeah they both are very kind and optimistic overall (except for Barry in later seasons. Brooding often lol). I can see Mick getting annoyed. Imagine Barry and Ray geeking out after each mission too. Mick would scream LOL

                    That’s cool. I hope you can see Person of Interest soon. Yeah, it’s sad how the Netlix Marvel shows were canned. Matt Murdock is rumored to show up in the next Spider Man film though (do you plan to see it?)
                    I hope you can. There’s another Zari version too – did you hear about that too? πŸ™‚

                    That’s understandable. Did he have a very difficult past? Curious b/c he doesn’t trust people easily. I wonder if he’d be scared by Steph’s sneezes.
                    Haha understandable that he doesn’t care at first, but then gets annoyed. I’m intrigued by them!

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                    • Yeah Barry starting to brood is part of what put me off. Earlier season Barry and Ray would geek out so hard πŸ™‚

                      Ooo nice, if Matt Murdock shows up I’ll definitely see it, although I usually wait for Netflix rather than going to cinemas. Yeah I know that too: Did LoT get bad in later seasons like the other CW shows?

                      Yeah Blaise had a super difficult past. He’s very stoic, so loud noises like Steph sneezing wouldn’t startle him. Thanks, they’re two of my favourite original characters πŸ™‚

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  5. Yeah that’s why I liked Barry less in future season (same for the show). The Flash is supposed to be an upbeat character, not a grumpy/broody one like Batman lol (I love Batman, but the Flash is def not supposed to be like that). Do you think he became too much like Oliver (or if Oliver is too broody)?

    I think it’s going to Hulu first (the Spider Man film). Sony has a weird deal where they send films to Hulu and then to Disney+ after (some time later). Do you have Hulu? I would say LoT has remained consistent. Not worse, but consistently good (but not quite better either – just same in quality but at least it didn’t drop off like other shows). It takes a bit of time to get used to the new Zari but there’s some nice character development for her and I grew to like her.

    Awww I feel for Blaise. I wonder if he’d get annoyed by how loud her sneezes are lol. They scare Matt, but he also gets amused by that too lol.
    Blaise and Leo are very cool! :).

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    • Yeah, same, I don’t know why they made Barry broody. It’s like when Oliver died they decided they had to make Barry into the new Oliver.

      Hmm weird, I never even heard of Hulu lol. We only have Netflix so it’ll be a while before we see Spiderman! Glad LoT stayed consistent, and the new Zari is cool πŸ™‚

      Depends, if they were in the middle of a heist Blaise would get annoyed with sneezes as he’d be listening and plotting xD But I doubt Steph or Matt would be there if Blaise is breaking and entering!

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      • Yeah, it’s not good. Maybe they thought that because Arrow was dark and doing well at first, they felt they could do the same with The Flash? But yeah, it’s better with Barry as light-hearted and hopeful instead of broody.

        Wow, are there other streaming services besides the Netflix in the UK? πŸ™‚ And yeah, I agree, LoT has been consistent. Always zany lol and they have some of the most ridiculous (in a good way) plots lol. Have you started watching season 5? Curious because you said new Zari is cool πŸ™‚ She starts off as kind of selfish and materialistic, but develops more as a character and becomes a more likeable character too.
        Have you heard about Ray and Nora for Season 5 though?

        LOL thankfully Steph wears a mask that blocks out allergens, but I can just imagine her letting out a giant sneeze and then sheepishly apologizing lol. Yeah I guess Steph and Matt wouldn’t be there unless they both had a common enemy lol. Perhaps Blaise would steal from an evil cyborg? Haha.

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        • Maybe, given Arrow seemed to get more positive over time and the ratings fell they might’ve thought dark Barry would be better. I don’t think it worked though, and still only ever rewatch seasons 1 & 2 of Flash.

          We have Sky’s streaming service (NowTV), BritBox (The BBC version), Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus, but that’s it I think. Our Netflix doesn’t get half of the shows the US version does, which is pretty bad. Nah, I meant I’m glad to hear she’s cool, I haven’t started it yet πŸ™‚ Doesn’t Ray leave? I think that was another thing that made me sad.

          Haha yeah, and probably not lol. Blaise is a thief for hire, so he’ll steal from anyone if the price is right, but not sure Steph or Matt would pay him πŸ˜›

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          • Yeah. I can see they may have felt that. Arrow did tend to get a bit more positive and he didn’t kill nearly as much in other seasons. But it seems like they never reached a good balance for him. He started out like the Punisher and ended up as…a mess lol (still grumpy) (Yet, he beats himself up too often and they had issues with the story). Seasons 1 and 2 seem like the only great ones. Do you have a favorite episode? πŸ™‚ (For Flash)

            That’s cool. How do you like NowTV? Wow, I wonder why Netflix UK doesn’t have as many offerings – is it due to competition from the BBC and others? New Zari is cool; she starts off a bit self-centered and not a good fit, but then grows a lot :). They did a nice job writing it. Yes – Ray and Nora both leave (and I heard this was a decision by the producers, not the actors). It was really sad to see them go. Did you know the actors for them both are husband/wife in real life? πŸ™‚

            lol If Steph’s sneeze knocks out an enemy, what Blaise be annoyed or would he shrug it off as it takes care of a foe? :). Good point. They probably would stay out of each other’s ways then – but it’d be fun if they team up on a mission :).

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            • Seasons 1 & 2 of Arrow were the best too, I’m beginning to see a pattern πŸ™‚ My favourite Flash episodes are definitely crossover ones, the early ones before they added so much relationship drama, like the Bivalo and Vandal Savage episodes. Also the ones with Captain Cold in them, because he’s the best!

              We had NowTV for a month or so on free trial and it was okay, but not as good as Netflix. Netflix UK has issues with licensing, as Sky has the license for CW shows in the UK so Netflix can’t have it, as far as I’m aware anyway. Yeah I knew Ray and Nora are irl husband/wife πŸ™‚ Shame they left, but Ray is back in the latest crossover I hear πŸ™‚

              Blaise would shrug it off, especially if it helps his plans πŸ™‚ Yeah seeing good guys team up with criminals or bad guys is always fun, it’s why I loved the Flash episodes with Snart so much.

              Liked by 2 people

              • Hehe yes, a strong start and then a huge decline, right? Did Oliver say “You have failed this city” often in the first season? He doesn’t say it too often in the later seasons. The crossover episodes are so good. Did you like how Vandal Savage showed up again in LoT (albeit as a funny character)? The Captain Cold episodes are great. He is very cool πŸ™‚ (no pun intended lol).

                Darn. Do you watch the Flash on Sky? Yep, Ray is in the crossover – in two roles :). If you like, I can tell you more.

                Haha I agree. Have Leo and Blaise teamed up with good guys too? :).

                Liked by 2 people

                • He said it all the time, after every kill, it was like his mission to get rid of everyone who failed the city. Season 1 is kinda gritty and darker but I still think S1 and S2 are the best ones. Even if you don’t get round to watching them all, you should watch ‘The Scientist’ and ‘Three Ghosts,’ episodes 8 and 9 from Season 2, because those are the ones where Barry makes a guest appearance and they are literally my favourite Arrow episodes ever as Barry before his powers is pretty awesome and totally gets on Oliver’s nerves πŸ˜€

                  Yeah Vandal Savage showing up was interesting, though I never got how he was still alive xD

                  Nah, we used to have Sky, but between that and the TV license it was so expensive, much cheaper to wait and buy dvds! Isn’t Ray Superman and Atom, because he played Superman in a movie one time?

                  Since Leo is one of the good guys, and he teams up with Blaise, kinda? That part of their relationship is gonna be tricky to navigate πŸ™‚

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • Haha I found it to be kind of a cheesy remark, but it makes sense in context. I wonder why he doesn’t say it as much in later seasons. As cheesy as it sounded, I actually thought it sounded pretty cool. I want to see S1 and S2. And haha, that’s cool about Barry. I did see a YouTube clip where Oliver confronts Barry about lying and Barry talked about his mother being killed by a speedster – which kind of left Oliver in silence, but I haven’t been able to find the full series of episodes yet. Did Felicity chew out Oliver for confronting Barry?
                    On a related note, I once came upon a broken parking meter that took my money without working. I used a deep voice and said, “Parking meter, you have failed this city!” LOL (but I just said it and moved on to another meter lol). I know a friend who liked to joke with his father by saying “Dad, you have failed this [name task here]” and his father would say the same to him XD.

                    XD yeah, it’s interesting how he stayed alive later on. But I can tell you how he came back/where they met Vandal in Season 4 or 5 if you like. lol

                    That’s understandable. Did you have to buy DVDs for LoT as well?
                    Yes, you are correct! He played both Atom and Superman :). That was awesome :).

                    Haha that makes sense. Imagine Blaise teaming up with The Flash or LoT LOL.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • Yeah, it is pretty cheesy, after hearing it so many times it became a little annoying. I think he doesn’t say it later to show Oliver’s character growth from harsh to more human πŸ™‚ Felicity absolutely chewed Oliver out after Oliver confronted Barry. Oliver was partly acting out of jealousy too, because Barry was getting on so well with Felicity xD

                      Hahah what a failed parking meter! Shame you lost your money, though I’m glad you were able to have fun with the situation πŸ™‚ Parking is expensive here, and the meters are often broken too, so we park on the street for free most of the time.

                      I’m pretty sure Malcolm Merlyn used the dust of Vandal Savage from that Flash crossover to bring him back, but not sure on the specifics! I have 4 LoT seasons on DVD, definitely prefer the first though πŸ™‚

                      If Blaise teamed up with Flash or LoT it’d probably go well since he’s kinda like Snart: He’d fit in really well with the Legends, especially Mick πŸ˜€

                      Liked by 1 person

  6. Haha I can see why that would be annoying. I think they only used it in later seasons when it was someone very personal to Oliver. Did you like how they used it in the crossover when Oliver and Barry switched powers? lol And haha, Oliver does get jealous easily. But, Barry saves his life later on, right? Felicity rightfully chewed out Oliver and I’m glad that he and Barry eventually became found family :).

    Haha yes, it definitely failed the city. I too am glad to have made some fun with the situation. “You have failed this city” is such a fun slogan to use. How much do meters cost in your area?

    Oh yeah, I forgot! They never did show how he brought him back lol. Wow, so you liked the first season? I remember many criticized it (though there is an episode where LoT actually made a reference (in the show) to a bad review of their first season; it was such a fun meta reference haha).

    Haha I’d love to see Blaise and Barry team up. And that’d be neat if he teamed up with Mick, but imagine if he had to team up with Supergirl (I bet they’d argue so much lol :))

    Liked by 1 person

    • I can’t remember if I saw the crossover where Oliver and Barry switched powers, I think I’d stopped watching at that point. Yeah Barry saves Oliver’s life and Oliver is still ungrateful xD It takes a while for Oliver and Barry to become friends, as even after Barry leaves, and ends up in a coma, Oliver is shitty about Felicity visiting him!

      Yeah it’s a fun slogan πŸ˜€ There’s one car park that costs Β£6 for four hours, and you can’t pay for less than that! It’s usually at least Β£1 an hour. Seaside carparking is always like that though to take advantage of tourists. Us locals know where to park for free though and the best places to get ice cream and chips πŸ˜›

      I probably liked the first LoT season so much because of Snart, I didn’t really like Hawkgirl/Hawkman much, or Rip, but most of the others were cool πŸ™‚

      Leo is based on Barry, so although there’d be tension at first Blaise and Barry would probably work out okay πŸ™‚ Supergirl would probably be too focused on justice for Blaise, whereas he bends all the rules πŸ˜›

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think you may have. It is the crossover before the latest one (so this one was in 2018 or 2019) where Oliver dies. It’s the one where someone had a book that changed reality and everyone thought Barry was Oliver (and everyone thought Oliver was Barry) and Barry and Oliver switched powers lol. But this only applied to Earth 1 – and Kara on Earth 38 recognized them – and this crossover was when Batwoman first appeared. But yeah, Barry said that line as he fired an arrow at Metallo in that crossover. It was hilarious LOL.
        Oh wow. Do you know how they eventually became friends then? (Since Oliver was still not happy with Felicity visiting Barry). I remember in the Flash’s episode 1, he ran to Oliver for advice and Oliver listened and was kind to him. Their relationship is fun.

        1 pound an hour def adds up. I remember once paying $20+ for 8-9 hours of parking lol. That’s cool that you know where to park for free. Have you ridden your bike to seaside too? And yum chips! πŸ™‚ Sounds like they have nice meals there too.

        True πŸ™‚ Snart was very cool on there. Did you like Ray in S1 too?

        Hahaha yes, I can see Blaise annoying Supergirl and vice versa. Imagine if they had to team up to take down Lex Luthor lol (or steal from him lol).

        Liked by 1 person

        • I can’t remember if I saw it or not, so I’ll have to watch it, maybe for the second time πŸ™‚ I think Oliver pretty much dropped his grudge when Barry became a superhero, it wasn’t really mentioned much!

          $20, wow that’s super expensive! Was it somewhere touristy? I ride my bike to the sea all the time, only takes about ten minutes to get there πŸ™‚ We had sausage and chips yesterday, which was free because we won money in the arcades πŸ˜€

          Ray’s so adorable and nerdy, I don’t know how anyone could dislike him πŸ™‚

          Haha yeah that’d be fun, Supergirl would be all reluctant to steal, so she’d need help from an expert, but she totally wouldn’t approve of Blaise xD

          Liked by 1 person

          • Hope you can see it soon. It’s a cool crossover. Pretty neat too- it’s like Freaky Friday with superheroes haha. I’m glad that Oliver dropped his grudge. He and Diggle didn’t get along at first either, if I remember correctly lol. I forgot how they grew close. He doesn’t get along well with others XD

            I guess it was a touristy area. But more of an area where a lot of people work, so I think they purposely charge a bunch of money for that reason. That’s so cool that it only takes 10 minutes – are there a lot of bike lanes/bike friendly roads in your area? (In much of the U.S. there aren’t many bike friendly roads). That is wonderful – I’m so glad you won and got to spend it on a great meal :). How do you win money at an arcades? (I’m familiar with losing money at arcades XD)

            Haha maybe some think he’s too nice? That’s my guess, but I love how he is a nice and nerdy guy. I also love his relationship with Nora.

            XD For sure. Imagine them bickering so much that Alex or J’onn have to tell them to quiet down lol.

            Liked by 1 person

            • The dvd is very cheap and I have Amazon vouchers, so I might buy it. Freaky Friday is a great film πŸ˜€ Oliver and Diggle at the start were so fun to watch, neither liked each other and I think Diggle thought Oliver was a spoiled brat xD I think they bonded over hunting down the guy who killed Diggle’s brother. I really have the urge to watch the entire season again now πŸ™‚

              Ah yeah, places here charge a lot when people have to park for work too, I think to encourage them to take the train or bus! Yup, it’s honestly the only good thing about living here because the job market is terrible, there are lots of closed shops in our main street, and there’s very little to do! Around here it’s super cycle friendly, tons of bike lanes, although some aren’t well maintained. London is apparently very cycle friendly too, so it’s not just in small towns. Shame it isn’t the same in the U.S, biking is great, easy exercise πŸ™‚

              We won Β£6, enough for 2 lots of sausage and chips πŸ˜€ We play slot machines to win, mostly the poker machine and gold rush and other slots. We don’t spend a whole lot, but sometimes we get lucky xD

              Gotta have some super nice characters to balance out characters like Mick xD

              Liked by 1 person

              • Nice πŸ™‚ How much does it cost? Haha it makes sense why they were annoyed and felt that way. What happened to the guy who killed Diggle’s brother? I heard that season is good, so you may want to see it again.

                I think they also charge a lot to make easy money from all the people working in the area.
                Wow that’s not good. Is the job market better in any cities nearby? Good that it’s cycle friendly though. Do people usually ride in the bike lanes? Over here, we sometimes get bicyclists who ride on sidewalks and that annoys me (and many of them have pedestrians to get out of the way). But I imagine it must be much less of a problem in cities with bike-friendly areas. I am too risk-wary to try to learn but I’m glad it’s been fun for you πŸ™‚

                Nice! So they have slot machines in arcades? Here, they only have them in casinos haha. Glad you get lucky sometimes πŸ™‚

                lol for sure! Ray and Mick balanced each other well.

                Liked by 1 person

                • I think about Β£5? The guy who killed Diggle’s brother I think ended up in the Suicide Squad? I’ve seen the first season like 2 or 3 times already xD I tend to re-watch the stuff I love a lot!

                  Yeah same here 😦 There are more jobs in bigger cities but travelling is terrible because we live in a farming area with lots of single lane roads and tractors you can’t overtake. The trains and buses don’t run often either so you’re restricted on hours you can work in the city.

                  Here we have the opposite problem: Pedestrians walking on cycle lanes and refusing to get out the way! (Our paths are divided in half, one for cycles, one for walking). Learning now would be harder I think, I’ve been cycling since I was really small and I learned in a quiet residential area too πŸ™‚

                  Yeah, we have 18+ gambling sections and other slot machines in arcades, I didn’t know you only have them in casinos! We have casinos too, but they’re restricted to 20 or so machines due to strict gambling laws. Nothing like Las Vegas πŸ™‚

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • Wow, they let him go? I guess they thought prison would keep him detained. I wonder what ever happened to that Suicide Squad. lol I think it’s cool that you re-watch them a lot. They were the best seasons right?

                    Wow, that definitely limits opportunities. Do you think there will be expansions of infrastructure, like roads, in the future?

                    That definitely is the opposite problem. Why do pedestrians walk in cycle lanes? I do wonder why some bicyclists here go on sidewalks even when there is a clear bike lane to use. Makes sense that there is a division in paths – but maybe the citizens who go in the biking lane should get ticketed? lol.
                    That’s great that you’ve been cycling since childhood. It is harder to learn things as an adult, I agree. Not sure if I’ll learn lol.

                    Wow. I think it’d be hard, if not impossible, for slot machines and gambling sections to be created in arcades here. Have they existed in the same area for a while now? :]


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