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Dragonspire Watch Stranger Things Fate Winx Saga

Hey Everyone!

I was going to write a couple of book reviews this month, but I’m behind on reading and don’t want to rush any books, so here’s a TV post instead: featuring Stranger Things and Fate: The Winx Saga!

Poster for Fate: The Winx Saga, featuring main character Bloom (centre), Stella (far left) Terra (middle left), Musa (middle right) and Aisha (far right)
Fate: The Winx Saga


Bloom, a fire faerie who grew up in the human world, is sent to a boarding school in the land of the faerie to learn to control her powers after they emerge.


YA Fantasy.

Content Warnings:

Mostly off screen violence and blood, some mildly gory wounds and characters in pain.


Evil creatures, Burned Ones, have been sighted outside the barrier protecting Alfea (the school), and the characters must fight a threatening force they thought was extinguished years ago. The teachers dealt with the Burned Ones in the past, and some conflict occurs because they keep secrets.


Bloom is on a quest to find out more about herself and her powers in the strange new world she’s been thrust into. She shares a room at the school with 5 other faeries, each with a different power. Bloom is fire, Terra is earth, Musa can sense emotions, Aisha is water and Stella controls light.

I was surprised that I actually liked the female characters: Even though Bloom fit the moody chosen one archetype a bit too closely at times. I rarely connect with female characters, because many are too focused on being ‘strong’ and less on being realistic, so Winx gets bonus points there!

There’s also Sky, the love interest, who was strong and vulnerable, Riven, Sky’s best friend, who was mean but sometimes nice so I wasn’t sure what to make of him, Beatrix, and the three teachers who run the school: Terra’s dad, the Headmistress, and the fighting instructor.

Favourite Character:

Terra growing a plant during a school test
Terra growing a plant during a school test

Terra. She doesn’t take any shit from anyone. She’s also strong and sensitive πŸ™‚

Favourite Scene:

When Riven is an ass to Terra, she uses her magic to grow vines from the walls to pin him there until he apologises. Later the pair seem almost friendly, and it’s hinted they were friends in the past, so it looks like they have a complicated relationship and maybe respect each other?

Bad Stuff:

The plot escalates because the teachers hide things from the students. I can see why Terra’s dad kept secrets, as it’s in character for him to be overprotective, but the headmistress had little reason to keep things from Bloom, and her doing so caused huge issues for everyone. A pet peeve of mine is when miscommunication or secrets are used as plot devices!

Dragon Rating:

4 Purple Dragons with Purple Stars behind them.
4 Dragons!

I’m not 100% invested in the fandom, but it’s still good, and I’ll definitely watch season 2!

Watch it if you like:

Magic and Faeries. (If you want to know more about faerie, check out Ronel, a friend and fellow writer who writes YA fantasy with faeries!). Also for fans of fantasy and realistic female characters.

How did I discover it?

Randomly scrolling Netflix looking for something to watch after I’d finished crying over the finale of Stranger Things Season 3.

Stranger Things Season 1 Poster: Featuring a large cast of characters: Nancy, Joyce, Will, Eleven, Hopper, Jonathan, Lucas, Mike and Dustin. Everyone except Steve!
Stranger Things


In the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, a young boy goes missing. This is only the start of strange events in the town, including monsters, a suspicious research lab, a girl with superpowers, conspiracies, and a weird other world called the Upside Down.


Science-Fiction, Thriller, Kind of Horror maybe, but not in the ‘everyone dies’ category.

Content Warnings:

Blood, dark scary scenes, flashing lights, characters being torn apart by monsters, (off screen as far as I remember), sex (but not explicitly shown), a gross dead deer. Murder of innocent kitty cats (off screen, but it nearly made me stop watching!).


When Will Byers vanishes, the search to find him leads his mother Joyce, brother Jonathan, Nancy, Sheriff Hopper, and Will’s ragtag Dungeons and Dragons group (Mike, Lucas and Dustin), on an adventure into Hawkins lab and the Upside Down, where they meet Eleven, (a girl with superpowers) and the monstrous Demogorgon.

Eleven fighting the Demogorgon with her powers!
Eleven fighting the Demogorgon with her powers!

Season 2 and 3 add more creatures from the other world, and more characters: Max, her brother Billy, and Robin. Steve and Erica (Lucas’s sister) also get bigger roles. The plot was well thought out, with few dull moments, although it was sometimes hard to keep up with all the characters!


It’s hard to pin down who the main character is, because there are so many. It wasn’t a problem, as they’re all well written with distinct personalities, but it’s the kind of show where you could be waiting a while before your favourite (cough Steve cough) crops up again!

Hopper is especially real and flawed, Joyce is so strong, Lucas’s relationship with his sister made me smile, Max is awesome, Dustin is a loveable dweeb, Jonathan is a loner who was far better off out of Nancy’s shadow, and Mike is irritating.

I also have a love-hate relationship with Eleven. At first I had sympathy for her, then she was bratty, then I liked her, then she was annoying, and by the end of season 3 I liked her again. So yeah, lots of characters, and I haven’t even gotten to my favourite yet!

Favourite Character:

Steve Harrington. Yeah, I know, he was a jerk at first, but season 2 Steve becomes a better person and season 3 Steve is awesome. Dustin came close to being my favourite, but I can’t forgive him for his unintentional involvement in feline homicide.

Steve and Robin from Stranger Things in uniform for their jobs at the ice cream parlour Scoops Ahoy!
Steve and Robin Stranger Things

Favourite Scenes: Spoilers Ahoy!

Season 1: Steve running back into the Byer’s house to fight a Demogorgon with a baseball bat.

Season 2: Dustin talking to Steve about girls as they make a trail of meat for the Demodog to follow. Closely followed by Steve’s easy acceptance of Nancy and Jonathan.

Season 3: Every scene with Steve and Robin together, especially the scene in the bathroom where Steve confesses he likes her, and Robin comes out as a lesbian. Steve is super accepting, and I’m sure the two will become best friends.

Spoilers End! Yes, all these scenes involve Steve. *Shrugs*

Bad Stuff:

The episode in season 2 where Eleven searches for her birth mother was boring. I think it would’ve been better to include other characters in this episode too, rather than focusing solely on her.

The end of season 3 made me cry, although that’s probably a positive as the finale was so good.

Dragon Rating:

5 Purple Dragons with Purple Stars behind them.
5 Dragons

Anything that captures my attention enough to drag me into the fandom gets the top rating from me. Stranger Things certainly did that. I need season 4 yesterday!

Watch it if you like:

Stranger Things is unlike anything I’ve watched before, and that’s saying something given my Netflix addiction. If you like nerdy kids playing Dungeons and Dragons, the 80’s, creepy monsters and conspiracies, give it a watch!

How did I discover it?

Unlike the rest of the world, who loved Stranger Things when it was released, I avoided it because it was popular. (I do that a lot, don’t judge me!) I eventually watched the show after playing Dead by Daylight, a 4 vs 1 horror survival game with a Stranger Things expansion, where you can try to survive as Nancy or Steve, or tear other players to shreds as Demogorgon.

My only regret is I didn’t watch the show sooner πŸ™‚

Other Random Watches:

Enola Holmes, because I couldn’t believe the actress who plays Enola also plays Eleven from Stranger Things, Otzdarva playing Dead by Daylight on Twitch, and the comments on The Flash Facebook page about how bad the show is now. (Not sure if it’s true, I stopped watching mid s4!).

scales divider copy

Thanks for Reading!

Have you seen any of the above shows? Do you avoid popular shows, or is that just me? Do you still watch The Flash? What did you watch this month? Chat in the Comments!


  1. Good streaming updates! I’ve seen Enola Holmes and Stranger Things; both are good. I just finished The Irregulars. It’s a fun show, but I’m getting tired of the angry, brooding hero/heroine trope. I am now watching old reruns of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. They’re dated, yes, but they are clever stories and were probably avant-garde in their time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks πŸ™‚ I’ve been meaning to watch The Irregulars as I usually like anything linked to Sherlock Holmes, although I don’t like the angry/broody characters much either! I’ve not heard of Hitchcock Presents, but I do love a clever story πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Louise! I enjoy your reviews- they are comprehensive and give some good details without really spoiling much. Plus, I appreciate how you include content warnings. For Stranger Things, how intense and long are the flashing lights?

    I am kind of like you in that I sometimes avoid popular shows. That’s part of the reason why I never saw GoT (b/c I got tired of hearing about it lol, that and medieval stuff usually isn’t my thing – though I’ll def read medieval-setting stories by friends. It’s weird lol, I’ll like some stuff, like friends’ stories, but not really shows like GoT and don’t really care for Witcher and could not get into LOTR. Not going to deny they are good, but just not my thing lol). Anyway, Stranger Things sounds good, but I’m not sure whether to watch it or not as I never played D&D and don’t really care for the 80s lol. But I do like sci-fi and some horror :). As for the Flash, I still watch it, but it’s…definitely not as good as before and the quality goes up and down. This season so far is better than last, but I don’t feel the same amount of enjoyment as I once did.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks πŸ™‚ I don’t think the flashing lights go on for too long, but I remember having to look away in places as I’m overly sensitive to intense sights or sounds.

      I’ve seen 4 seasons of Game of Thrones and it’s probably good you avoided it, as I don’t think you’d like the violence or senseless death much, or the explicit scenes. I enjoyed some of the characters, but I couldn’t get over the bad treatment of dragons πŸ˜› I know what you mean, we all have our own preferences and despite my love of castles I sometimes prefer a modern setting πŸ™‚

      If you ever get some free time Stranger Things is worth a watch πŸ™‚ There’s not many episodes per season, and some moments are very funny. It’s a shame about The Flash, it started so strong, but it started to go downhill in the middle of season 4 and I had to stop watching.

      Liked by 1 person

      • You’re welcome! I usually don’t feel comfortable asking about trigger warnings because I am afraid of being seen as too…how should i say it…afraid of being seen as too sensitive/squeamish. But I appreciate how you share trigger warnings and for you sharing your thoughts about the lights and sounds. Were the lights extremely bright?

        Yeah, I heard that GoT was pretty explicit and bloody. Having seen the Punisher, I am okay with blood to some extent but after a while, the violence bugs me and I don’t like explicit scenes so I guess GoT isn’t for me (that and i heard they had some controversies). Did you stop watching GoT due to its treatment of dragons or because of its story choices? I agree, we all have our own unique preferences and I think it’s cool that you like modern settings as well :). I do as well πŸ™‚

        I’ll let you know if I check out Stranger Things! :). Sounds like a great show. I concur with you about The Flash. I thought the first two seasons were good, third season was okay, and yeah…Season 4 was a pain. Did you dislike The Thinker storyline?

        Liked by 1 person

        • I like to give trigger warnings because I’m from a fanfiction background, and if you’ve ever read any fanfic, the authors always give warnings πŸ™‚ I’ve always seen it as a nice thing to do, because sometimes if you’ve had bad stuff happen in your past you don’t want to read about something similar, or someone might dislike certain topics, or have epilepsy as in the case of flashing lights. I don’t think it’s too sensitive/squeamish to have preferences, and honestly I wish more people would use the tag ‘main character death’ because I hate loving a book and finding out an MC dies 😦 I believe they weren’t very bright lights, as the backgrounds for the show in general are mostly darker!

          I think Punisher was more bloody than GoT, by a bit. I stopped watching GoT mostly because the dragon queen locked up her dragons. I know that changes, but by then I’d lost interest. I also got tired of getting attached to characters only for them to die, and I kept worrying they’d kill the wolves, which were too gorgeous to be hurt πŸ˜› My stories are quite a mix of settings: one medieval, one modern day, and one set in the distant future xD

          Awesome πŸ™‚ The main thing I hated with The Flash Season 4 was the whole Barry gets arrested thing. He could’ve easily sped around the room and covered up the murder, but no, he just stood there and got arrested. It made very little sense to me and put me off a lot!

          Liked by 1 person

          • πŸ™‚ I appreciate how thoughtful and considerate you are. It’s been a while since I’ve read fanfic, but you’re right, they usually do give content warnings :). You’re absolutely right – having trigger and content warnings are important because it can be traumatic to see something that reminds someone of something painful or very personal. Good point about MC death warning. That might give away spoilers, but I can definitely see the case for it as one can get invested in characters and seeing them die is rough. I support you.

            Thanks for the info. Is Punisher also more violent than GoT (or just bloodier)? After a while it started to bother me (the bloodiness/brutality). And wow, she kept locking up dragons and there was a possibility that wolves could get hurt? Sounds pretty brutal. Have you ever thought about combining story settings? Hehe (maybe a time travel story?)

            I totally agree! They wasted an entire arc about him being in jail and it was ridiculous how he did nothing and let himself get arrested. Did you like Season 3?

            Liked by 1 person

            • Thanks πŸ™‚ I think I’ll write a post about trigger warnings!

              Honestly I think Punisher is more gruesome than GoT, but GoT is more shocking. I usually steer clear of time travel because in my mind no one writes it logically πŸ˜›

              I liked season 3 once I got my head around the whole Savitar thing, but time travel is tricky and The Flash doesn’t always do it well. I think it would’ve been better to save Snart from the Oculus, and doing that created Savitar, rather than the confusing mess they used!

              Liked by 1 person

              • Cool! Will that be your post for May? πŸ™‚ I look forward to reading your thoughts.

                Wow, the Punisher was pretty gruesome. WHat would you say makes GoT more shocking? (surprise character deaths or shocking levels of brutality?)
                lol yeah it’s hard to see time travel written correctly. What would you say is the best way to write time travel? I’ve considered adding it into my stories, so I’d love to hear your thoughts.

                lol the Savitar time travel thing is so confusing – like I see that Iris would die, but why would Barry kill her in the first place to spark that loop off? I agree with you – it would have been better to save Snart. It became way too confusing.

                Liked by 1 person

                • Thanks πŸ™‚ Nah I’m doing book reviews in May: I think maybe June or July?

                  I think with the Punisher you knew certain lines wouldn’t be crossed, because for all Frank Castle is, he’s not a bad guy, he’s just after revenge. GoT I felt you never knew what to expect because they crossed every line with their content, and as a result it was more shocking, if that makes sense?

                  I’ve not given time travel a lot of thought to be honest, as it’s something that’s so hard to get right. I like everything to make sense though, unlike the whole Barry killing Iris to spark the loop Savitar thing πŸ˜›

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • Anytime! Great idea πŸ™‚ I like your blog. It’s awesome.

                    Excellent points. Frank Castle had his own moral code and limits, no? Like he would only kill criminals (and even there, I think he had limits- like I doubt he would kill someone stealing a bicycle, but I know he would kill mobsters). What you said makes sense – GoT didn’t have limits to their content and that caused a lot of controversy, right? (Unlike Frank Castle, they crossed lines and were not afraid to do so, right?)

                    Great point. I too think it should make sense b/c if it doesn’t, it can make a plot to suffer or just be too convoluted and give us all headaches lol. Did you know that in a future season Eobard Thawne mocks Savitar? lol.

                    Liked by 1 person

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