Blogging Break: Back March 8th!

Hey Everyone!

I thought I’d be able to balance blogging with my university assignment, but I underestimated how much work I have to do so I’m taking a break from blogging until the 8th of March.

blog break back 8th march

I’ve taken on a huge project. The research is vast and complicated, and it’s taking far longer than I expected: I read non-fiction in every spare moment last week, but I barely made a dent in my reading list and I didn’t have time to write a story for today. The closer I get to my deadline the less time I’ll have, so I’m taking a break until my assignment’s done. I’ll be slower to reply via email and Twitter too, but I’ll still run Sunday Scribbles each week.

I’ll leave you with this awesome image from Pixabay, which I’ve decided is a wizard’s lab 😀


See you on the other side!


  1. No worries! I believe in you and wish you the best! Go Louise! You’ll do great. 🙂 You will succeed 🙂

    Amazing photo! 🙂 It def looks like a wizard’s lab. Wishing you the best for February too 🙂 :).

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