January Updates: Kitten Mischief and University goals!

January was stressful and busy. Me and my partner were both sick with Tonsilitus, which took weeks to heal, one of our Paypal accounts was hacked for £300, which was a nightmare to sort as Paypal have terrible customer service, Merlin got into mischief, and my Nan’s funeral was surreal. She held our family together, and I’m not sure how much we’ll see each other in future.

I had a few goals for January but I don’t think I met them all!

Jan 2020 updates


There was only one writing workshop before term ended and the story I wrote for my blog was finished too last minute to submit. I got my assignment plan approved though: The question I’m focusing on is ‘How can we use our memories and theories of self to improve fantasy and science fiction stories?’ It’s nice to have a topic I’m happy with, one which lets me write fantasy/sci-fi for my creative piece so long as it’s based on memories 🙂

I still have lots of research to do, but I’m on target for the March 2nd deadline. I want to finish my assignment draft by mid February so I can edit it well. Merlin hates me studying: He thinks it’s boring, demands cuddles every time I try to focus, and wanted to eat my textbook!

merlin cuddles study buddy
Merlin being cuddly!

TV and Gaming:

I’ve still not seen Dragon Prince. My partner was off work sick and I hate watching TV shows people haven’t seen when they’re in the room as they ask too many questions! As for gaming, I’m going to start a workout routine with VR game Beat Saber in February and try Skyrim in VR again as I couldn’t play more than 5 minutes without feeling sick last time.

Cat Tales:

Merlin chewed through the power cable for our TV, whilst the power was on. He reacted quickly, thankfully, and pulled himself away from the live wire, but he’s been jumpy since it happened and we were worried he’d hurt himself. The vet said he’ll be fine, but we have to keep a close eye on him so he doesn’t do it again and turn off the power when we’re out!


In January I wrote one short story, Despite the Rain, about a mage on a quest through a forest, but I haven’t touched my novel outline. I’ve been planning the creative piece for my assignment instead. I aim to write one short story in February, but I’ll leave my outline until March.


My goal was 2 books in January. I read 4: The Fractured Empire, Untethered, The Inn, and A Gift of Poison. I reviewed the first three, but I wasn’t impressed with the 4th. I’ll aim for one book in February, Beggar’s Rebellion, as I have 42 articles, 3 books, and a lot of web links to read for my assignment!

My Kindle is awesome, and it’s one of the reasons I read so much in January. Even Merlin loves it: He nearly knocked my glass of water off the windowsill just so he could sit on top of it!

Merlin and kindle
Merlin sitting on my Kindle!


In February my main focus will be my university assignment. I’m skipping the Author Toolbox Hop this month, (My last post was on writing tips.), and most of my posts will be short stories, fun posts and inspirational images as I won’t have time for longer posts.


We went away for a week in January, and my mum moved into our house to take care of Merlin. We stayed in a cabin in the forest, fed squirrels, walked, swam, did archery (I made an awesome shot which I couldn’t repeat) and relaxed.

Archery Gold Score
My awesome Archery shot!

When we got back Mum said Merlin was as good as gold. As soon as we put the suitcases down in the hallway he sat on them in protest though, as if to say ‘Don’t leave me again!’

Merlin Suitcases
Merlin sitting on our suitcases daring us to leave again!

scales divider copy

Thanks for Reading!

January was a blur, probably because of sickness and the funeral, but I achieved more than I thought I would. In February I’ll get back into a routine, and I’m looking forward to our Dungeons and Dragons game: Seth will get a chance to shine, or set the party on fire, depending on my rolls!

Did you have a good January? Meet all your goals? Chat in the comments!


  1. I hope you and your partner are feeling all better. So sorry to hear about you feeling sick and about your account being hacked. That is awful. Also sorry to hear about your nan’s passing. Much support from me.

    Your writing assignment sounds cool!! Awesome that you get to write sci-fi. And lol Merlin wanted to eat your book so he could replace it w a cat book =P

    Yeah not cool when ppl ask so many questions. Hope your partner feels better soon. And glad Merlin is ok!

    Your story rocks! Best wishes w your outline and February short! I am working on another short right now w/Peculiarexus. He will meet Selina and Emmanuelle in this story.

    I read your reviews. And your reviews rock! Wow 42 articles??? A lot lol and lol Merlin wants a kindle w only cat books =P

    Your holiday sounds fun! Kudos on the archery shot! Way better than how I would do lol. You rock 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Alex 🙂 January was a bit of a nightmare!

      It’s the sitting down and writing I’m having trouble with at the moment, I’ve forgotten how to start!

      Nice, good luck with the next instalment of Peculiarexus’s adventures 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • You’re welcome :). I hope February will be better! How is your week going?
        Yeah, it can be tough, but you got this. I believe in you!
        Thank you! It should be fun to write. Emm is gonna geek out over him and they’ll take on cyborgs together! 🙂 :). Thanks for your support.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. What a busy month! I keep less than $250 in my PayPal account just because I worry. I don’t know if they replace money like a bank would. Good luck with that!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good idea 🙂 In theory you’re covered via Paypal and should get your money back if anything goes wrong, but getting Paypal to admit someone had hacked the account, and refund the money, was a nightmare. We were back and forth with customer services for days as the representatives were reading off a script and not equipped to help. It was only when we mentioned reporting them to the police that the issue resolved itself!

      Liked by 1 person

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