Writing, Reading, Research and Kitten Updates: September 2019!

Welcome to my September updates post!

Wow, where did September go? Anybody else feel like it vanished into thin air? It’s been colder, with a couple of very heavy rainstorms and gusts of wind, and I’ve been pretty productive!

My goals for September were:

Continue researching critical commentary and autobiographical fiction for university.
Continue researching proofreading and copy-editing.
Don’t watch so much TV.
Beta read a short story.
Write two short stories.
Complete the 14 days to a writing habit course.
Ease the pressure on my novels.
Read one book.
Draw weekly.
Catch up on emails.
Use social media more.

Halfway through September, during the 14 days to a Writing Habit course, I realised some of my goals weren’t achievable or realistic, so I dropped a few for now. I wrote a post about setting realistic goals and vowed to change my ways: Other than that, how did I do?

september updates post kittens short stories and setting reasonable goals

University Research:

I read a published PhD level Creative Writing assignment with critical commentary. Whilst it was very useful, and high quality, the amount of academic language put me off a PhD myself! I still have a little more research on critical commentary to do, which I’ll aim to finish in October.

I started researching life writing by reading books in that genre. In October I’ll continue reading and learn how to write it. I’ve also thought of project ideas for when they, inevitably, tell me dragons can’t be in autobiographical fiction: At the moment my favourite idea is to write in the style of the film Sliding Doors using two narratives, one speculative and one real.


I binged Disenchantment, but there were only 10 episodes and it ended on another cliffhanger. I don’t think season 2 was as good as the first, although the steampunk part was awesome! I also watched the Doctor Who seasons with Rose: Rose and the 10th Doctor are my favourites, and they’re one of the only TV couples I buy into. I only wish they had more time!

Carole and Tuesday, which I started last month, was excellent. I love the music and characters, and I can’t wait for the next part! I’ve paused watching Digimon 02 for now. I’ll continue one day, but I’m going to (finally) finish Gotham instead! I don’t think I watched less TV, but it didn’t affect my writing.


Merlin got his own introductory post earlier in the month. He was sleeping (and snoring!) on my office windowsill as I wrote some of this post, and the moment I got up he stole my chair! He can be so cute, but don’t let him fool you! His latest obsession is chewing on the wire of an expensive gaming keyboard, which we have to hide at night!

Merlin sitting in my chair

His tail is getting really fluffy, and he’s so big. Apparently he still has 5 months of growing to do, and I have no idea how big he’s going to get!


I wrote two short stories, Less than Perfect, based on my experience with writer’s block, and Wishing on a Star, about how different choices could change our lives. I’ll aim for two more stories this month, based on the #sunscribbles prompts Promise and Panic. The 14 day writing habit course by Writer’s HQ was excellent: I’m doing another course now, on short stories, which I hope will be just as good.

I didn’t set any goals for my works in progress, but I worked on my Arthurian legend retelling anyway. I typed up notes from my notebooks and planned the first eight chapters. The old me would’ve rushed to finish my outline so I could start writing for Nanowrimo. The new me says no to Nanowrimo, and I’ll aim to finish outlining the next eight chapters by November.

Drawing, and Proofreading & Copy-editing research:

I abandoned my weekly drawing goal. It was too much to fit in with everything else I wanted to do. I really want to practice, so I’m going to draw one picture in October: Probably Halloween fanart to give me an entire month to finish it! I’ve also put my proofreading & copy-editing research goals on hold for now, as I won’t have time once I start university again.


I read a lot in September. Lots of non-fiction for research, some Doctor Who fanfiction, beta-reading, The Diary of Anne Frank (plus half of another book in an attempt to understand life writing for university), and one and a half fiction books:

Princess of Death was a fun story about princesses and pirates, which I rated 4 stars, and I’m currently halfway through Heroes of Englandom, described as a cross between the Hunger Games and Divergent with a gay MC. I hated the comparison titles, because I couldn’t relate to the main characters, but I’m loving Derin and Dylan so far!

In October I’ll aim to read one book: Although I smashed my reading goals in September, I’d rather keep my goals small and manageable!

Other random stuff:

  • I’ve caught up on emails, but I decided not to focus on social media until I’m writing again.

  • I’ve been exercising regularly, but eating lots of pizza!

  • I’m growing potatoes! (and cucumbers, but I think I planted them too late!)

  • It’s my birthday in October, and I won’t be around much from the 8th-12th!

scales divider copy

Thanks for reading!

I’m pretty pleased with last month, although I still seem to take on too much. With one month until I’m back at university, I need to get organised!

How was your September? What are your October goals? Are you doing Nanowrimo? Any book or TV recommendations? Chat in the comments!


  1. I failed all of my September goals but at least I got through a stressful period at work without too much collateral damage😑
    I wanted to do Inktober but my Switch is sucking up all my attention😂 I’m so doomed now that Witcher3 is coming out next week…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you got through a stressful period at work, sometimes life happens and we can’t do everything we want to do.
      I would’ve loved to do Inkober too, but drawing every day sounded like too much of a challenge ^^” We still only have two games for the Switch, so it’s not as distracting!

      Liked by 1 person

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