Writing, TV, Research and Kitten Updates: August 2019

Welcome to my August updates post!

Can you believe August is over? I can’t, but in a way I’m glad because the temperature should start to drop as we ease into September 🙂

My goals for August were:

Learn about critical commentary and autobiographical fiction for university.
Research proofreading/copy-editing.
Beta read short stories and university excerpts.
Write two short stories.
Participate in the August Writing Challenge.
Ease the pressure on my novels.
Read one book (and don’t watch as much TV).
Draw every day.

So, how did I do?

august updates good omens short stories editing research writing kittens

University Research: Commentary & Autobiography.

I started researching critical commentary and it’s nowhere near as intimidating as I expected. I’ve got a bit more research to do, but I’m enjoying it and think it’ll be fun to write commentary alongside my stories. I also think it’ll be a learning experience that’ll help me draft.

I haven’t researched autobiographical fiction yet, but I’ve got a project idea. I’ll focus on recalling five positive childhood memories to write about. I think it’ll make an interesting project, as most of what I remember is negative, although part of me is still hoping I can write about dragons!

As expected, my research will take longer than one month: I’ll continue in September 🙂

TV & Film:

Currently watching: Carole & Tuesday, Digimon Adventure 02.

Watched: Wu Assassin. I loved the characters, and it was fun to watch, but the last episode was rushed and confusing: as the end of Netflix originals often are. 3 stars.

Watching: Digimon Adventure 02. Confession: I rage quit Digimon as a teen when my friend told me about the epilogue, where everyone got married. I hate epilogues like that in kid/YA: They ruin the magic. Continuing the series reminded me how much I loved the show, so I’m adding the epilogue to my list of things that doesn’t exist (right beside HTTYD 3)!

Watching: Carole & Tuesday: I can’t resist anime, or tales of musicians trying to make it, and I’m obsessed with musicals. The setting, futuristic Mars with pop culture references, reminds me a little of Cowboy Bebop, and I think it’s going to be good 🙂

Watched: Spiderman: Homecoming. I find Marvel movies hit or miss, but Spiderman was always one of my favourites, especially the cartoon, so that probably explains why I loved this film.

Clearly my ‘don’t watch so much TV goal’ failed!


Merlin doesn’t seem to care about the heatwave we’ve been having. He’s been bouncing around like a crazy kitty, and even after we had him neutered he ran around as soon as we got back from the vets: He played for hours before he finally crashed!

merlin kitten fluffy tail on my yugioh cards
I swear he picks the worst places to sit, like on my Yu-gi-oh cards!

He’s recovered well and is growing so fast. I also love how fluffy he is, especially his tail! We’ve been playing with floating ice cubes in the sink (he got drenched!) and though he’s still climbing curtains and attacking feet, our neighbour says it’s his age and he’ll grow out of it!

Editing Research:

I’ve been making an editing checklist, but it’s nowhere near done. There’s a lot to proofreading and copy-editing, so this is another project I’m carrying over to September.

I also beta read lots of short stories, and I’m slowly learning the difference between university ‘beta’ reading and beta reading: beta reading is more about the story and less about editing, and university is about everything! Either way I really enjoy doing it 🙂


I wrote two short stories: Hands of Fate, about a criminal, a superhero, and an artefact, and Fall of a Kingdom, about an elf who causes trouble with his stealing. I’ll aim for two stories this month, based on the #sunscribbles prompts New (8th Sept) and Star (29th Sept).

I failed the August Writing Challenge, in that I didn’t write every day. I have been writing, I wrote at least thirty pages of fanfic, but in larger chunks on the days it wasn’t too hot to write. I wrote the same amount as I would’ve if I’d written daily, so I’m not too bothered!

I also said in last month’s update that I’m putting my WIP on hold until after university: The day after I wrote that post, I started re-plotting Merlin and Dragonspire. Relaxing my goals was just what I needed! I didn’t write any words, and I’m back to the drawing board again, but I’m happier with them. No goals for progress in September: I’ll just see if I end up working on them!

Reading and Art:

Why did I set a daily drawing goal? The first five days were great, then I lost momentum and didn’t sketch for the rest of the month. I don’t know what happened, I was so enthusiastic about this project. Maybe daily was overkill? In September I plan to draw weekly instead 😀

sketches pikachu ed hawkeye fullmetal joey yugioh ken digimon
Sketches: Pikachu, Hawkeye and Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist, Ken from Digimon and Joey from Yu-gi-oh!

I failed my reading goal too. I read a novel’s worth of fanfiction, and I’ve been reading non-fiction for my research, but no original stuff. I think I’m in a slump after Good Omens, which always seems to happen after a disappointing book. I’ll aim to read a book in September!

Other misc stuff:

  • I’m still behind on some things, mostly emails and getting back into Twitter and Instagram, but by the end of September I hope to be caught up and on Twitter twice a week!
  • I started Yu-Gi-Oh Speed Duelling at our local game shop. It’s fun: I like it mostly because it’s old school Yu-Gi-Oh with no Link/Pendulum monsters or boring OTK decks!
  • I’ve been skipping exercise, because it’s too hot, but I made it to the beach a few times:
lowestoft beach sea shore boat waves
Beautiful, right? And not too crowded because the end we hang out at has stones near the shore and the tourists don’t like it!
  • The new desktop computer I switched to sometimes refuses to connect to the internet, which is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse. I get more done, but my emails, blog and Twitter notifications pile up a bit!

scales divider copy

All in all, not bad. I’ve been keeping ‘office’ hours again, but I still feel really sluggish because of the heat! Hopefully September will be more productive, and less hot!

How was your August? Productive? Relaxing? Hot? What are your goals for September? Any Netflix recommendations or good editing resources? Do you have a list of sequels or epilogues that ‘don’t exist’? Chat in the comments!


  1. When I saw your beach photo I was like “Jesus Christ this beach is super crowded and the wave is f-ing huge wtf is going on” when I noticed that they were stones, not people🤣

    What fandom do you write in? (I may have asked this already. I’m an airhead when I chat with ppl in the comments I don’t know why😂)

    This September is going to be about getting used to feeling emotions again, experimenting with nonfiction forms on my blog, and fixing my sleep schedule. All pretty big deals for me, but if I can set myself up properly I’ll be able to face the colder seasons with more confidence. I historically struggle with winter😔

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha yeah tons of stones, even hidden in the water. The ‘nicer’ part of the beach, with no stones, does get that crowded, though I don’t mind the stones so much 🙂

      Nah I don’t think you’ve asked already 🙂 I’ve written in the Flash/Arrow, Sherlock, Yugioh, Digimon, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Psych fandoms, and probably a lot more I forgot about. All for ships that never sailed, because I hate most canon romantic pairings, and rarely posted because I write it mostly to amuse myself and never finish anything!

      Good luck with your goals 🙂 I have a love-hate relationship with winter. I adore the colder temperatures but I struggle with mild Seasonal Affective Disorder which can be a real downer 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow you’ve been busy busy! Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t worry about the August writing challenge, you still wrote plenty and it sounds like the Uni project is going well (hope you fit in dragons somewhere 😉). Love the look of the beach, which I lived near the sea, just the air is peaceful and refreshing! Have a lovely rest of your week.
    Caz xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks 🙂 I keep thinking I’ve not made much progress, but I probably still over set goals and do better than I think I do!
      I’ll fit dragons into my project somehow 😀 Even if I have to write pure autobiography I could talk about how I collect figures or how I feel about How to Train Your Dragon ^^”
      I adore living by the sea: Job opportunities here are terrible, but I can’t bear the idea of moving! I actually took a video that day too of the waves crashing, just to listen to when I need something calm or inspiring!
      Enjoy the rest of your week too 😀 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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