Camp Nanowrimo, Writing, Editing and Kitten Updates – July 2019

Welcome to my July updates post!

Can you believe it’s August already? This time last year I was writing a story series for my blog, planning my Cornwall trip to visit Arthurian legend sites, and preparing to start an MA. Now, I’m getting ready for the second year of my MA, and to start an editing business.

July was all about writing and planning. I did okay, although I’m still not back in a regular office routine. I think I needed a longer break after a busy year, and some days it was too hot to think, let alone use a computer. Anyway, let’s talk August goals and July progress!

july updates


I’m planning to get ahead before classes start again in November, by learning about critical commentary and autobiographical fiction. I know our tutors will go over everything when I start, but the next module worries me: Autobiography is so far out of this fantasy-escapist writer’s comfort zone, and I’m dreading it. I figure preparing in advance will help!


Merlin’s latest favourite thing is climbing our curtains. Raising a kitten’s not easy, it’s one trial after another (including tearing wallpaper from the walls!) but the cuddles make up for it. He can still be a handful, but he’s learning and starting to feel like a member of the family:

Merlin posing
Merlin slumped on the back of the sofa: He’s such a poser!

We also taught him sit, paw, leave, and my partner is now teaching him to hi-five! He’s such a fast learner. Who says cats can’t be trained?


I’ve decided to start an editing business after I graduate, although I may launch part time during year 2 of my MA. I adore editing, sometimes I love it more than writing, and I want to put those skills to good use helping other writers improve their stories.

I have a knack for spotting errors, but I want to research proofreading/copyediting to make sure my skills are up to date. I have a huge list of things to do before launch, including removing older stories from my blog, developing pricing, and researching how to start a business. In August I’ll focus on skills/knowledge and beta reading as much as possible to practice!

TV & Film:

During the week long heatwave I watched a lot of Netflix. Jessica Jones Season 3 was good. I like her character and it’s a shame it was the last season. Trish irritated me, but she does every season so that’s nothing new! Jeri Hogarth’s struggles were portrayed well, I liked Malcolm’s crisis, and one particular part shocked me. All in all, recommended.

I’m stuck for what to watch next, so I’m re-watching Psych and Yu-Gi-Oh! (Since we’re back into the card game!)

Camp Nanowrimo

My goal was 25000 words. I loved working on multiple projects – Merlin, Dragonspire, a supernatural romance, short stories, and fanfic – and I wrote mostly on paper so I’d be less distracted. The downside? I haven’t typed it all up yet and had to count my words by hand!

Merlin supervises writing
Cats make excellent writing companions – When they’re not sitting on your notebooks or stealing your pens!

I didn’t reach my goal – the week long heatwave made it hard to write – but I did write 20000 words. I might not use them all, but Camp made writing fun again, which is all I really wanted.


I wrote one short story in July, Shelter from the Storm, which I’m particularly proud of as I love the characters and it continues Brothers through fire, which I wrote last year. I’m hoping to write two short stories this month. I’m also doing the 31 Days of Summer Writing challenge, which provides prompts and motivation to write daily in August!

Next year all of my university assignments are on creative writing. I’m bound to learn more, so I’m changing my writing goals again and easing the pressure on writing chapters for my novels until I graduate. I can’t bear the idea of putting in a ton of work only to have to change it all again. I’ll focus on short stories and scenes to develop characters and plot instead. 

Reading & Art:

In July I read and reviewed Magic at Midnight, a fantasy with pegasi, Captain Stellar, an lgbt superhero romance, and started Struck: The Lightning Project, also an lgbt superhero romance. I read a lot of fanfiction again too, mostly Yu-Gi-Oh this time, and read Good Omens (but only rated it 2 stars). My goal for August is to read at least one book, but I’m not sure which yet!

I’ve also switched from a laptop to an old desktop PC. It works better with Photoshop so I’ve dug out my graphics tablet: I’m even doing a 30 day anime drawing challenge and might share some sketches on Instagram 🙂

scales divider copy

Thanks for Reading!

I’m looking forward to getting back to normality in August and catching up on everything I’ve missed whilst slacking off/melting/recovering from uni and writing!

What are your August goals? Read any interesting fantasy books lately? Anything you’d recommend on Netflix? Have you ever put a WIP on hold? Chat in the comments!


  1. Lots to like in this post. I too got sick of Trish. I hope she’s gone for the next season. I love my desktop. Partly, too, because of Photoshop, another part because I can plug three screens in (not easily done on laptops).

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    • I liked what happened with Trish at the end of season 3, but I have a feeling she’ll be back if there’s a season 4! Three screens sounds awesome 😀 I think I’m getting a second monitor soon, but I don’t have room on my desk for 3!


  2. First, just do your best with preparing 🙂 It is tough. Autobiographies are personal…and I know it’s tough to talk about the personal stuff. But I support you. I believe in you. Go Louise!

    Aww yeah I cannot imagine how tough that is. He is so adorable though. A wonderful member of the family and awwwww the cuddles must bring so much joy (cuddles w/Merlin) 🙂 he’s such a cute cat. :).

    That’s awesome! Yes, keep working at it. Beta reading will help. And I believe in you 🙂 You can do it!
    I know some editors on twitter too. One of them uses instagram to list some tips for writers. I can give you the link if you want (and share her twitter handle with you) 🙂 that way you can connect w/a fellow editor.

    Ooh I’m interested in seeing what Malcolm’s crisis is. I also am interested to see what Jessica will face. And trish bothers me too. S2 Trish really annoyed me a lot.

    YGO is great. :).

    That’s great. 20,000 is wonderful. GREAT JOB 🙂 – I know you didn’t reach your goal, but you did well 🙂

    Great goals. Your stories rock. I love the shorts that I’ve read 🙂

    How do you usually read so many books a month? I read slowly sometimes. Any tips for reading faster but not like being too fast? Like how do you usually read fast but retain details? 🙂

    Finish my practice WIP (SFF w/a tiny dino-dragon, superhero, evil scientist, brave and loving kid, and cyborgs).
    Finish at least two more books (both longer graphic novels)
    Finish beta reading my friend’s story
    Draw 9 pictures.

    Netflix: I like Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Daredevil too. I wanna see Death Note (anime).

    I have put a WIP on hold. My urban fantasy is on hold. Been too discouraged to edit. But I will get back to editing it in Sept (my goal is to edit for 27 of the 30 days in Sept) :).

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    • I think it’s mostly that I’m reluctant to write about real events: I’m a fantasy writer through and through and write to escape, but with autobiography I have to write about the very issues I’m normally writing to escape from, if that makes sense? Thanks for the support, I’ll be preparing as much as possible 😀

      Thanks 🙂 He knows he’s adorable too, and he uses it to get away with things!

      That would be cool, the more connections the better!

      I think you’ll like Jessica Jones S3, the end was pretty good, and I usually hate endings!
      I adore Yu-Gi-Oh: do you play the card game? We’ve just started collecting speed duel decks.

      Thanks 😀 20000 is more words than I’ve written in ages, so I’m happy with it. Glad you like my short stories too, they’re fun to write 🙂

      Last month was a really good reading month for me: I’m usually much, much slower, like one book a month if that ^^” I think having no other distractions helped 🙂

      Nice goals, good luck with them 😀 Is your practise WIP the one with Steph? I hope to draw a sketch a day, but they’ll be small. So far so good!

      Fullmetal is my favourite anime of all time 😀 I got halfway through the Death Note anime before it got a bit too depressing. The live actions were epic though (the Japanese ones, not the awful American one!)

      What’s your urban fantasy about? I don’t think I’ve seen you mention it on Twitter? I’m sure it’s epic 😀


  3. Wooohoo, busy busy! I’ve not seen JJ season 3 yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Proofing & editing are always needed so it’s great you can use your skills and go for that as a business idea in the near future, exciting times! In the mean time, good luck with the writing. Give Merlin a cuddle from us all 🙂
    Caz xx

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  4. This is really random, but when I was a blog reader, I knew nothing about formatting or layout. I took it for granted, like “oh, this blog has nice vibes, cool”. But now that I have started one, I can see how much effort and thought went into this post. It’s fun, easy to read, has cute cat pictures, and is informative, even though it’s my second time here and blog and I basically have no connections with you whatsoever (I searched for “INTP” on the WordPress reader and found myself here). Mad respect. I’m going to check out your book on Amazon now. lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks 😀 It took me a while to find my groove writing blog posts, but I think I’ve gotten the hang of it! (And sorry for the delayed replies, WordPress marked your comments as spam!) Sadly I’m not on Amazon yet, someday 😀

      Liked by 1 person

        • I plan to self publish, it’s totally the better option (I did a couple of weeks work experience in a traditional publisher which totally put me off that route!) but the main issue is I haven’t finished anything more than short stories yet 🙂 Still working on the novels, but they took a back seat for university.

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          • Ookay that would make sense. If I were you (not to impose though), I would publish the short stories just to get experience with the Amazon tools/making covers/writing blurbs properly, etc.
            If you are okay with ranchy content, r/eroticauthors has very good information (though again be warned that the sub is pretty ranchy and some people hate

            Liked by 1 person

            • Nah you’re not imposing, it’s a good idea and something I’ve been intending to do for ages, but university’s crazy and eats up most of my time. I’ll be tidying up and improving some of my short stories to make a collection after I graduate 🙂
              I’ll check it out, thanks 😀 I never know where to start with reddit, but at a glance it looks like there’s tons of useful advice!

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