Camp Nanowrimo Mid-Month Update.

I’m still in the process of Learning to Write for Myself, so I’m taking a break from the #AuthorToolboxBlogHop this month to focus on writing.

Camp nano update

So far Camp Nanowrimo is going well, although I forgot how much energy writing requires and the snacking that goes with it. I’ve had lots of biscuits and pizza, but I figure if it helps me write, bring on the snacks!

Merlin continues to supervise my writing. Whenever he catches me taking a break, watching Netflix or gaming, he attacks my arm. I think he’s telling me to get back to writing, or he wants to play, but I don’t appreciate it, or him stealing my chair when I’m trying to write:

Merlin smug stealing my chair
I got up for next to no time and returned to find Merlin sprawled out on my chair! He’s lucky he’s so cute 😀

I need to write 807 words a day to meet my 25k goal. For the first 8 days, except day one, I wrote more than that. On the 9th though? I only wrote 150 words. After that I had one good day followed by a couple of bad days.

Last week was busy though: Between vet visits, trying to sort out our messy house, and my partner being off work, I didn’t get much writing done. I’m easily distracted by video games when he’s around, and we’ve been meaning to clear out our garage for months.

I’ve also lost momentum on my new project, and there were days I chose to sit in the sun reading, editing, or scribbling on paper instead of writing inside. On those days I wrote less, but taking time to enjoy the sun after working on assignments for months is nice:

writing in the garden sunshine
Our garden’s looking a bit wild, as usual!

I’m probably going to focus on Merlin: Second Chance or Dragonspire for the rest of the month, as my new project needs more planning. Luckily my only rule for Nano is that I write whatever the muse demands, for fun: I’m not aiming to stick to one project. After Camp I’ll focus on finishing a draft by November. Which story? I don’t know yet 🙂

So far most of my writing’s been on paper, because I’m too easily distracted on my laptop. Between social media, surveys, and fanfiction, there are too many things to entice me away from writing. I have a lot of typing up to do, but for me that’s a good thing as I can edit as I go.

So far I’ve written 11400 words. I’m on track, as the bad and good days cancelled each other out 🙂 Here’s hoping I continue to write enough to meet my 25k goal…

scales divider copy

Thanks for Reading!

Next week, a short story, and the week after I’m reviewing Magic at Midnight for Ronel, which I had the pleasure of beta reading earlier this year.

How is your July going so far? If you’re doing Camp Nanowrimo, are you on track? Have you read any awesome fantasy books lately? Chat in the comments!


  1. Some days are good. And some days are bad. But all progress counts. Most important thing is to have fun! Looks like Merlin is being like a writing boss haha. But I hope he stops scratching you…
    And stops taking your seat lol. Maybe he will write himself in the story too :). Hehe

    Glad you took some time to enjoy the sun and relax. It is important to spend some time relaxing. Happy for ya :).

    Yep! Have fun! The best way to spend writing is having fun. :). :).

    Haha I get distracted easily too. My penmanship is too messy for me to write stories on paper lol though.

    Great job! You got this. Go Louise! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • So true, I’m trying to tell myself that even thinking about my stories counts as progress 🙂

      I wish Merlin would write some of my stories for me xD Then he can have the chair! I’m sure he’ll stop scratching and biting as he gets older, apparently kittens go through phases!

      Haha, I can’t read my writing either half the time. It’s a nightmare ^_^

      Thanks 😀 You too!


    • That’s good advice, I think some days I just want to read and read (and beta-read, which I love doing!)
      When I count what I’ve handwritten I count every word manually. Not very practical, but I still think I get more done 🙂


  2. Great job! I set a goal to write ten short stories this summer, but I’ve only written two or three, but that’s okay. We’ll take a vacation in August and there are no tv’s in the resort. While Nate and Alex are hiking steep inclines (I’m afraid of heights), I’ll be by the pool–writing:)

    Liked by 1 person

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