Writing, University, and Kitten Updates: June 2019

After a much needed break in June, following an intense semester, I’m back to writing 🙂 In June I blogged weekly, had a BBQ, melted in the heatwave, cursed the useless thunderstorm that didn’t reduce the heat, and spent a lot of time gaming and playing with Merlin.

june updates

I also earned £60 of Amazon vouchers on Swagbucks: That’s a referral link, but I really recommend it. I get extra income for answering random surveys! I’m saving for a PlayStation 5, as part two of the Final Fantasy VII remake is bound to be on next gen consoles.

I spent most of June looking forward to July and Camp Nano. I’ve decided to focus on writing, blogging, and planning in July, and start researching for my editing business in August.

Note: If you want to avoid minor How to Train Your Dragon 3 spoilers skip the TV/Film section!


Merlin is doing well. (For new visitors to the dragon cave, Merlin’s my kitten, named after the legendary magician and future MC of one of my works in progress!). He’s barely biting any more, although he sometimes runs up and bites my feet? Not hard, so I’m sure it’s playful!

Merlin helping me write
He’s been helping me write for Camp Nano (or, sitting on my pens and notebooks!)

He’s also discovered he can jump onto the kitchen counter, (apparently all animals do this, including my sister’s massive Rottweiler!) and his favourite games are chasing ice cubes around the kitchen floor and stealing my pens!

Social Media:

I’ve been pondering social media advice for writers, specifically that we should be active daily. Social media is fun, but for an introvert daily is too much. I’ll always interact when I’m online, typically Sunday & Wednesday, but I only want to post when I’m available to interact, so I won’t schedule posts to appear active daily or follow advice that doesn’t work for me.

TV & Film:

I’ve started season 2 of Forest of Piano. I love the relationship between Shuhei and Kai, but this season is slower than the last. Jessica Jones season 3 is also on my watch list. How to Train Your Dragon 3 isn’t. After a lot of thought I’ve decided not to see it. I adore the franchise, but I’ve googled spoilers for 3 and I don’t want a bittersweet ending. There’s enough of that in real life. When it comes to fantasy I want my endings to be happy and satisfying, not disappointing.

How to Train Your Dragon Hidden World Hiccup and Toothless
(Because Toothless and Hiccup are BFF’s who should stay together forever.)


In June I wrote two short stories, Deadly Mission (a mission in a snowstorm) & Message in a Bottle (a pirate running for his life trying to get a message to his boyfriend). That’s more stories than I’ve written in months! Starting this month I’ll be writing every day, with the aim to complete a chapter a week. I also have a 25000 word Camp Nanowrimo target.

So far I’ve written about 6000 words across 4 different projects. Being able to bounce between projects and write what I want is great. Every time I get bored or stuck I just switch to another story, and by the time I’m bored of that one I know where to go with another 🙂 


I spent June reading fanfiction and gaming, mostly Tales of Vesperia but some 7 Days to Die (Zombie survival!) and Fallout 4. In July I’m going to read a chapter a day. I’m also trying to fix WordPress. For months I haven’t received weekly digests for blogs I follow. I’ve been trying to make it by on memory alone, but I’m sure there are people I’ve missed!


I’d set my sights low for the last assignment, as it was business/marketing based, and I wasn’t confident at all. The results are in: I got a 68, way better than I expected.  It puts my average at 70.5 over both assignments 🙂

I still have to pass next year, but so far so good!

I need to learn to write critical commentary for next semester, as my future assignments are writing with commentary. I’m also worried about the next module. It’s autobiographical writing but I’m reluctant to write about my past. Although the specification says we can write autobiographical fiction I’m not sure fantasy kingdoms and dragons are allowed!

Exercise/Healthy Eating:

I’m exercising regularly, that part’s easy now it’s routine, I just love eating too much. I maintained weight in June, and will keep a food diary six days out of seven in July (to allow for a ‘don’t care’ day) to try and lose the 20 pounds needed to reach a healthy BMI by December!

scales divider copy

Other than the impending doom of my module in November, I’m good. I’m writing steadily again, and now Merlin’s settled in I’m loving being a cat owner 🙂

Anyway, I’m off to write more for Camp Nano! How is your July going so far? What are your goals? What is autobiographical fiction? Chat in the comments!


  1. Wow, so busy!

    You have a lot going on, and Merlin is adorable. Yeah, kittens sometimes play bite. Usually, their siblings will teach them not to. Our older cat taught our younger one to knock it off 🙂

    Yep, skipping How to Train a Dragon 3 as well. They can keep their crappy ending, thank you very much. If I don’t get a HEA, I am not watching. Done with bittersweet. We have too much of that in the real wold.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks 😀 He’s very cute when he wants to be! I’ll just have to teach him not to do it: He’s a spoilt only kitten and even when he was with his litter he was a bit of a loner!

      Exactly, I need happy endings! I don’t mind lots and lots of trouble and danger and near misses on the way though, and I’ll also accept ‘happily ever after, for now’ 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww Merlin is gaaawwwgeous! Yep, my cat jumps on the kitchen counter too, drives me nuts! 😂
    I loved JJ season 1 & 2 so I’m looking forward to the 3rd!
    Well done on your uni assignment marks, you’re doing brilliantly!!
    Caz xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks 😀 We’re trying to teach him that one end of the counter is fine (near the window) and the other is forbidden (near the oven)! He’s clever, so I think he’s getting it 🙂
      Same, JJ is so cool, I love her character!

      Liked by 1 person

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