Camp NaNoWriMo: July Plans!

camp nano july plans

I have an up and down relationship with Nano. Sometimes I love it and think it’s awesome, other times I hate the quality of the words I write during it and scrap everything to start over. However, regardless of how good the results are, Nano is a great way to kick start writing after a break!

I’ve not worked on any of my WIP for ages, partly because of my MA, and partly because I keep getting stuck in the middle of my stories and second guessing them. For Camp July I want to rediscover the fun of writing, write for myself, and hopefully find my lost muses.

My target is 25000 words on whatever project I want, provided I hit my word count goal. I won’t pressure myself to finish a set percentage of a work in progress, or to write anything high quality. My main goal is to have fun.

write for fun

I’ll bounce between stories and chase my muse wherever it leads to see where I end up. This could be the spires of Dragonspire, the magic of Second Chance, or any of the random story ideas I’ve had in the past few months.

I hope to get over writer’s block, perfectionism, and whatever else is stopping me from finishing a first draft. I’ll write purely to have fun and amuse myself, just like I did when I was little, scribbling stories and sketches on whatever paper I could find.

After Camp, when I’ve hopefully found my muses again, I’ll focus on finishing a first draft. Wish me luck!

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Are you doing Camp Nanowrimo? What’s your goal? Any tips for getting past writer’s block? Chat in the comments!


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