Kitten Update & Blogging Break!

As expected, my new kitten is very distracting:

Merlin sleeping on my lap at my desk
Merlin, my ginger and white fluffy rag-doll cross kitten!

He’s obsessed with my laptop:

merlin at my laptop
Merlin making himself at home on my open laptop whilst I try to be productive!

My partner’s pc:

merlin at partners desk borderlands 2
Merlin on my partner’s keyboard whilst we attempt to play Borderlands 2.

And he loves to play:

Merlin playing

I never expected to be so tired though, partly from all the playing, and partly because the first night we had him I barely slept through worry about him being away from his mum. He was totally fine, doesn’t seem to care at all, but I’m exhausted!

Anyway, I’m taking a blogging break until the 26th of May/2nd of June. I have a cute bundle of energy to keep an eye on, who’s mischievous, and very distracting even when he’s sleeping!

Merlin sleeping gap between radiator and sofa
He’d rather sleep on the pillows I put between the wall and the sofa than a bed!

I also need to finish my university assignment by May 20th, which I’ve not worked on since we got Merlin. Oops ^^”

Once my assignment’s done I’ll renew my writing efforts and finish a 1st draft. I have 3 WIP I want to work on: An Arthurian legend retelling, a fantasy medieval magical dragons story, and an m/m Beauty & the Beast retelling inspired by my fanfic. It’s hard to decide which to write first, but in general I’m gravitating towards New Adult, rather than Young Adult.

I’ll also be around more on social media. It’s been hard to keep up since I started my MA, and with the exception of my #sunscribbles hashtag game, I feel really out of touch. (Thankfully my next module isn’t until November!) I’ll be on Instagram, sharing cute kitten pictures, and on Twitter every Sunday. Other than that, I’ll be trying to focus past the cuteness attack of Merlin:

Merlin cute sleeping

Wish me luck, and see you at the end of May!


  1. Loved all the kitten pictures! My two cats are 9 years old and they still act like kittens sometimes, haha.

    Enjoy your blogging break! 🙂

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  2. OMG what an absolute cutie! I’m convinced kittens are adorable to make up for how utterly exhausting they are to share a home with. I just followed you on Instagram because my life needs more kitten photos. Also, best of luck with the uni assignment!

    Liked by 2 people

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