Writing, Reading, Goal Updates & Kittens: March 2019!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my March updates post 🙂

March was a month of kittens, colds, kittens, cleaning, kittens, road-trips, kittens, and lots of marketing research. University was hectic, my project is huge, and I’ve been procrastinating like crazy thinking up new project ideas when I should be finishing what I’ve started!

March updates 2019

Reading Goal: Read a chapter a day (and less fanfiction).


I fell head-first into the ColdFlash fandom, and I read so much fanfiction in March. I think DNF’ing Vicious, which I was really looking forward to, demoralised me. I’ll get back to books this month, and I hope to finish Behind the Throne and the new book I bought, Geekarella.

I read and reviewed Dear Evan Hansen, which I adored, but I can’t remember if I finished it at the start of March or the end of February. I did read all 26 chapters in 5 days though 🙂 I also hosted Jacqui Murray’s blog hop for the release of Survival of the Fittest, a prehistoric fiction.

Writing Goals: Two chapters a month & Write a page a day.


I wrote a page a day, and scribbled most of my short story, Desert Eclipse, on paper. The 10000 words I challenged myself to write in March though? Didn’t happen. Between cat hunting, being sick for two weeks, and university, writing wasn’t a priority. I did lots of plotting though, for Merlin: Second Chance, and for a new project. I’ve made progress, just not in words.

I’m going to postpone my two chapter a month goal until the end of May, when my assignments are handed in. Who would’ve thought doing an MA in Creative Writing would mean less time and energy for writing? Not me, but setting writing goals clearly isn’t working right now!

TV & Gaming:

I watched Dragon Prince and Umbrella Academy, which I loved but had cliffhangers. I’m getting sick of cliffhangers! I might review some shows soon, or games. We’re replaying Borderlands again, because 3 is out in September, and I’ve finally got the Tales of Vesperia remake.

Blog, Social Media, & Healthy diet:

Being sick half of the month, the last thing I wanted was to exercise and eat healthily. Cue takeaway and chocolate binges. I maintained weight though, which I’m happy with. I took a week off blogging when I was sick, but I still wrote 5 posts. My favourite was 3 Reasons I DNF Fiction Books, because I DNF’d two books last month and had to talk about it!

reasons to dnf fiction books


Classes have finished already. We didn’t spend as much time on publishing as I expected from the module description, and I’m feeling ‘meh’ about it. My project, a publishing & marketing plan, and the research, (including my work experience in Editorial at Penguin Books posts), reminded me why I want to self publish. If you have any good resources share them in the comments 🙂


I’ve always wanted a cat. The rescues didn’t have anything for us, so I started looking for kittens on Gumtree. Kittens sell fast and some sellers seem dodgy. I wanted to get our kitten from someone who cares about cats, even if I had to go further or pay more. We visited this little ball of fluff 2 weeks ago:

I was still recovering from my cold, and it was a 4 hour round trip, but it was worth it. This is Merlin. He’s a ragdoll cross, who we can’t bring home until the 23rd of April, but the current owner is sending us picture and video updates! He comes with a kitty starter kit too 🙂

As new cat owners, any tips are welcomed. I want to give him the best start in life. There’ll be lots of pictures on Instagram, and I’m sure he’ll appear on the blog too!

Merlin 4 weeks 1

scales divider copy

Thanks for Reading!

March was good, even if it was a month of Goals? What goals? I could do better with my writing, but with the exception of short stories I’ll put it on hold until my assignments are done 🙂

How was March for you? Read any awesome books? See any great TV shows or films? Got any good self publishing resources? Chat in the comments!


  1. What a lovely update. Excellent energy, despite being sick, Louise. About dragons–I’ve fallen in love with them. I think I’m the only one on the planet who wasn’t addicted to Game of Thrones. Now I am, binged on it, getting ready to see what happens to the dragons Sunday.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Considering you think you’ve ‘failed’ with a few things like with the chapter a day reading goal, I think you’ve otherwise done really well. And you’ve kept going and bounced back after being poorly. Shame the uni course didn’t have as much on publishing as that would have been interesting, and useful, but the project sounds awesome. What’s next?

    Aww Merlin is such a cutie! And so tiny. I know kittens are small, but I always seem to forget just how cute & small they are. 23rd of April, not too long to go now to bring him home! I can’t say I really have tips… do you have a vet in mind? Might be handy to find where you can take him. Do you plan to let him outside much? Just make sure all’s safe for him out there. It’s terrifying having your cat outside sometimes, wondering if they’re ok. Mine has got into a few scraps since he adopted us (you read that right) but thankfully nothing recently. He likes to be outdoors and in, so I keep a bowl of water for him in the kitchen and his other food/water bowls in the garage, aka his bachelor pad, where he can roam in & out whenever he wants. Bet you can’t wait to welcome him to the family, he really is adorable 🙂
    Caz xx

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    • Thanks Caz 😀 I’m trying to see the positives! Our next module is one I’m dreading. It looks like it’s autobiographical, which is so not my thing! Maybe It’ll be better than I expect? ( I won’t know until November, as there’s a super long break!)

      Merlin’s adorable and I so can’t wait 😀 He’ll probably be twice that size when we bring him home! We were sorting out our vet yesterday, we’ve used them before and they were really friendly 🙂 (When a vet’s good with rats, you know they’re good, because a lot of people don’t like them!)

      We’re hoping to keep him indoors, but if he gets antsy we’ll let him out supervised. I would so panic if I let him out and didn’t know where he was, as there are some pretty vicious cats in our area! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on the progress you made despite short of what you hoped, Louise. And you have a GREAT excuse. Merlin is precious! Cats are easy. Just remember that though they like milk, it isn’t really that good for them. 🙂 There’s my advice. Have fun loving up your new kitten!

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