Writing, Reading, Goal Updates and News: February 2019!

February was an up and down month. Being back at university is brilliant. We’re talking about publishing and marketing, and our workshop group is back too! But, our last pet rat died. They’re so affectionate, and I’m going to miss him loads. I read a lot though, and I’ve thought about my work in progress nearly every day as I try to figure out my plot!

Feb 2019 Updates

Reading Goal: Read a chapter a day (and less fanfiction)!

Status: Smashed it.

In January I read daily, but lots of fanfiction. Last month I read mostly book chapters and less fanfiction. I finished the Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy, and I loved it. My review here:

Dragonspire Book Corner Pirates Petticoats Faerie

After that I started reading Dear Evan Hansen, the book based on the musical. I’m over half way through already, and I’ll review it in my next bookish update near the end of March.

I’ve noticed something too. The more I read the less I watch TV. The new season of Dragon Prince was released two weeks ago, but I’ve been turning Netflix on and immediately off again. I think I sometimes turn on the TV because I’m bored, and not because I actually want to watch it!

Writing Goals: Two chapters a month & A page every day.

Status: No chapters, but wrote a page a day.

My page a day challenge is going well, and I was much less resistant to the idea in February. I wrote most of my short story, The Elephant in the Room, on paper, and a lot of scribbles as I tried to figure out my plot for Merlin: Second Chance. I love my characters, but I’m not sure where to go with the story yet. Which is why I haven’t written any chapters!

The Elephant in the Room

In March I’m joining Diana for a Ninny Rhino (Or, Mini Wrimo), with a target of 10k words. I’m also jumping into #slowwritersclub on Twitter, for their 10k in March challenge, to keep me on track. I think I can finalise my plot and write 10k words by the end of the month!

On top of that I’ve signed up to the Women in Publishing summit next week. It’s a series of free online webinars from the 4th-8th March, which will cover publishing and marketing! Hopefully it’ll help with my university project, where I have to design a publishing/marketing plan.

Film Goal: See How to Train Your Dragon 3.

Status: Chickened out.

Originally I was psyched, if a bit nervous, for this movie. Now it’s out? I can’t bring myself to see it. I re-watched the second film, and it ended so well. If 3 has a terrible ending, or a separation ending, I’d rather leave the series with the bittersweet ending of the second film. I’m fine with stories that move me to tears, but I’m done with sad endings. (Even if it means I miss seeing Toothless trying to flirt!):

How to Train Your Dragon Hidden World Toothless flirting

Why don’t I just see the film? Because I’m so invested in these characters and this world that it’ll break my heart if the ending isn’t perfect. Also, I hate endings. I’ve been following this franchise since the start, and I’m not ready to say goodbye. (At least, not in a cinema, where I’ll be fighting tears!). If you’ve seen it, put me out of my misery and tell me if it ends happily!

TV Goal: Watch less TV.

Status: Success!

I didn’t watch much TV last month. I’ve occasionally watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and I started Umbrella Academy, but that’s it. I’ve spent most of my spare time reading or gaming.

Blogging Updates:

I planned to write about plot for the Author Toolbox Hop in February, but I wrote about writing lessons learned from DIY instead as my own plotting wasn’t going well! I might tackle plot this month, and I enjoyed writing about the books I’m reading so I’ll write another Dragonspire Book Corner too. On less bookish months that slot will be filled with games or TV.

On the 14th of March there’ll be an extra blog post. I’m participating in Jacqui Murray’s blog hop for the launch of her new book, Survival of the Fittest. It’s historical fiction, and it sounds awesome because I’ve not seen many books set in prehistoric times. (I’m a history nerd!). I’ll also write two short stories this month, as there are 5 Sundays!

Exercise and diet: Lose 4 pounds.

Status: Win!

I’ve been running or cycling three times a week, doing weights, and walking a lot. The only day I overate was after the great wallpaper removal job, when I felt like Chinese Takeaway! I still met my weight loss goals, and I feel healthier too.

All in all, not a terrible month!

scales divider copy

Thanks for Reading!

How was your February? Read any awesome books? See any great TV shows or films? Chat in the comments!


  1. Great goals, Louise. More reading, more writing, less tv and losing 4 pounds is awesome. Have fun with the Ninny Rhino. I’m off to a terrible start! Yikes. But it is only the 3rd, so there’s hope. Have fun at the conference – that sounds great. Happy Writing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jacqui 🙂
      I’ve done NanoWriMo twice now, and whilst I love the community I either wasn’t prepared enough, or rushing out so many words was unproductive because I ended up with a huge re-write on my hands! I think it works better for really rough drafting, and it makes you think about writing regularly to try and win!


  2. I saw How to Train Your Dragon 3 and I absolutely loved it! The ending…did break my heart, but I also felt like it made sense and fit perfectly, even though it did break my heart? I can’t say more without spoiling it, but I hope you love it, whenever you go to see it!

    Liked by 1 person

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