Writing, Reading, Goal Updates and News: January 2019!

In January I set some monthly goals for 2019. Lets see how I got on last month!

January 2019 updates

Goal: Write two chapters a month.

Status: Technically, failed.

I wrote one chapter, the third attempt of chapter one of Merlin: Second Chance, but as I’ve plotted two new villains and worked on the story I consider it a win. The only issue is my new villains are taking over, and they’re obscure Arthurian legend villains. On the one hand I feel like I need to use famous ones too, but on the other everyone uses Morgana/Mordred etc.

Goal: Write a page a day, on paper.

Status: Success.

In the first 10 days I hated myself for setting this goal. Some days it felt like trying to draw blood from a stone to fill the page! It got easier though, and sometimes I wrote 4+ pages a day. Asking myself questions like What are my characters goals? What happens next? was a great way to get ideas flowing, and sounding ideas out on paper helped me develop my plot.

My only concern? Forgetting about what I’ve written. I’ve decided to type up my pages monthly, so I use what I write and don’t lose any gems!

Other Writing News:

I’ve been trying to write things to submit to our workshop group once I’m back at university, and last month I participated in Diana’s new fun monthly speculative image prompt: Click for a list of awesome stories around January’s image. I figure I’ll submit my attempt, Fall of the Ice Giant, for workshopping, and after that I’ll re-work some old Sunday Scribbles posts.

fall of the ice giant

The lack of decent villains, plot, and Arthur’s lack of agency in Merlin: Second Chance gave me a headache last month. I’ve sorted Arthur out and made a start on villains, but I still need to redo the plot. Plot is my Achilles heel. I hate it, and because I mostly watch or read character driven stuff, I struggle with plot. Resources and care packages gratefully accepted!

Goal: Read a chapter a day.

Status: Success.

I mostly read fanfiction, but at least I’m reading. I also read five chapters of Ladies Guide to Petticoats and Piracy, which I love because I relate to Felicity so much, and two of Uprooted, which I’m struggling with and might DNF. Next month I aim to read less fanfiction!

Goal: Eat Healthily and Run 3x a week.

Status: Success (Kind of).

Kind of? Well, I was on holiday for a week in January, and I ate so much I put on 4 pounds. When I got back I renewed my efforts, and I’m using an app, My Fitness Pal, to track calories and exercise. It’s invaluable, and overall, even with my gain, I lost 2 pounds last month. We’re also playing Pokemon Go again, which means lots of walking at the beach!

Next month? I want to lose 4 pounds.

Goal: Pass my first University module.

Status: Big Success!

I got my university results back. 73/100: A pass with distinction!

There were a few points to improve on, but most of the feedback was praise. I asked for more constructive feedback, as although it’s nice to be told amazing things about my writing it doesn’t help me improve. The reply? Nothing to add, other than to keep practising and my writing will improve naturally 🙂 It’s nice to hear, since half of the time I’m still fighting self doubt demons.

TV, Gaming & Film News:

Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally out! I’ve played the first game too many times, and I couldn’t get on with Chain of Memories, but I’m replaying number 2 before I get 3. I’ve waited 15 years, I can wait a bit longer! I’m also trying to find time for Tales of Vesperia, but that’s lower priority.

punisher season 2 dragonspire watch

I binged The Punisher Season 2, and now I’m sad I have no more to watch. I would’ve paced myself better, but I won’t have much time for TV once university starts again. I’m taking a break from Gotham (waiting for season 5 to finish), and I’ve started watching The Flash again.

Am I a TV reviewer now? Maybe a little. Once a month I’ll post about whatever I’m fangirling hardest over. This month? How to Train Your Dragon 3 (Unless it crushes my fragile soul, in which case I’ll write a short story instead!).

Work/Life balance:

Finding a balance between pushing myself too hard and too much gaming/Netflix was harder than I expected. I spent most of January slacking off, but I can’t do that next month. I need to find where my discipline’s run off to before classes start on February 18th!

scales divider copy

Thanks for Reading!

How was your January? Read any excellent books? Watched any awesome shows? Chat in the comments 🙂


  1. I admire your ability to set short term goals. If you can accept rejection, you can do anything. I often become discouraged myself as someone living with mental health conditions and chronic pain. I am slowed considerably by them regardless of my 29 years and firey ambition. The important thing is to always try, try again (and take my own advice). Keep on! ♡

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks 😀 I’m pretty happy with how January went. Satellites sounds so interesting! I wanted to be a video game designer as a teenager but every course needed maths, and I failed spectacularly at that! I might try and write a game one day though, because the creative side I can deal with 🙂


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