Raising the bar in 2019: Goals and Plans

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and are feeling refreshed 🙂

I spent a lot of time watching TV in December, relaxing after a hard semester. Christmas was good, even though I was ill for three days afterwards, and I got some cool presents, including Dear Evan Hansen (the book of the musical!). I’m now ready to tackle 2019 and set some goals!

2019 goals and plans

Last year I was over ambitious. I intended to read 12 books (I read 1), finish two first drafts (I barely worked on either project), take care of my mental health (I let myself burn out), and try new things even if they’re scary (This I did: I applied to university, and I got in :)).

This year I intend to make my goals more manageable, by breaking them into small daily and monthly tasks, rather than large lofty goals like ‘finish a draft.’

2019 Goals:

Write two chapters a month: For my assignment I wrote a chapter of Dragonspire, and I think aiming to write two chapters a month is a reasonable goal. I’m actually glad I didn’t finish drafting last year, because I’ve learned a lot in my MA and I’d probably have to redo it anyway. I’m working on Dragonspire, Second Chance, and a couple of new projects.

Write a page a day, on paper: I enjoyed my notebook challenge, so I’ve modified it for 2019. I’ll write a page a day in my new notebook. It’s a flexible goal. The writing can be freewriting, sketches, story ideas, scenes, or fanfiction: Anything that crosses my mind. So far I’ve written at least a page a day, even if most of it is Gotham fanfiction and ideas.

page a day in 2019

Read a chapter a day: I failed my reading goal last year, so this year I’ll do things differently: I’ll aim to read a chapter a day. This includes fanfiction, which I read a lot of, but I’ve also picked up Uprooted and Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy from the library. So far I’m on track.

Exercise: Last year my healthy diet and exercise were hit and miss. This year I want to up my game. I’ll run three times a week and set monthly weight loss targets. This month? 4 pounds.

Rework old Sunday Scribbles stories: My writing’s improved a lot since I posted some of my older stories, therefore I plan to remove them or edit them.

Research: I intend to research writing. At the moment (mostly because of Gotham) I’m focused on villains and what makes them tick. I’ll write about that in my Author Toolbox post in February.

Enter at least one competition: I know, I said this last year, but this year I intend to follow through. I’ll probably enter the Ivan Juritz prize for postgraduate students. 

I also intend to be more active on social media, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, and I’m thinking about a PhD project and setting up as an editor.

Theme of the year: ‘Express Yourself.’

After writing my manifesto for my MA in Writing, where I expressed who I am, I realised I haven’t fully expressed myself on my blog. I love Disney music and musicals. I adore TV, but mostly? I’m a fangirl. When I like something I search for fanart. I read fanfiction. I buy merchandise. If a dragon lover connects with me on social media I jump for joy because dragons are epic.

How to Train Your Dragon Hidden World Hiccup and Toothless

Currently I’m obsessed with Gotham. I’m halfway through season 4, which I adore, but I’m also watching Yuri! On Ice (The opening song is awesome!). I also love The Flash, Arrow, Sherlock, How to Train Your Dragon, Once Upon a Time and many more! I tend to ship pairings that never get together, much to my continual disappointment, but fanfiction usually solves that!

Previously I’d kept my crazy fangirl side away this blog. I don’t know why, but this year that’ll change. I’ll add a ‘current fan of’ section to my sidebar to show my favourites, review shows, and talk about favourite characters. I want to express myself more than I already have.

Posting schedule for 2019: Weekly posts on Sunday.

1st Sunday of the month: Updates.
2nd Sunday (sometimes third): Author Toolbox Blog Hop.
3rd Sunday (sometimes second): Sunday Scribbles short stories.
4th Sunday: Express Yourself post. TV. Games. Books. Research. Inspiration. Fandom. HTTYD. Gotham. Flash. Arrow. Whatever’s captured my attention.
5th Sunday: Extra short story, flash fiction, or blog break.

I also host #sunscribbles every Sunday on Twitter. This week the prompt is: ‘Unique.’ Share lines from your writing, or write a story around the prompt and share a link to your blog.

scales divider copy

Thanks for Reading!

Next week? The first Author Toolbox post of the year: ‘Stealing like an artist: Is anything original?’

What are your goals for 2019? Did you have a good December? Express Yourself in the comments!


  1. Expressing yourself is such a wonderful theme for the year! It’s making me so happy reading about other people’s creative goals and I’m looking forward to seeing awesome new work by creative friends online 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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