The Notebook Project: Nanowrimo Rebel Challenge!

I’m a rebel this year. I’m not doing Nanowrimo properly because I don’t have time to write 50000 words when I’ve got university projects due. I still want to do something though, and luckily there are alternatives. I’m doing the notebook challenge: To fill a notebook by the end of November:

Notebook Project Nano Rebel

My notebook is A6, and 60 pages: Not too big to be overwhelming! To get started each day I’m going to check @writevents list of hashtag games. I’ll use the game prompts to write, and I’ll share my best lines on TwitterTo avoid ending up with a lot of aimless writing, I’ll relate everything I write to one of my three works in progress, or the Sunday Scribbles prompt.

The night before Nano: Preparation

Last year was a frantic mess of last minute prep. This year? I’m going to sit here eating sweets and reading submissions to this weeks university workshop. I really wanted to buy a pumpkin and carve a dragon on it, like the one below, but the store were all out. Maybe next year. In other words, The Notebook Project doesn’t require much prep. Buy a notebook and go!

Pumpkin Dragon
Dragon Pumpkin. Image from Pinterest

In addition to filling my notebook I’ll be writing my 4000 word creative piece and personal writing manifesto (2000 words, but I think I’m gonna do a graphic and commentary rather than just an essay) for university. I’ll post updates on my progress throughout November 🙂

Got deadlines? Too busy for Nano? Get a small notebook and join me as a rebel for a more relaxed November!


  1. I love your rebellious approach to this year’s Nano! I’m also focusing on uni stuff this November, as well as casually editing my current WIP, but there’s something about the buzz around Writing Twitter at this time of year that brings me joy, even when I’m not taking part 🙂

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    • Thanks 😀 I’m finding deadlines so tough: It’s been a while since I’ve had to work to one so strict! I love the atmosphere on Twitter around Nano too. I’ve been meaning to be more active, but I’ve been slacking!


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