October Writing Updates, University, TV, and the Missing Muse!

Welcome to my monthly updates post. I know I said I’d write about Cornwall this week, but I’m still suffering from a bad reaction to dairy earlier in the week and I haven’t finished that post yet. Who’d have guessed small bakeries often use milk in their recipes? Not me…

Anyway, it’s been a really busy month. Going on holiday near the start of university made it especially hectic, and I’m still not fully caught up on the message boards. Maybe by next week things will calm down so I can start on my assignments!

October updates university writing tv missing muse


The first month of my MA in Creative Writing’s been a blast. It’s much more work than I expected though, and I’m glad I opted to study part time. Each week there’s writing exercises to experiment with, recommended reading, and workshopping.

I enjoy workshopping a lot, even though I’ve only submitted once so far. We’re in groups of about ten, and we all comment on each others work. So far the feedback from students and tutors has been helpful, and I intend to submit part of the first chapter of Dragonspire tomorrow.

Goals: I have two assignments due in December, a 2000 word writing manifesto and a 4000 word creative piece, and my goal is to finish them by mid November. I also want to submit to the workshop group as much as possible.


I watched Daredevil Season 3 in a few days, and it was the best yet. I love how well written this flawed hero is, and how female character, Karen Page, is no damsel in distress. I’m also watching Gotham, whose villains are really interesting. I still feel like there’s loads to learn about writing from TV, and I’m sure I’ll add to my blog series on storytelling, TV, and film soon.

Daredevil season 3

I definitely met my goal of an hour of TV twice a week. My goal for November is to watch less, because I overdid it in October and didn’t meet my reading goals.

Writing, and the Missing Muse:

Despite studying for an MA in Creative Writing I don’t feel like I’ve written much this month. I’ve spent most of my time writing short stories for Sunday Scribbles, working on writing exercises, and outlining a new idea. I’ve also been working a little on Dragonspire.

I tried to chase my missing Arthurian legend story muse in Cornwall, but whilst I enjoyed myself it wasn’t enough to inspire me. My other muses are stronger right now. That’s okay though. The 4000 words I have to write for my university assignment need to be my best. Dragonspire is the project I’m most familiar with, and I adore the new idea I have. One of those is my best choice.

Goals: Focus on the first two chapters of Dragonspire, and my new project.

Burnout: Update

I’ve realised that even with the new schedule I made after I burnt out, I’m still stressed. Maybe that’s because I took a holiday when I was already busy with university, or maybe it’s because, although I’ve reduced my responsibilities, everything I do is still too much.


Then I had a thought. In past jobs sometimes we’d be rushing towards deadlines, but in quieter periods there were downtime tasks, like researching new products or sorting out the stockroom. Not essential tasks, but they helped the business run more smoothly and move forward. I think I need this with my writing, because at the moment all my tasks are deadline focused, and that’s stressful. I need more ‘downtime’ tasks to move my writing forward again.

Goals: Keep up with exercise goals and self care.


I could write 50000 words for my new idea for Nanowrimo, if I pushed myself, but I won’t. I’m prioritising university deadlines this year, but I may try an alternative, the Notebook Project, instead. It’s probably better for me to avoid Nano anyway. I have two half finished stories already, and I write better when my work is slow and considered, rather than rushed.

Goal: Keep a small notebook in November for daily freewriting. Fill it.

scales divider copy

Thanks for reading!

How was your October? Are you doing Nanowrimo? Watched any good TV lately? Any tips for finding lost muses for when I’m ready to tackle Merlin again? Let me know!

As for Cornwall? I’ll save that post for next week when I’m feeling better.


  1. I want to have 45k words my new WIP by 10/31. I think I will make it. My October goal is to get to 75k words or finish the WIP – preferably both.

    It’s my busy season at work, so we’ll see.

    Good luck to you on yours! Your writing program sounds very demanding.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hope you made it to 45k 🙂 Good luck with your November goals too! And it is, far more than I thought, although I’m over the moon at the moment because the feedback so far on the start of chapter one of Dragonspire has been so positive 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am such a completionist that my biggest issue with writing usually isn’t the muse, but wanting to finish everything else so that I can “clear the way” to write for days at a time. I’m still trying to quash that because there will always be other things to finish… I can’t escape them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s really tricky, especially with how busy you are. I can’t remember the last time I could write for days on end, probably when I was a teenager!
      My biggest issue is perfectionism I think. If my story doesn’t feel right I tend to freeze up on it and my muses abandon me. I’ve got two unfinished projects, and still I’ve started another one -_-“


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