Writing Updates: MA Creative Writing Week 1 & October Goals.

Welcome to my monthly updates post!

writing updates september week 1 ma creative writing

September was a busy month, full of preparing for university, (mostly by watching tons of Netflix and trying to shift the last of burnout) starting university, and wondering how I’m going to keep up with everything.

I guess all new experiences are a bit like that at first, and by ‘like that,’ I mean pretty overwhelming! So what have I been up to, and what are my October goals?

MA Creative Writing:

Classes began on the 24th of September, but the week before that was a welcome week where we introduced ourselves to classmates and tutors on the forums. (It’s a distance learning course.) This was pretty fun, and I met a lot of interesting people who I share interests with 🙂

In the first week we were given some reading assignments and asked to discuss our thoughts. We were also given some writing exercises to try, and I’ll share more about that in my Author Toolbox post on the 14th of October. (I’ve stopped talking about Lessons from TV for now!)

lessons in storytelling from tv and film list of posts
Click here for Storytelling & TV posts.


I’m glad I chose to study part time, because I spent 20 + hours studying last week, and I already feel stretched. I know once I get into a routine I’ll be fine, but it’s been a struggle to get my butt in my chair after so long of doing nothing. *Curses burnout*

I’ve set some goals for next week. One of them is to share my writing. We’re only allowed to share one page, but although it scares me to show my work I figured I’d rip the band aid off and throw myself into it by sharing first. Eep.

Goals: Keep up with assignments, reading, and forums. Start week 3’s assignments to get ahead in preparation for birthday vacation. Share work with class.


I’m wary of burning out again, and after participating in classes all week my introvert brain was frazzled. I decided I need to force myself to take breaks, and have two days a week where I don’t check forums or emails. It was hard to stop and relax, but once I did it helped a lot.

I spent most of yesterday watching Netflix and cleaning. I binged all 12 episodes of Forest of Piano, an anime about a poor boy with an incredible talent. It was pretty good if you ignore the cliffhanger and the weird 3D scenes the show mixes with the mostly 2D animation.*

3D anime Forest of Piano
The still image above doesn’t look as weird as the moving 3D scenes do, but it’s still strange!

*What’s with these? They look so odd!

I also watched Next Gen, an enjoyable film with a kick ass female lead who hates robots. I’ve got a ton of things on my watch list, and I’m going to enforce breaks without guilt!

Goal: One hour of TV, twice a week.


I’ve signed up to Voracious Readers Only, a site which connects you with new books in exchange for reviews, to help me find new things to read. There’s only one book that’s caught my eye so far, because it mentioned Egypt and cats!

I’ve also discovered I don’t read slowly, I just don’t make time for reading. My goal is to change that. I hope to finish one of the two half finished books I have by the end of October.

Goal: Read two chapters a week.


The writing exercises from my MA have really helped. Through them I’ve figured out some new plot points, put my finger on a few things I need to change that don’t work, and written a scene for Dragonspire. I feel like my slump is nearly behind me, and I hope to break it completely when I visit Cornwall to find my lost Merlin and Arthur muse.

I’m going to break down my goals into smaller ones. Finish the novel will become finish a chapter. I hope this’ll be less overwhelming. Chapter by chapter I’ll write these books!

Goal: Write two chapters for Dragonspire or Merlin. 

Favourite Picture:

We stayed at Center Parcs in Sherwood forest for my sister’s wedding. The forest was tranquil and beautiful, and our lodge was near a river. I have two favourite pictures:

view from a bridge reflective river

The above picture was taken from a bridge over the river. I love the way the trees are reflected in the water, and everything is so green!

The second is a small stream with a tree beside it and a rock in the middle of it. I clambered over the muddy ground, using the tree to brace myself, and sat on the rock to listen to the water rush by. It was such a beautiful spot, and I wish I had somewhere like this to sit and write:

rock in the middle of river

Goal: Take lots of pictures in Cornwall! (I’ll probably flood my Instagram that week!)

Exercise & Art:

I’ve decided to make exercise and old hobbies a priority to avoid future burnout. I’ve been running 4 times a week, and it’s more fun than I thought. I’m also going to be drawing anime again, which I used to love doing a lot. I’m out of practice now, but I’ll get back into it.

Goals: Exercise 4 times a week. Draw once a week.

Sunday Scribbles:

The Sunday Scribbles Prompt for the 30th of September is ‘Flood.’ Come join us on Twitter and share lines from your WIP, or one off lines based on the theme!

scales divider copy

Thanks for reading 🙂

How was your September? Busy writing, editing or drawing? Watched or read anything great? I’m always looking for recommendations! Till next time 🙂


    • Yup, it’s been crazy! I decided to put myself out there and be one of the first to submit to our workshop group too. Fortunately people are really nice, but I also need constructive feedback so I might have to ask a few questions! I hope with my goal of chapters I’ll be more motivated to finish because it won’t seem so impossible 🙂

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  1. I’ve seen some different/odd animation lately – think RWBY and The Dragon Prince (which some might think “off”) and Hilda (which is effing amazing and very neatly stylistic). It’s cool to see creators experimenting regardless. I also feel your pain about reading. I can fit it in, but if I pick up a book and it’s any good, I end up devouring it and not getting any other work done. I have no self control…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, The Dragon Prince is interesting. I started it this morning, but although the animation is different it wasn’t as jarring as Forest of Piano (which looked like someone was pasting scenes from an old RPG game every so often!) The trailer for Hilda caught my eye the other day. There are so many shows doing that lately I’m having to be careful how much time I spent on Netflix! It’s so hard to avoid getting sucked in to something good, and I have little self control either.


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