Writing Updates, New Blog Schedule, & University!

September 2018 writing update university wedding poem

Welcome to my monthly updates post. You might’ve noticed I skipped August. That’s because not much happened in July, and I needed a break to recover from burnout. I shared my experience, and tips to recover, in my last Author Toolbox post.

I knew I wouldn’t be very productive after I applied to university. I never am when I’ve submitted something I worked hard on, and the application process frazzled my brain.Β 

My hard work paid off. I’ve been accepted onto an MA in Creative Writing, and I start in September! It didn’t feel real until I got the details by post:

Uni confirmation letter
I got an unconditional offer! (Yes, that’s Psych season 3 in the background, and the newest Yugioh movie because I’m a geek!)

I’ll share the story I submitted at some point in the future. It’s backstory for my Merlin work in progress, and a redo of a piece I’ve posted here before πŸ™‚

I did a lot of gardening and chores in my break. I also binge watched Jessica Jones season 2, and Iron Fist, and I’m finally out of my TV slump! Never thought I’d say it, but I prefer Marvel TV to DC right now. I couldn’t even finish the latest seasons of Arrow or Flash.

Writing Update:

My July goals were to write 10000 words towards a series for my blog and spend 36 hours restarting myΒ Arthurian legend/Merlin WIP for Camp Nanowrimo.

I struggled to write my WIP and decided to focus solely on my series, The Hidden Village, instead. I wrote 10000 words, and it didn’t turn out too bad considering I had no plan!*

The Hidden Village
*It also motivated me to work on my Dragonspire WIP, because this story series was a mini prequel!

I finished the series in August and spent the rest of the month relaxing before I start my course.

September goals:

Adjust to new blog schedule.
Start MA Creative Writing.
Decide which WIP I’m working on as a Nano Rebel.*

*I’m not doing 50k on a new project this year, I’m continuing an existing one. If I start another WIP I’ll never finish any!

New Blog Schedule:

I’m going to blog once a week (Sunday) from now on, as I won’t have time to post twice a week once I start my course. Every month there’ll be two short stories, one Author Toolbox post, and one updates/writing prompts post. If there are five Sundays in a month I’ll do a random post πŸ™‚

The first lines I wrote:

I’m away this weekend, at a wedding, and I wrote a small poem earlier in the week:


Bells toll.
The end of an era.
The start of something new.
People dance,
Yet I sit.
Head pounding.
Counting minutes,
Dreading my turn.

I’m an introvert. Large gatherings drain me, so I’ll probably find a quiet spot in the corner as the day wears on. I’m not looking forward to getting married myself, if we ever get round to it!

The Sunday Scribbles Prompt this week is ‘Wedding.’ Come join us on Twitter and share lines from your WIP or one off lines about weddings or marriage!

scales divider copyThanks for reading!

Has a TV show or book ever disappointed you? Have you studied creative writing at university? If so, what was it like?


  1. OMG, congratulations!!! I know you were nervous about attending and even applying, but it all worked out. You are going to learn so much for this. Please let me know how you like it and post about any big things you learn from the program πŸ™‚

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