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This Sunday’s prompt is: Disaster
Sunday Scribbles Writing Prompt Disaster 29th JulyIntroduction: Sunday Scribbles Writing Prompts
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Welcome back to my summer series! Part one is here: The Hidden Village. This week, part 5, and a big thanks to everyone who’s been following so far 🙂 This nine part series, related to my Dragonspire WIP, will be updated weekly in line with the Sunday Scribbles prompt.

Last time Flynn saw a dragon in the bushes and tried to follow it to capture it. As he and Calix watched it fly into the distance from the edge of a cliff lined with trees, and planned their next move, they were ambushed by the bandits they escaped from…

Onto the story!


You’re not going anywhere,’ a familiar female voice said. A knife pressed against his throat for the second time in two days and Flynn flinched as he was manoeuvred around. Four bandits clambered up onto the rocks, and the female bandit he thought they’d escaped from gestured to Calix. ‘Resist, and your prince is dead.’

As Calix nodded and sank to his knees, Flynn tilted his head to the side to glare at the woman. His struggles were met with a strong arm around his waist, pinning him in place. The hunters had become the hunted. He was trapped, and he didn’t like it one bit.

Story blog series The Hidden Village Dragonspire Part 5

Flynn flinched as the knife dug into his throat. A droplet of blood seeped out of a fresh cut and trailed down his neck, but it was shallow, for now. ‘How did you find us?’

The woman laughed. ‘It was easy.’ She nodded to a glimmering bracelet around her wrist, its single gemstone alight with magic. ‘Every time he cast a spell, this led us closer to you.’

Calix cursed, eyes fixated on the bracelet. ‘Is that?-‘

‘A seer’s stone, yes,’ the women replied with a smirk. ‘I spent most of our gold on it in the tavern last night, after we lost you at the cliff. Looks like it was worth it.’ She shoved Flynn from behind‘Keep up, pretty boy. Wouldn’t want that throat of yours slit more than it is already.’

Flynn grimaced and fell into step in front of her. Two of the bandits seized Calix and shoved him forward. Calix met his eyes, but he shook his head. Now, with a knife held to his throat, wasn’t the time to make a move. Especially considering he was as valuable dead or alive.

A sudden gust of wind ruffled his hair. It kicked up autumn leaves and particles of dirt from the dusty ground. Flynn coughed, and the knife nicked his throat. ‘Ow,’ he complained, and he tilted his head when the pressure eased up. ‘Taking pity on me? Don’t bother-‘

Her arm tightened around his waist and pulled him to a stop. ‘Shh! You, check those bushes!’

Two of the bandits leapt from the rock and stalked into the undergrowth, swords drawn and wary eyes flicking side to side. Moments later they emerged and shrugged. ‘Nothing there boss. There’s tracks, sure, large and fresh, but no trace of the animal.’

She sighed and shoved Flynn forward. ‘Let’s get going then. I’m sure the king will be eager to have his son back.’

Flynn bit his lip and said nothing as he stepped forward, but a huge gust of wind knocked him and the woman off their feet. The knife clattered over the edge of the cliff, and as he clutched his bleeding throat Calix sprang into action.

Thick vines sprang out of the forest and trapped their assailants, except the woman, who rolled away and shot to her feet at the edge of the cliff. Calix rolled his eyes and sent more vines her way. Flynn staggered to his feet, and he’d just torn a strip of fabric from his shirt to bandage the shallow cuts on his throat when the woman sliced the vines in two and swung her sword at him.

He glared at her and leapt back as a second gust tore across the rocks. Caught mid step, she staggered back and teetered at the edge, flailing, but she lost her balance and toppled over. Flynn winced and dashed to the edge, but there was no sign of her on the ground below.

‘I didn’t kill her, did I?’ an unfamiliar voice asked.

Flynn spun around. A man and a woman clambered onto the rocks, flanked by two large winged beasts. Small rivulets of water cascaded down the back of one dragon, and the other had fluffy ears and long scales which fluttered in the wind.

The woman sighed. ‘Does it matter? Their intentions were bad, weren’t they?’

‘Yeah. Orik overheard some of them talking about capturing our dragons. He’s lucky they were ill prepared. Perhaps now he won’t leave the nest again.’

‘Oh I’m sure he will,’ the woman said with a smile. ‘He’s a troublemaker just like his mother.’ She patted the watery dragon’s side and nodded to the group. ‘What should we do with them?’

One of the bandits gestured between Flynn and Calix. ‘Let us go! We don’t want your dragons, or your village. We was after the prince!’

The man glared at them. ‘Which one of you is the prince?’

Flynn flinched, but before he could react Calix stepped forward. ‘Me.’

The woman shuddered. ‘I don’t like this Steven. There’s a war going on down there, and if this prince is after our dragons-‘

Steven raised a hand. ‘I know. It’d be a disaster if they found the village, but we can’t let them leave now they’ve seen our dragons. We take them to the elder. He can decide their fate.’

The woman nodded and dragged two of the bound bandits onto the water dragon. When she’d taken off, Steven turned to Calix. ‘Are you going to come quietly, or do I need to persuade you?’

Calix sighed and sent Flynn a half-smile. ‘Let him go, and I’ll do whatever you want.’

Steven shook his head. ‘Can’t let you do that. You princes always travel with bodyguards. If I let him go, he’ll be back with an army.’ He took a step forward and curved his hand.

His dragon stalked forward, scales fluttering dangerously. Calix huffed and raised a hand. ‘Then you leave me with no option.’

He conjured a fireball and threw it towards the dragon. The dragon swished its tail and sent the fireball flying over the edge of the cliff.

‘Nice try, but Billow’s been playing with fire dragons since she was a hatchling,’ Steven said with a fond smile towards the dragon. ‘You won’t hit her.’

Calix shuddered and shared a glance with Flynn. He raised his hands and summoned a giant shimmering barrier between them and the dragon. ‘Run!’ Flynn hesitated, and Calix shook his head. ‘You need to get out of here! Do all that we talked about! I’ll hold them off.’

Flynn grit his teeth, and with a sharp nod he fled along the edge of the barrier, down the rocks, and into the trees. He heard Steven curse, a crash, and when he glanced back Calix lay on the floor, blood spilling from a cut on his cheek and eyes closed. Steven leapt onto the dragon’s back, and it grabbed Calix in sharp claws as they took off. Dragon riders. Fascinating.

He’d taken three steps into the forest when the leaves rustled overhead and a loud voice called, ‘Give up whilst you have the chance. I will find you!’

He flinched and ducked behind a tree as the dragon swooped lower. Its wings kicked up a strong gust of wind, which shook the leaves free from the trees and ruined his cover. He had to run, but which way? The desire to leave Calix for dead wasn’t as strong as he’d expected. The mage would still be a useful ally, and he might learn something to help steal a dragon in this village. That settled it. He’d head up the mountain and find the hidden dragon village.

He ran until he reached a river, and as he hopped from one rock to the next to cross the swirling waters he paused and glanced up. The tree cover was good here, and there was no sign of the dragon, but the wind whistled a warning around him, and he shuddered. Couldn’t be too careful. He stepped into the stream and waded against the current. With any luck the dragon would lose his trail, and the river would lead to the village, to Calix, and to a dragon he could call his own.

Thanks for reading! 

Part six will be posted next Sunday! I had fun introducing a couple of dragons and characters from my Dragonspire WIP, and it really made me want to work on that story 🙂

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Sunday Scribbles Writing Prompts August List
5th: Lost,12th: Trap, 19th: Survive, 26th: Sunrise.

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Writing Prompt It was a perfect voyage, untilIt was a perfect voyage, until every barrel of supplies fell overboard. From that moment it was a disaster of epic proportions. 

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