1st Line Thursday July: Writing Goals, Updates and Useful Articles.

Welcome to the first Thursday post of July, where I share writing updates, goal progress, lines from my works in progress, interesting articles, and pictures of the sea.

July writing update goals and useful articles

I set my goals too high last month. Tidying up my writing sample for my university application, writing a personal statement, and worrying about references took longer than I expected.

Writing Update:

My goals were 10000 words on my work in progress, write July’s blog posts, write July’s short stories and apply to a masters degree.

I wrote next to nothing on my work in progress, partly because I prioritised my university application and partly because I need to change the plot. I’m a week ahead of blog posts and short stories though, so I think it was a successful month.

My goals for July will be less intense. I’ve joining Camp Nanowrimo, but because my fiancee’s birthday is in July and I don’t focus well after I’ve applied for anything, I’m taking it easy.

July writing goals:

Stay one week ahead on blog posts.

Plan new blog schedule for September.

Continue writing Sunday Scribbles serial. (Part one here).

Spend time at the beach in the lovely weather we’ve been having:

July beach seaside

Restart* Second Chance at Destiny. (Goal: 36 hours/10000 words).

*After a lot of stopping and starting I decided I need to start over with a better plot, because the first draft isn’t working.

What I’ve been reading:

Carry On, by Rainbow Rowell, but I’m not sure what to make of it. The world is very similar to Harry Potter, with similar characters. It feels like it should be the last book in a series, not the first, because the backstory seems crammed in. I’m also impatient: The main character’s mentioned another character, Baz, since the beginning, but I’m up to chapter 15 and Baz still hasn’t appeared! Part of me loves it because of all the nods to Harry Potter, part of me is struggling for the same reason! I’ll carry on (chuckles) and see how I feel by the end!

The first lines I wrote:

I’m working on a series for my blog this month, writing, editing, and posting it as part of Sunday Scribbles in July and August. The first lines I wrote this month are from the second part of that series, where last time Flynn and Calix were taken hostage by bandits.

Flynn had no idea where they were, or how long they’d been travelling, but at least the bandits hadn’t stopped to make camp yet and scuppered his chance at escape. His stomach growled and reminded him it’d been far too long since he last ate. If Calix were awake (alive?) the loudmouth would’ve complained hours ago. Time to take a leaf out of his book.

The Hidden Village

‘Hey, I’m hungry in here!’ Flynn yelled. His voice was lost to the clatter of hooves, and he scowled. Even if the bandits heard him they probably wouldn’t waste their food on him. As high a price dead or alive, she’d said. Perhaps he should’ve kept his mouth shut, and give her no reason to consider the latter.

Part one of the serial can be found here: The Hidden Village.

My favourite blog posts:

The posts I found most useful last month were related to editing. Charity Rau wrote a post with tips on editing for the Author Toolbox Blog Hop, and Elizabeth posted about using commas, just in time for me to go over my university sample before I submitted it!

What I’ve been watching:

I started watching The Gilmore Girls last month, and whilst I love how well written Lorelai and Rory’s interactions are, some of the male characters shocked me. Rory’s first boyfriend, Dean, is described as the perfect boyfriend, but all I see is a young man with anger management issues and an old fashioned attitude to women. Luckily the girls make it worth watching!

I also watched the How to Train Your Dragon 3 trailer (a lot) and wrote a post about it!

Favourite Image:

A laser pen in the fog:

Laser pen in the fog

We get a lot of fog here on the coast. When you shine a laser pen in foggy weather you can see the beam really clearly for quite a distance. Pretty cool, right?

Favourite writing prompt:

I loved the prompt I made for Sunday Scribbles last week, and I plan to use it in a future project. Not sure which, I was hoping I could fit it into Merlin or Dragonspire, but we’ll see:

Writing Prompt It was a grand journey
It was a grand journey, and, like so many adventures, it began with a single step out of line.

scales divider copy

Thanks for reading!

Have you ever abandoned a draft halfway through to start over? Are you participating in Camp Nanowrimo? Let me know in the comments!

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