1st Line Thursday: Writing Goals, Updates and Helpful Articles.

Welcome to the first Thursday post of June.

May was a busy month. I took the last two weeks off Thursday blogging to celebrate birthdays and catch up on writing. My exercise and diet goals went out the window and I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to. I have the most persistent cold ever, and I’ve spent more time watching Netflix than anything else!

View from Restaurant, Mum Birthday
View from the restaurant we went to for mum’s birthday.

Writing Update:

My goals last month included 7500 words on my work in progress, draft my blog posts for June, (including a few short stories), and catch up on emails and reading.

I spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong with ‘Second Chance at Destiny.’ Turns out I’d lost the plot. I’ve changed it three or four times now but something still wasn’t right. I was bored just thinking about writing the next scenes. Anyway, after changing it again I was able to meet my writing goals. Am I the only one who has issues with plot in the first draft?

As for my blog posts? I started drafting them but I’m not as ahead as I’d hoped. I aim to write two short stories this week to catch up, but I’m still behind on reading. I also completed the three word writing challenge, and my contribution was featured at Bonnywood Manor (I got the title right this time ^^”). I love writing challenges and am on the lookout for more!

June writing goals:

Write July’s blog posts.

Write July’s Sunday Scribbles posts.

Write 10000 words towards Second Chance at Destiny.

Apply to MA Creative Writing.

Interesting historical article:

The most interesting article I read this month was titled: ‘Why hasn’t an earthquake knocked over the leaning tower of Pisa?’ I had to read it the moment I saw it in the medieval newsletter I subscribe to.

Italy Leaning Tower of Pisa

I’ve been to Pisa. I’ve taken the snapshot where you pretend to hold up the tower. It’s amazing it still stands, so I was interested in why even an earthquake hasn’t toppled it. It turns out the softness of the soil, which made the tower lean in the first place, protects it from earthquakes!

The first lines I wrote:

My first lines are from a short story I posted on Sunday based on a character in my work in progress, Lizzie. She’s not that developed yet, because she’s part of a new addition to the plot, and this story was a way of getting inside her head:

Runs in the Family Sunday Scribbles Short story

‘Hey can we talk, if you have a minute?’

Lizzie took a deep breath and shuffled over to her father. She twiddled her toes in relief as his shadow shielded her sandals from the shimmering waves of midday. ‘Of course you do.’ A sheepish smile. ‘Sorry.’

My favourite blog post:

A teenager’s view on social media.

Written by a teenager, the post details which social media sites young people are, and aren’t, using. Much to my delight, it isn’t just me who doesn’t use Facebook much anymore. As a YA writer who hates Facebook I’m glad to hear setting up a page won’t help much! What will help is a good Instagram and Snapchat presence, but I think Tumblr has potential too.

I’m completely unfamiliar with Snapchat so I’ve been doing some research. I’ve found a beginners guide for anyone who’s interested.

Writing at the beach:

Writing at the beach

I did a little writing at the beach, although mostly I made notes on the first couple of chapters. There are so many changes I need to make already. Draft two is going to be overwhelming!

The most useful writing article:

The best blog post I read this month was on the Turtle Writers blog about dealing with trolls. Trolls are everywhere, lurking under bridges and hurling insults at unsuspecting writers. The Turtle Writers are doing a fabulous job supporting other writers and raising awareness.

My best advice?

When someone tells you you’re no good, to give up, be like Mulan. When Li Shang told her to go home she grit her teeth and carried on to prove him wrong by saving her country!

scales divider copy

Thanks for reading!

Are you on Snapchat? How many changes did you make to your plot in the first draft? Where’s the most interesting place you’ve written? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Man I could have used that intro to Snapchat guide a few months ago. I still constantly swipe the wing way and close the app. I feel like it’s super unintuitive, but it’s much more likely I’m just too old 😂

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