Runs in the Family. Sunday Scribbles 2018, Week 22 (Talk) #flashfiction #sunscribbles

Welcome to Sunday Scribbles!

This Sunday’s prompt is: Talksunday scribbles writing prompt 3rd june talkIntroduction: Sunday Scribbles Writing Prompts
Stories: Sunday Scribbles Short Stories

Just a short one this week, flash fiction length. A girl struggling with magic talks to her father.

Onto the story!

Runs in the Family Sunday Scribbles Short story

‘Hey can we talk, if you have a minute?’

Lizzie took a deep breath and shuffled over to her father. She twiddled her toes in relief as his shadow shielded her sandals from the shimmering waves of midday. ‘Of course you do.’ A sheepish smile. ‘Sorry.’

She sighed when he didn’t reply, but carried on regardless.

‘You always were the grave, silent type.’ Her broken laugh echoed around her, and her magic crawled beneath her skin. She scratched her arm to quell the desperate itch as flames reflected in her eyes. ‘I blame you, you know. I wish you’d talked to me back then.’

He had no words for her, but a familiar crackle of energy sparkled to life before her, and his whispered incantation from years ago echoed around her. Back when she was a child, staring at the charred remains of her toys, he’d fixed everything with that magical ball of energy. Now he tried to mend her shattered soul with it. But his magic wouldn’t work. Not this time.

She swallowed around the lump in her throat and kicked at the overgrown dirt track where she’d sought him out. ‘What, no witty comeback?’ Behind him the sun sparkled off the sea, as bright as the flames had been that day, but her father remained unmoved. ‘That’s okay. I think this time I just need you to listen.’

The long grass tickled her feet as she stepped forward and summoned a fireball in one hand.

‘It’s getting stronger every day. Mother hates it, even though she’ll never say it.’ She sighed and watched the flames dance across her palm. ‘Some days I do too. This gift… It isolates me from everyone, and I’m just so damned lonely.’ She extinguished the fireball and wiped at her eyes. ‘You understand that more than anyone, don’t you?’

Her father remained as silent as the earth, but his ball of energy crackled before her. She reached out and let her fingers play within its mini lightning storms. ‘Perhaps if I weren’t so wrapped up in myself I’d have realised sooner. You could’ve taught me, instead of leaving us.’

The stormy ball of energy was as warm as the sun’s rays and sparkled with as much life as the sea, but her father retained his stony silence. Lizzie sucked in a breath and wished her next words would garner some reaction.

‘Anyway, I wanted to tell you I’ll be leaving soon. There’s this man, a wizard. If I don’t stop him I’ll never rest.’ Lizzie shuddered as images from her nightmares assaulted her mind, visions of pasts and futures if the seer were to be believed. She was never wrong.

A chill wind kicked up the leaves and scattered them amongst the stones. She tugged her coat around her and stuffed her hands into her pockets. ‘I wish you could help me, dad.’

She withdrew one hand and placed it on the tall stone in front of her. The ball of energy disappeared with a pop, but the grey stone set into the grassy hill had no reply for her. She didn’t expect it to. Her father was gone, and he wasn’t coming back.

Thanks for reading!

Looking back at my stories it’s great to see how far I’ve come. They’re a chronicle of my development as a writer, but there are still areas I can improve on, like description. I’ve tried to focus on that in this short piece.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it. Lizzie features in my work in progress, but I haven’t written her much yet so she’s a work in progress too. This piece helped me develop her story further!

Why not write a short story or poem based on a prompt?

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Oh now you want to talk writing prompt‘Oh now you want to talk? Go on then, I’m listening. It’s not as if I’ve anything better to do…’

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See you next week!



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