I Dance Alone. Sunday Scribbles 2018, Week 18 (Dance) #flashfiction #sunscribbles

Welcome to Sunday Scribbles!

This Sunday’s prompt is: Dance

sunday scribbles writing prompt 6th may dance

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I went to Pixabay for inspiration this week. When I’m stuck for ideas looking at pictures is always a great help. When I searched ‘dance’ I came across the image below, and I thought she’d make a fitting main character for this story:

I Dance Alone Featured Image Short Story
Left picture: Street dancer that inspired the story.

At the end of the post I’ve tried to write a 50 word version of the story too!

Onto the story!

Ever since she was little, a young fairy who couldn’t wait to get her wings, the sting of loneliness followed her. Every party left her with the same echoing empty feeling, be it the magical academy parties, where she sat on the outskirts as others her age danced to the latest natural music, or her graduation party where she finally got her wings. Now was no different. She glanced at the clock projected overhead. Only a couple more hours and she could go home.

‘Hey, Jo!’ one of her colleagues called, ‘Come and dance with us.’

Jo shook her head and turned away from the crimson fairy she knew only by her bright red lipstick. The Bureau of Magic party, which all employees were obliged to attend, was a mix of bright colours and soft music, and she wanted no part of it. She sipped her drink, watching the hypnotic swing of their hips but not really seeing them. Instead she saw herself. Younger, and dancing to a different beat, the music her mind created. It was the only time she felt free.

Lipstick wasn’t giving up that easily. She shoved past swaying workers with empty glasses and flopped into one of the many free seats beside Jo. ‘Come on!’

‘I’m good,’ Jo replied. She placed her empty glass on the sticky table and pulled out her wand, an oak branch with green vines curled around it.

Out of the corner of her eye, as she flicked her wand to refill her drink, she caught lipstick girl’s frown and scoffed. She could frown all she liked. She didn’t know what it was like to be different. Her mind conjured up memories of loud whispers and hard stares. It was always the same, whenever she danced, so she only danced alone. No exceptions.

Painted crimson fingers clasped her arm. ‘No. I won’t have it. You do this every party, Jo. For once in your life, let loose.’

Jo tugged her arm away and crossed it over her chest. She hooked her feet around the chair legs and glared at her colleague. ‘Not all of us like this, you know.’

‘Nonsense,’ Lipstick replied. She raised her wand, and Jo felt a frisson of heat travel through her as her skin began to glow red. In the next instant, she tumbled to the floor in a heap in the middle of the dance floor. Lipstick smirked. ‘Weren’t expecting that, were you?’

Jo dusted off her dark jeans and emerald-green top as she got to her feet. The magical pull of the music was too much, and she began to sway her hips in time to the soft fairy music.

‘See! It’s not so bad!’ Lipstick said, as she joined Jo and began to sway beside her.

Jo sighed and closed her eyes as they danced to the beat, a perfect symphony, but a tune crept into her mind and drowned out the music of the party. Something dark and dangerous, with a hint of fire behind the strong beats. Nothing like the graceful tones her brethren loved. She broke ranks, and her wings twitched as she twirled in the opposite direction to her colleagues.

Whispers crept to her ears, magnified by the swirling emerald wisps of her magic around her, but Jo ignored them and freed her hair from its bun as she threw her arms behind her. She was dancing alone now. She twirled and leapt, and her magic swarmed in wild waves around her.

The beats reached a crescendo and she jumped one final time, cutting through the air and landing on her knees. She blinked and glanced around her, breathless and bright-eyed. Her colleagues circled her. Their stares screamed outcast, their thin lips, distaste. Not again.

Jo turned to lipstick fairy, crestfallen, and her magic faded. ‘This is why I dance alone.’

Lipstick narrowed her eyes. ‘You could keep time, like the rest of us. You did for a while there. Why’d you have to go all… rage and hellfire on us?’

Jo splayed her fingers on the ground and pushed herself to her feet. Her magic crackled and swirled around her, but it was a shadow of what it’d been during her dance. She frowned and continued. ‘Don’t you ever get tired of dancing to the same old tunes?’

A couple of younger fairies shifted and looked away, their aura fading with their discomfort. Jo grit her teeth and stared down Lipstick and her friends. Was their magical strength linked to their confidence? Were they stronger if they stopped denying who they were? She had to test it.

‘I’m tired of this,’ Jo said with an elaborate bow. ‘I quit.’

The hue of her magic grew darker, stronger, and she felt a frisson of power shoot up her spine. She was right. She was more powerful when she was true to herself. ‘If anyone wants to come with me, I promise you’ll have a place where you can express yourself.’

The assembled faces were a picture of horror and disgust. A few fairies shuffled their feet, but no one met her eyes. Jo tried to turn away, but they had her surrounded. She closed her eyes, sucked in a deep breath, and pulled her magic around her. Wand clutched tight, she shimmered and disappeared in a cloud of green smoke. She’d find a new place to dance, alone, and maybe someday others would have the courage to join her.

In 50 words:

I Dance Alone 50 word story sunday scribbles.jpg

They danced to the beat, a perfect symphony, but she couldn’t help the twitch of her wings, the toss of her loose dark hair, her wild twirls. Their glances screamed outcast, their thin lips, distaste, but she wasn’t them. She danced alone, to her own rhythm, and it was glorious.

Thanks for reading!

The message of this story? It’s okay to be different. Be yourself, don’t follow the crowd!

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‘The dance we performed was practised, rehearsed, but we couldn’t plan for this…’

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