1st Line Thurs: First lines written, Camp Nanowrimo, and Writing updates.

Welcome to the first Thursday post of May! How is everyone? I’m recovering from a nasty cold so I’ll keep it short this week!

Every first Thursday of the month is dedicated to firsts. The first lines I wrote, picture I took, blog article I read, short story I wrote last month and so on! But first?

A Writing Update

My writing goal last month was to write 25000 words for Camp Nanowrimo. I didn’t meet it. We had a mini heatwave and I wanted to enjoy the sunshine. I love living near the beach when it’s warm, and I got some great photos.


I’m happy with my progress though. I wrote 20740 words and added two great new plot twists, even though I deviated from my plan.

Anyway, here’s some fun firsts!

The first show I watched in May:

Once Upon a Time.

I started season 5 yesterday. I’d been looking forward to it because it has Merlin and Arthur in it, and it’s nice to see a completely different take. (Although every other Arthur I’ve seen is blonde, so seeing the OUAT version rocking dark hair and a moustache messed with my head a little!)

I’m enjoying it so far. I prefer the Enchanted Forest scenes, because I love seeing medieval kingdoms and the past more than the modern world, but Hook and Regina make watching enjoyable no matter where they are. I imagine I’ll finish the season today, because this cold has frazzled my brain and is making doing anything other than watching Netflix difficult!

The first lines I wrote were:

Arthur leaned against the lone tree and glanced over the rolling fields. ‘I’ve missed this.’

The wind ruffled Merlin’s hair, and his eyes slipped shut as his body sagged to the ground by the tree. ‘Me too,’ he whispered, and it was nearly lost to the wind. His shoulders shuddered as he took a laboured breath.

‘You all right?’

‘No. There’s something I need to tell you…’*

*I’m aware this sounds like an excerpt from a ‘magic revealed,’ fanfiction based on the BBC show. It’s not: Merlin’s not going to say ‘I have magic,’ next. Promise. (Although maybe I should write that fanfic!)

I’ve been working on my Arthurian Legend story again, but I hit a part in the narrative I’m struggling to write past so I jumped ahead to mess around with a few scenes. I’m not sure if the above excerpt will stay yet, because it wasn’t part of the plan, but we’ll see.

The first picture I took was:

This one of my new office layout:

new office layout.jpg

The writing desk in the middle was downstairs. I decided it’d be a good idea to move it upstairs. By myself. It took a while, and a lot of shoving, but I managed and I felt accomplished.

I’ve got a really good office space now. I still need to hang the whiteboard, which is currently covered in post it notes from when I tried to plan my Merlin story, but I can sit at my desk on my laptop and swivel round to write at my writing desk. The desk was my granddads, custom made, and it has lots of cool little storage places!

The first blog article I read was:

An article on the Turtle Writer’s blog about how to spot publishing scams. It’s useful information for anyone looking to be published traditionally, and points out a lot of red flags and warning signs associated with some companies who will try to rip you off.

My number one goals this month:

Write 20000 words towards my work in progress and research writing competitions.

Last month I tried writing every day. I discovered it didn’t help me, in fact it made me feel worn out and fed up with my project. I’m going back to writing larger amounts on the days I do write instead. I should reach 20000 words in no time, but I’m concerned with how long this project is getting. I’ve not reached the midway point and I already have 70000 words!

The first short story I wrote last month:

My first Sunday Scribbles story of April was about choices. I named the characters after Gavin and Michael from Achievement Hunter, although they’re nothing like my characters. I’d been watching a lot of gaming videos in the week I wrote the story, so the names just fell into place!

ss door choices 3 doors

The story is set in a world where, at the age of 16, each young person has to choose from one of three doors. Read it here: What’s Behind Door Number 3.


‘This is impossible!’ Gavin yelled out the open window. In the distance the usual white light around the three doors flickered and glowed an eerie purple. ‘Huh?’

‘I can show you what’s behind the doors if you’d like.’

‘What? Who’s there?’ Gavin spun around, and a figure materialised from the darkest corner of his bedroom.

I wrote this story because choices can be frustrating and confusing, but I wanted to show there’s no easy way to know the outcome of our choices, even with magic!

scales divider copy

Thanks for reading!

What are your goals this month? Did you make good progress on your writing goals last month? What’s the first line you wrote, article you read, or picture you took? Let me know in the comments!

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