How to Lose a Dragon. Sunday Scribbles 2018, Week 15 (Luck) #flashfiction #sunscribbles

Welcome to Sunday Scribbles!

This Sunday’s prompt is: Luck

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I came up with this story via @FlashFicHive. The challenge was to choose 3 emoji and write a story about them. My most commonly used emoji’s on Twitter at the time were a dragon, a turtle, and a party popper, so my story premise was:

fffh ss luck tweet.png

A dragon called Lucky and a turtle called Speedy make their way to the party of the century, but it’s not all it seems…

This week’s top tip is:

Twitter hashtag games are a great place to find inspiration.

twitter hashtag game inspiration.jpg

If I’m stuck on my work in progress I’ll check out the prompts for daily hashtag games. Sometimes I’ll think of a line and it’ll prompt a new scene. I really love writing prompts for this!

Onto the story!

‘Lucky. She couldn’t have given me a worse name,’ the giant dragon said with a yawn as the large wooden doors of the hatch in the ceiling slammed closed behind her.

‘I’m a turtle called Speedy,’ a voice piped up from a small shallow tray of water. ‘But I can’t go anywhere fast in here.’

Lucky flopped down next to him. ‘Point taken. Still, I’m the most unlucky dragon I know.’

‘At least you get to go outside,’ Speedy replied. ‘I’d do anything to feel the ocean breeze again.’ His shell rose and fell in an imitation of a human shrug. ‘I guess it could be worse.’

Lucky raised an eyebrow. ‘For you, maybe. I’m a dragon. I should be free, not chained to her every whim and ferrying her back and forth to her monthly parties.’

She swung her tail around and curled up in front of the fire, baring long fangs as she yawned.

‘Party of the century,’ Speedy said with a little frown. He crawled over the edge of his tray and shuffled along the floor towards Lucky. ‘Why’d they call it that when it happens once a month?’

‘Don’t know, don’t care,’ Lucky replied. She stretched and dragged her claws along the carpet. ‘So long as it gets her out the house for a bit.’

Speedy sprawled out beside her. ‘But why does she take that giant bag? I swore I saw a pink scarf in there. Pink. Aren’t witches supposed to like dark colours?’

Lucky raised the scaly skin above her eye. ‘Curious. Perhaps I’m interested after all.’ She stretched her wings and knocked over a bubbling cauldron. ‘Rats.’

Speedy backed away, but the liquid cascading across the floor was faster. As it burned a hole in the carpet in front of him, Lucky scooped him up and plopped him on her head. Speedy whimpered. ‘Thanks. If I were in water, I’d move much faster. Being on land sucks.’

Lucky laughed and took off towards the hatch. ‘Come on. Let’s see what she’s hiding.’

As they sped through the starry night sky above the witch’s tower, Speedy’s eyes swivelled around. ‘It’s beautiful up here.’

Lucky nodded. ‘I wish I got to see it more often, but taking her to these parties is the only chance I get.’

Speedy frowned. ‘You’re a dragon. Can’t you escape?’

‘Oh little turtle,’ Lucky replied with a longing glance at the moon, ‘If only it were that easy. You’re new here, so I’ll fill you in. That bracelet she attached to you? It’s magic. We’re bound to her.’

‘Oh.’ Speedy glanced down at the fast moving ground below them. ‘Bad luck mate.’

Lucky glared at him. Speedy spotted the smoke coming from her nose and withdrew into his shell. They flew on in silence.

In no time at all Lucky coasted to a stop. ‘Yo, scardy cat, you’re gonna wanna see this.’

‘I’m a turtle,’ Speedy said with a huff as he popped his head out from his shell and peered down through the cloud cover. ‘Oh my. What is that giant pink monstrosity?’

‘I don’t know.’ Lucky tilted her head as she considered the brightly coloured objects below them. On one, humans bounced up and down. Another they hit with sticks, and when it burst open they scooped up the colourful objects which fell and stuffed them into their mouths. This couldn’t be the witches party. They must be planning to ruin it. ‘Let’s take a closer look.’

Speedy dug his flippers into her scales as he began to slide to the left. ‘All right, but do it fast, I’m gonna-‘

His yell was lost to the clouds as he fell from Lucky’s head. Lucky blinked as he plummeted towards some brightly coloured tubing. She shot after him, but pulled up just shy of being visible when she glimpsed a familiar witch laughing with a group of well-known villains by a deep pool of water. They weren’t crashing this party. It was their party…

‘Well that’s interesting,’ Lucky said to herself, then blinked. ‘Where’d Speedy get to?’

She hovered as close to the tubing as she dared, but he was nowhere in sight. At the top, where he would have landed, was a cascade of water. From inside the tube came a whoop of excitement, and Lucky sped down the outside just as Speedy emerged into the pool of water.

He spotted Lucky, little eyes wide in excitement and flipper waving in the air, and rushed, ‘Did you see me? I was so fast!’

Lucky shook her head and smiled. She swooped down to scoop him up, then glanced at the crowd of angry villains who surrounded her.

One of them stepped forward and glared into the assembled crowd, although her pink bikini and the candy staining her mouth rather ruined the effect. ‘Witch? Why’s your dragon here so early?’

Lucky stifled a laugh as their witch stepped forward, clad in pink frilly scarf and eating a purple cloud of cotton candy. ‘I don’t know. Why are you here so early, Lucky?’

Lucky lost control of herself and snorted. A small stream of fire vaporised the witch’s treat. ‘Do you think it matters? Unless you want your heroes to find out about these parties, you’ll let us go free.’ She held out a clawed wrist and eyed the witch expectantly.

‘Us?’ Speedy’s eyes were wide as the witch hurried forward and snapped their bracelets in half. ‘I don’t think I’ll survive out there alone.’

‘Don’t worry,’ Lucky said, with a grin that bared her teeth. ‘You’re my good luck charm. I’m not letting you out of my sight.’

She took off, and the blast of air from her wings knocked the witches over into the pool as she sped away. Maybe now, with her good luck charm, she’d finally live up to her name. 

Thanks for reading!

This was really fun to write, and I love my little turtle and dragon. I even managed to keep a story flash fiction length for once!

Why not write a short story or poem based on a prompt yourself?

The prompts for April are:

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22nd: Reflection. 29th: Freedom

One word not enough? I post expanded prompts weekly on Pinterest:

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‘Cursed with terrible luck, you never expected your lucky charm to be your worst enemy.’

If you use one of the prompts, feel free to share your story links below.

Feeling creative? I also run a weekly hashtag game on Twitter, #sunscribbles, where you can share one-off lines or quotes from a #WIP around the weekly prompt!

See you next week!

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