1st Line Thursday: First lines written, an awesome boat, and the Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action film.

Welcome to the first Thursday post of April! How is everyone? Have you had any sunshine yet this spring? I’m tired of all the rain we’ve been having!

The first Thursday post of each month is about firsts. The first book I picked up, the first picture I took, the first blog article I read, the first short story I wrote last month and so on!

Writing Update

My writing goal last month was to finish my Masters application. I didn’t do it. I sat and stared at it. I stared some more. I made some half hearted notes. I procrastinated like crazy. I’m still procrastinating. I saw the course and got wrapped up in excitement. Now it’s faded I can’t decide whether or not it’s for me.

Don’t ever ask me to make a decision. I’m not good at it!

At the end of March I planned for Camp Nanowrimo. One of my villains bothers me, but at least I know what I’m writing: I’ve planned all my scenes, and my target for April is 25000 words.

I’ve already changed my plan a bit!

I’m already steaming along: My word count so far is 6817. I should be at 5750.

Anyway, here’s a few firsts!

The first film I watched:

Fullmetal Alchemist, the live action movie. (Spoilers ahead!)

I was really excited for this film. I’m a huge Fullmetal Alchemist fangirl. I loved both anime series. I have all the manga, and the novels based on the series. I even sketched characters:

ed elric sketch
I found all my old sketches. I really want to get back into it and finish this one!

I’ve been meaning to watch this film since it came out, but after how terrible the Death Note live action film was, I became nervous. I was right to be. I found the film a massive disappointment.

My favourite character, Roy Mustang, was ruined. In the anime Roy suggested Ed chase the Philosophers stone, helped him, and gave him clues. Film Roy tells Ed to stop chasing it because it doesn’t exist. He’s also way too serious. Roy isn’t only clever and calculating. He’s playful and determined. In the film his character felt hollow.

The story was torn to bits. Fullmetal Alchemist is supposed to be about Ed and Al’s quest to right their wrongs, but the film failed to capture the closeness of the brothers. Ed’s character was weak, a major character who didn’t die in the anime was killed off, plot points were changed or ignored, scenes were disjointed or didn’t make sense and entire characters were excluded.

The live action effects weren’t bad, but the film felt like a bad fanfiction where everyone was out of character and the writer didn’t read the source material. I turned off halfway through and continued my binge of the anime instead. My advice? Forget about the live action film and watch either anime instead!

The first book I picked up was:

a gentlemans guide current read
I need a kindle. My tablet has such a poor screen!

The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, based on Melanie’s post about it. I’ve heard a lot about this book and I wasn’t disappointed. I was hooked by the first paragraph, and I’m up to chapter 17 already. For a slow reader like me that’s pretty amazing!

The first lines I wrote were:

Merlin stuffed his papers in his bag and looked up. ‘About time.’

A tall middle aged man with jet black hair and a neatly trimmed moustache stepped forward with a frown. ‘I’ll thank you not to be impertinent, young man. We’re running a business here. You’re lucky he’s agreed to see you today.’

‘You’re not Uther?’ Merlin asked, but he knew he wasn’t. His eyes roamed over familiar features and he shuddered. This was someone far worse than Arthur’s father.

I’m working on my Arthurian Legend based story this month as part of Camp Nanowrimo. Merlin’s supposed to be meeting Arthur’s dad, but he’s been kept waiting!

The first picture I took was:

cool boat lowestoft harbour helipad

This ship. It’s sat in our harbour at the moment, and is going to be fitted with state of the art robotic underwater technologyIt has a heli-pad too, which I thought was pretty awesome. I love boats, almost as much as I love trains, and I like taking pictures of the interesting ones!

The first blog post I read was:

This post about creating catchy novel titles by Lorraine Ambers.

I always struggle to name anything, let alone title my stories. It took me ages to name my blog ‘Dragonspire.’ There are some great tips in the post on how to title your story, and it’s worth a read if you’re stuck for ideas or unsure about a title you’ve chosen 🙂

My number one goal this month:

Write 25000 words towards my work in progress.

This will, in theory, cover Act 3 (I’ve structured my story in 4 acts), but I’ll see how it goes! I couldn’t wait to get back to this story, as it’s been far too long.

Hashtag game spotlight: #SunScribbles

Due to an extended break from everything except my blog and my hashtag game, #sunscribbles, I didn’t participate much in other hashtag games in March. I’ve decided to share some of my favourite lines from the hashtag game I run on a Sunday instead.

The prompt for April 1st was ‘Door.’

lillian blaire sunscribbblesmatt doyle sunscribblesM Dalto sunscribblesMadd fictional sunscribbles

There were so many awesome lines it was hard to choose a few to feature. If you’re interested in seeing more, check out #sunscribbles or my Twitter page: I retweeted loads last Sunday!

I share a new writing prompt every week. Lines can be shared on Twitter under #sunscribbles on Sundays. You’re also welcome to share short story links to the hashtag, so long as they’re not buy links. I’ll feature my favourite lines on my blog at the end of every month in future 🙂

The first short story I wrote last month:

My first Sunday Scribbles story of March combined history, Merlin, and magic. It’s based on my work in progress, Second Chance at Destiny, where after Arthur’s death Merlin lives on.

Sunday Scribbles Short Story Merlin Stone Henge

The story is set during the time of the witch hunts, where Merlin, in disguise as Myrddin, tells the story of how he built Stone Henge. Read it here: The Giant’s Dance.


Myrddin ran a hand through his hair. ‘Fine. Should I tell you about the round table? The Holy Grail?’

Everyone’s heard those ones! Tell us something new!’ Percy said. He lowered his voice to a whisper. ‘Something with magic.’

Myrddin flinched and looked around. When he realised no one was in earshot his gaze settled on the fire. ‘Magic is not something I can speak of freely. People have burned for less.’

Take us somewhere you can?’ the blonde girl asked with an unnatural gleam in her eyes.

Myrddin sighed. ‘All right, Lizzie. Meet me at the edge of the village after dinner.’

I studied the witch hunts at university. It was pretty interesting, and it took very little evidence for those accused of magic to be sentenced to death!

scales divider copy

Thanks for reading!

What are your goals this month? Are you participating in Camp Nanowrimo? What’s the first line you wrote, first article you read, or first picture you took? Let me know in the comments!


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