Where Dreams go to Die. Sunday Scribbles 2018, Week 12 (Spring) (#poem #sunscribbles)

Welcome to Sunday Scribbles!

This Sunday’s prompt is: Spring

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I’m still waiting for the sun to shine, despite it nearly being April and the clocks going forward this morning! I hate dull winter days, so I wrote a poem about war and spring.

This week’s top tip is:

advice write on paper to avoid distractions internet.jpg
If the internet is too distracting, write on paper. It does wonders for concentration!

Where Dreams go to Die:

Daffodils bloomed,

In the field where we met.

At the border,

Between two kingdoms.

Love at first sight,

He tangled our fingers.

Never let go,

As mother lay dying.

Summer arrived,

Ice cream on the beach.

Shrieks of laughter,

We played in calm seas.

Shared kisses,

Laughter and all firsts.

Stolen moments,

Under cover of darkness.

Chill winds blew,

Leaves turned red, brown, gold.

Torn from trees,

As change rips the land.

Conscripted both,

Sixteen but old enough.

Tell my family,

I’ll be fine out there.

Brutal training,

We curl up together.

Arms a shield,

From a world of pain.

Far too soon,

We’re deep in bloody mud.


Where dreams go to die.

Father’s voice,

An echo, move forward, survive.

But every day,

New scars tear my skin.

My birthday,

No chocolate treats, but news.

Father’s dead,

My sister lost and alone.

Pain claws me,

But he holds me together.

Whispers love,

And dreams of our future.

Another battle,

Orders: Let none survive.

I wretch,

As we skewer innocents.

We save them,

A young family, the enemy.

Can’t resist,

Wide eyes and tears.

I lose him,

As we lead them to safety.

Heart stutters,

When I finally catch up.

Fingers entwine,

But he coughs a red flood.

‘I love you,’

He says, on a broken sob. ‘Go.’

I tear away,

Return, with medic, but too late.

A choked sob,

And my knees hit the ground. 

Buried here,

Where he fell, I salute his grave.

Crushed daffodils,

Surround my broken dreams.

Next spring,

Fresh flowers burst into bloom.

But my heart?

Dead and buried with my only love.

Thanks for reading!

This is the second poem I’ve written for Sunday Scribbles. I enjoy experimenting with poetry. I feel like I can express my emotions through it. (I went to a funeral last Wednesday and it brought up a lot of feelings.)

I have an idea for a larger story based on this, a story of lost love and learning to love again.

Why not write a short story or poem based on a prompt yourself?

The prompts for April are:

ss april prompt list
1st: Door. 8th: Criminal. 15th: Luck. 22nd: Reflection. 29th: Freedom

One word not enough? I post expanded prompts weekly on Pinterest:

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If you use one of the prompts, feel free to share your story links below.

Feeling creative? I also run a weekly hashtag game on Twitter, #sunscribbles, where you can share one off lines or quotes from a #WIP around the weekly prompt!

See you next week!


  1. I recently acquired a new-to-me laptop. I have not set up anything on it other than e-mail and my writing program. No Twitter, Facebook, or even my blog. Nothing but writing, and I have found it to be extremely helpful at getting me to actually write.

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