Writing sprints, Awesome TV, and other inspiration from Dragonspire!

Welcome to my second inspirational Thursday post!

This week fun facts, writing sprints, TV, and a few fun photos.

But first? How did I get on with my goals this month?

Exercise and Eating:

My aim is to cycle three times a week. It’s been really cold so I’ve been jogging in the house and doing step ups instead to meet my goals. When the weather gets better I’ll get back to cycling, but it’s been a tricky month to meet this goal.

Image: Home made dairy free korma. It wasn’t very creamy or tasty!

I also failed my healthy eating goals and suffered stomach cramps because I had a tiny bit of milk. Next month I’ll try dairy free recipes again: My first attempt at curry wasn’t great.

Writing, Reading and Blogging:

This month I’ve written about 7000 words. Better than last month, but I continue to be distracted. Next month I’ll aim for 20K words, including 5000 for my Masters application.

On the reading front I actually finished a book, although the last third was hard going!

I also skipped a blog post last week (Author Toolbox blog Hop). I was so ill I couldn’t focus on anything but Netflix, which wasn’t all bad as I got to binge watch The Punisher!

Instagram & Pinterest:

My aim? Use Pinterest & Instagram twice a week. This month I used Pinterest but not Instagram. I’ve been out less (it’s cold!) and I don’t want to spam people with endless photos of my laptop 😛 I’ll start posting more in March, when we hopefully get some sun!

So that’s my goal updates. Onto the inspiration!

Fun fact of the month:


Flour is highly flammable. I discovered this in my book of the month: Young Sherlock Holmes, Death Cloud. If one grain of flour catches light, it spreads to the rest quickly. Don’t light a match near flour! I think I could write a fun story using this fact.

Inspirational hashtag: #Turtlesprints

My favourite Twitter group, #turtlewriters, started running weekly 30 minute writing sprints. #Turtlesprints happen Sundays at 8pm GMT.

Group writing sprints are great fun. For those unfamiliar with writing sprints, a time limit is set and during that time you write as much as you can. It’s motivating to know others are writing at the same time, and we share our word counts when the time’s up.

Inspirational blog posts:

I love images and often find inspiration in them. Each Tuesday fellow writer Jason H Abbott features an inspiring piece of art on his blog. This weeks is awesome. I love these posts, and I’d recommend them to anyone who finds images inspiring.

Inspiration from TV:

I binge watched series one of The Punisher last week. It’s a little gory, but if you can get past that the character development of Frank Castle is fascinating. I love characters that operate in a grey area, and the writers did a fantastic job making a character who kills people brutally likeable. I’m inspired to try and write characters this interesting myself.

Favourite picture taken:


A Windsock. You don’t see them often and I was fascinated. My fiancee merely smiled in amusement as I babbled excitedly and took a picture. I didn’t share this to Instagram. I’m sure no one else gets as excited as I do about such inane things!

Wind socks are fascinating. They’re used by pilots to estimate wind direction and speed during take off and landing. For more information this video by a pilot sums up how they’re used!

Young Sherlock Holmes, Death Cloud:

This was a fun book. Sherlock is inquisitive, analytical, and mature for his age. The friend Sherlock makes when he’s sent to live in the country over summer, Matty, is interesting too: A parent-less, independent boy trying to survive and avoid the workhouse.

I did encounter a couple of issues. Sherlock’s crush on his tutors daughter felt forced: One of the reasons I like Sherlock Holmes so much is his interest in solving puzzles above all else and lack of interest in romance. The other issue was pacing. There was a massive action scene in the middle of the book, then a lull where not much happened. The story didn’t pick up fast enough after that point, and I had to force myself to finish it.

Finally, the Sunday Scribbles prompts for March are:

ssbanner monthly mar
Prompts: 4th: Story. 11th: Danger. 18th: Origin. 25th: Spring.

Stories (blog links, but not buy links) or lines written using the prompts can be shared under #sunscribbles on Twitter on the dates listed above, or in the comments of my March Sunday Scribbles posts.

Thanks for reading!

Anyone else find some books lose steam after the halfway point? What’s your favourite source of inspiration? Got any articles you’ve found helpful? Share them below!


  1. I hope you feel better soon! My fave alternatives to milk: rice milk for savory; almond milk (sugar free) for sweet, because even the sugar free variety is sweet. I also keep a variety of nuts on hand to make my own cream sauces and switch it up. There’s a great recipe for a creamy sauce that I think I remember off the top of my head: rinse and soak cashews, raw if you can get ’em, but you probably can’t, so blanched will do, then in the food processor they go with a small amount of water (keep adding until you get a cream consistency, cook some minced garlic in a pan, then you’re going to add the cream and cook lightly with salt, pepper and FRESH chopped sage. Before you’re ready to serve, add chopped tomato to cook just a smidge. It’s pretty simple, but it’s so healthy and you can put it on pasta, or as I prefer, on spaghetti squash.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Raimey 🙂 I’m feeling much better!
      The hardest part about avoiding dairy is finding alternatives. There’s so much I can’t eat and I have a tendency to get bored with the same few foods I can have.
      That sounds like a great recipe, thanks so much 🙂 I love anything creamy, so I’ll definitely give it a go!


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