2018 schedule, and a few tips for staying on track!

Welcome to the 2nd Thursday post of 2018! This post will set out what others did at the start of January or earlier: A schedule for my blog. I’ll also share tips for keeping on track towards goals.

I had a relaxing holiday period for the most part, when I forgot about the impending hospital appointment on January 2nd. Thankfully I got the all clear, and after a bit more slacking off I’m finally back to my work in progress!

Instagram photo working on Arthurian legend project dragonspireuk.png
Photo from my Instagram. I love photography and also take pictures of the beach and scenery! If you’re on Instagram let me know your user or find me at: louise.dragonspireuk. I’d love to connect!

I realised I needed to do a bit of planning before I could continue writing my Arthurian Legend work in progress, so I went back to research and doodling on paper!

With the start of a new year I also thought it was time to reformat the features on my blog. This has been a long time coming (since the end of Flash season 3 last May in fact!)

Future posts will be twice a week: Sunday and Thursday.

Sunday: Sunday Scribbles

Sunday blog posts will always be Sunday Scribbles Writing prompts. I’ll share a list of prompts for the month at the end of the previous month. Each week I’ll share a short story or poem around the prompt. If you like any of the prompts, feel free to write a story and share the link in the comments of any of my Sunday Scribbles posts.

I wrote a short story a week last year, and it’s improved my writing no end. I’d recommend it to anyone! I also came up with a ton of plot bunnies, each begging to become a novel length story. I’ll never be short of ideas again.

I also run a hashtag game on Twitter using the same prompts, #sunscribbles, where you can share lines around the weekly prompt. I post the prompts on Saturday afternoons. I’ll also include expanded prompt ideas and tips for short story writing in future Sunday Scribbles blog posts, as well as on Pinterest and Instagram

ssbanner rules copy
Sunday scribbles hashtag game rules. Join me on Twitter for weekly prompts!


Starting in February, Thursday posts will follow a monthly pattern.

Week 1:

1st Line Thursday.

On the first Thursday of the month I’ll share monthly firsts: The first line I read and wrote, the first show I watched, the first photograph I took, and so on. I’ll encourage others to share first experiences of the month too, as well as the things you’re most looking forward to 🙂

I’ll also talk about new and cool hashtag games from Twitter, showcase the book I’m reading this month, and share my monthly goals. My January book is Moroda. I’ve been following author L.L McNeil on Twitter for a while now. Seeing cool quotes shared via hashtag games and interacting with interesting authors is how I choose most of the books I read!

I’m participating in the Goodreads challenge and need 12 books to read this year. I’m avoiding anything popular (I haven’t liked a popular book since Harry Potter) and am looking for fantasy, dragons, awesome characters, and slow build romance. NO love triangles! (Hate those!)

Week 2:

Research post.

The second Thursday of every month will be dedicated to research. I often research things as a writer, but I’ve only posted about it once. These posts will cover all kinds of things I find interesting as a fantasy writer and historian, and things I’ve researched in pursuit of my work in progress or short stories.

Maze: My actual process whenever I set out to research. I get distracted and go on so many other tangents before I’m done!

I love research, and fall down a lot of rabbit holes in the pursuit of writing. I hope my research will be useful or inspirational for your works in progress too!

Week 3:

Author Toolbox Blog Hop.

Last year I joined #AuthorToolboxBlogHop, hosted by Raimey Gallant, where authors share resources and tips for writing. I wrote about what I learned from working in publishing at Penguin books. I’ll continue to participate this year. The hop takes place on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. My posting schedule is below:

AuthorToolboxBlogHop Dragonspire UK Schedule
Most posts will be on Tuesday rather than Thursday. On these weeks, there won’t be a Thursday post too!

My first post will share the results of my NaNoWrimo experiment. I’m normally a pantser, but I planned a story to see if it made writing 50k easier. It was an interesting few months! After that I have a whole new series to announce, full of tips, which I’m super excited about!

Week 4:

Inspirational post.

The fourth Thursday of every month will be everything inspirational. I’ll share photos, interesting facts and nuggets of wisdom, conversations I’ve overheard and fun things I’ve tried. I’ll also reveal what I think of the book I read and share how I got on with my monthly goals.

I’ll announce the Sunday Scribbles writing prompts for the following month, and share a few expanded prompts to inspire. I’ll also share my favourite short stories and flash fiction of the month, best Instagram image, and the most useful article I’ve curated on Pinterest.

ssbanner monthly copy
Sunday Scribbles prompts for the rest of January!

Week 5:

If there is a 5th Thursday in the month, posts will be on life, the universe and everything. I’ll cover health scares, recipes, awards, films and TV, writing observations and crazy holidays!

Tips to stay on track:

I’m keeping a spreadsheet to monitor my monthly goals, as well as my eating, exercise and writing. I’ll list article and prompt ideas, and schedule what I’m going to be working on and when. Spreadsheets are great for keeping track of progress.

I’ll also use Windows sticky notes to list my daily tasks. These are great, as I see them whenever I turn on my computer so it helps keep me on task!

As for my writing? I have a target of 25k words this month. Already I’m behind, as I didn’t realise I had a bit of planning to do before I could continue. Once that’s done I’ll see how many words I need to write a day to meet my target and track my word count in a spreadsheet.

Thanks for reading!

What are your plans for your blog this year? How do you keep track of goals and workload? Are you participating in the Goodreads challenge? Any magical books you’d recommend for a picky reader?


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