Girl from another world. Sunday Scribbles 2018, Week 1. (Journey) #poetry #sunscribbles

Welcome to Sunday Scribbles!

Introductory post: Sunday Scribbles Writing Prompts
Past prompts: Sunday Scribbles Short Stories

This Sunday’s prompt is ‘Journey.’ (Changed from beginning because a lot of other Twitter hashtag games used that prompt this week!)

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I’ve written a poem today, based on my experiences in halls at university. I don’t remember much about the experience itself, but I do remember how I felt. At the time I got really anxious around people, and often felt like I was from another world.

Top tip:

advice wk 1 copy.jpg
When you start a project, don’t worry if the first draft is terrible. You can always fix it later!


Onto the poem:

Results day, smiles.
A bright August day.
Plans were made,
To leave a world behind.

Packed, to leave.
A journey not far.
Hands twist. Arrival
Into a strange new world.

Bright lights fade.
People talk, loud laughter.
Everywhere. Deep breath.
This is my world now.

Friendly people, smiles.
Is it false? Sympathy?
Why like me?
A girl from another world.

Need to belong,
No matter the cost.
Out of place,
Awkward chat, drinks, parties. Help.

Dancing too close,
Breath on my neck.
Eyes wide. Stutter.
Drink to dull my senses.

Back at halls,
Thin walls, can’t breathe.
Couple next door,
Music outside. No sleep tonight.

Tense, on edge.
Days pass, kept awake.
Walls close. Nightmare.
A journey, but not home.

In the kitchen,
They think I’m weird.
I explain, panic.
Got to leave, can’t breathe.

Lost, I run.
Blurred lines, false smiles.
Tears threaten, fall.
It’s cold by the lake.

My chest hurts.
To all these people,
I can’t relate.
Why stay when it hurts?

One way out,
Back down, give in.
Eyes wide, alone,
I broke down, called mum.

Regret, but insist
My journey ends here.
I can’t cope.
I need to come home.

Thanks for reading!

For some people living in university halls is amazing. For me it was a nightmare. I lasted 4 days before I moved back home and decided to commute. Ten years later I still get anxious on occasion, but I’m not ashamed of it. If anyone wants to talk, I’ll always be a friendly ear.

Each week I encourage other writers to write a short story around the weekly prompt. The prompts for the rest of this month are:

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7th: Beginning Journey. 14th: Invisible. 21st: Repair. 28th: Moon

One word not enough? I post expanded prompts weekly on Instagram & Pinterest:

expanded prompt journey beginning
Journey/Beginning expanded prompt: ‘It was the beginning. Or was it the beginning of the end?’

If you use one of the prompts, feel free to share your story links below.

Feeling creative? I also run a weekly hashtag game on Twitter, #sunscribbles, where you can share one off lines or quotes from a #WIP around the weekly prompt!

See you next week!


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