The Road to Adventure: 2018 goals!

Happy New Year everyone!

My first Thursday blog post of 2018 will talk about resolutions. I usually make them and forget about them. or break them quickly. This year I plan to hold myself to them.

In December I took a break from writing. I intended to write blog posts for January, but I got distracted by Netflix, Ark: Survival Evolved, and board games. I found out I’m terrible at Cluedo, and my fiancee, who rarely reads, is surprisingly good at Scrabble! The break was nice, just unproductive! (But it was Christmas, and I haven’t taken a break in forever!)

According to this article on, even in the 1400’s people were making resolutions! If you like medieval history I’d recommend subscribing to their newsletter. You learn wonderful things every Monday. I thought if medieval people made resolutions, I should honour the tradition with some my own!

2018 goals copy
Image: Girl on a road. The start of an adventure! 2018 Goals.


Last September I started cycling three times a week after developing severe heartburn and realising my weight had soared. (Too much writing, not enough moving!) My goal is to continue cycling three times a week, for at least 15 minutes. There’s plenty more to do to achieve a healthy weight for me, so exercise will be a key part of 2018.

Eat healthier:

I used to love chocolate, but then I developed a bad case of lactose intolerance. This resolution should therefore be easy, but temptation is still all around. I ate two chocolates on boxing day, and it took two days to get over the bad reaction I had to them. If anyone has a recipe for dairy free chocolate that would be fantastic! (Although a bit counter productive to my resolution!)

Finish two novel drafts:

This one may be a bit ambitious. I have two incomplete drafts, which I started during NaNoWriMo 2016 and 2017. I’d like to finish both and start editing one. If I achieve this goal I can start another new project in November! Yup, definitely over-stretching myself…

My first goal is 25k words in January on one of these projects.


My goal is to read one indie book a month. Considering I read one book last year, this is a reasonable goal for me. I’m starting with ‘Moroda.’ I’ll need recommendations for the following months, but more on that next week!


I need to save money. If I want something big, I’ll wait a month before buying it. Remember the kindle I promised myself for winning NaNoWriMo? By the end of NaNo I didn’t want it. I found my old tablet works just as well as an e-reader! I’ve also made a rule: If I buy new clothes I have to throw away the equivalent. This is to stop me buying things just because they’re on sale!

Try not to panic so much about my health:

Just over a year and a half ago I discovered I had an arachnoid cyst in my brain. Yeah. Scary. (No, it has nothing to do with spiders, thank god!) I’ve been a mess since I found out, but on Tuesday I got the all clear: It’s not growing. It’s probably harmless and been there since birth. No brain surgery for me. Yay! In future I’ll try not to worry so much over things I can’t control.

Following on from that? Take care of my mental health:

Last year I got so caught up in the rush of everything that I became overwhelmed a few times. I pushed myself too hard and my expectations were too high. This years motto? Relax more, and try to get out of my own head. (I tend to overthink.)

dont think just do copy.jpg
OK, maybe not as fearless as running into a dark scary forest, but I’ll head a little outside my comfort zone!

I’ll do more things without thinking about them. It worked well last year when I did work experience at Penguin books in London. It was a great experience, if a little overwhelming for someone who’d been to the capital once! If I see new opportunities I won’t talk myself out of them, however scary they may be!

Pretty pictures:

I’ve been meaning to develop Instagram and Pinterest for a while. This year, I’m finally doing it. I’ll use Pinterest to curate useful writing articles, fantastic short stories, images related to my work in progress, inspirational images, and expanded versions of my Sunday Scribbles writing prompts. On Instagram, I’ll post the expanded writing prompts, interesting or inspirational scenery, and snapshots from my writers life.

Learn basic self defence:

A woman was attacked in our town a few streets over from where I live, so I want to learn to defend myself. I’ll start with you tube tutorials and practising with my partner.

Continue to practise singing:

I love singing. I’d love to do something with it, so I’ll continue to practise and think about joining a theatre or musical group.

Find a local writers group:

I’ve thought about this before but never committed to it. There’s a new local group starting soon. It’s on a Sunday, so I’d need to get my blog posts finished in time, but I might check it out.


Speaking of writing, I’ve changed the prompt for this weeks #sunscribbles to ‘Journey.’ It was ‘Beginning,’ but pretty much every other hashtag game on Twitter already used that one!

ssbanner 7th jan journey

Next week I’ll talk about my schedule for 2018, and include some tips for staying on track this year. See you then!

Have you made any resolutions? Do you think you’ll keep them? Do you know how to make dairy free chocolate? Let me know in the comments!


  1. i never made dairy free chocolate, but in Brazil the cocoa fruit is actually bitter, dairy free. ever tried cocoa powder? that’s how the fruit tastes.

    and no resolutions for me anymore. i never kept the ones i made back when, and no if i need to do something, i either do it or i don’t. i’m surprised how many people admit to making resolutions they know they won’t keep.
    but hey, i’m one of them!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve made hot chocolate from cocoa powder (although I hate the bitter taste so always add sugar 🙂 ) Thanks for the suggestion. I’m going to try and find a good recipe for chocolate using cocoa powder. I imagine I’ll need to add lots of sugar, unless I can get used to the bitter taste!

      I think my writing resolution will get broken fastest. I always overestimate how much I can get done 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • i did that too and at the end i decided to put off blogging so that i could get the final edits on my book ready. now here i am, on chapter four. i only have fifty more to go!
        but i do have a deadline now as i promised a few reviewers my book by early feb, so if skipping blogging doesn’t work, I’ll skip sleep then i’ll start skipping meals. who knows, i might lose these extra weight i put on when i began writing!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Good luck with editing 🙂 50 chapters is a lot of work to cover in such a short amount of time.
          Try not to push yourself too hard, and don’t be afraid to push the deadline back if necessary. I’m sure everyone will be understanding 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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