Flash Fic Hive Week 2, Lessons from 2017, and Happy Holidays!

Last week I decided to write about what I’m doing during my break from my NaNoWriMo work in progress: participating in Flash Fic Hive on Twitter. Flash Fic Hive is run by Anjela Curtis, and provides a series of challenges surrounding Flash Fiction.

I’m writing more about that today, and about what I’m doing over the holidays. This is my last Thursday post until January the 4th or 11th (I’m indecisive!). I’ll be on Twitter and blogging on Sundays, but I’m officially on break after today! 

#FlashFicHive Day 8:

The challenge today was to develop a story inspired by a Christmas movie. I chose the Nightmare Before Christmas, because it’s probably my favourite holiday film.

In a forest in the film, there is a circle of trees with different doors. One goes to Christmas town, one goes to Halloween town. I decided to write about one of the other doors: Easter.

Image: Nightmare before Christmas doors screenshot.

Yes, I realise it’s months until Easter, but I don’t want to write about Christmas!

Day 9:

The prompt today was to participate in hashtag games and retweet them back to the hive. I’m only online on Saturday’s to post the Sunday Scribbles prompt ready for Sunday, so I didn’t participate. We decorated the house though. Everyone who decorated December 1st, shh! I’m disorganised, and I haven’t even started Christmas shopping!

Day 10:

Today is a ‘write on’ day, to work on stories we’ve started. If I get time I’ll work on my party piece from last week or my story for Sunday Scribbles, which has to involve a Tavern. Today’s the first of many family meals this month though, so my writing time will be limited!

Day 11:

The challenge today was to write a 25 word version of a story. I usually shy away from these because it’s hard. This time I made an attempt based on a Christmas story I’m writing: 

‘Santa’s here!’
Sleepily, I glared at my bouncing sister. ‘Santa’s not real.’
Hot tears. ‘Mum said he is!’
I held her. Mum wasn’t coming back.

Image: Santa. He used to put my presents in a sack!

I’ve never written anything so short. I’m not sure if it works or not. The story is supposed to be bittersweet. I was the little girl waking my parents before 6am on Christmas day!

Day 12:

Today the challenge was to write a story with only one dialogue tag per 100 words. I love dialogue, and I’ve been working on improving mine lately. I’m going to try and write this weeks Sunday Scribbles story using as few dialogue tags as possible!

Day 13:

Today the challenge was to participate in hashtag games and RT to #FlashFicHive. I haven’t participated in many hashtag games lately. It’s hard to share lines when you aren’t writing much! I did plan 4 short stories and the Sunday Scribbles prompts up to March though.

Day 14:

Another ‘write on’ day to work on our stories. I’ve enjoyed this new aspect of the challenge this month. It’s less pressure to check Twitter every day. (Something I’ll never be good at is daily tweeting, introvert that I am!) I’m going to work on a few short stories today.

So what will I be doing for the rest of December?

Taking a break from my NaNoWriMo work in progress. Okay, I already went back on that one. I wrote 150 words and I think about it daily. Oops. Hard to believe this time last year I was halfway to 50k words in December too!

Writing short stories for January’s Sunday Scribbles. I also want to write a few Thursday blog posts in advance. I’m done with seat of my pants blogging!

Participating in #FlashFicHive on Twitter.

Catching up on emails. I’m usually slow to reply, but I’ve been terrible since I started NaNo planning!

Image: Lots of books. Okay, I admit most of the ones I’m going to read are e-books, but you get the point 🙂

Reading, a lot. I have a long TBR list, and I want to read at least 2 books in December.

Gaming. I haven’t had a good gaming session in a while, and I have a few new games to play!

Planning Instagram and Pinterest, the platforms I want to get more involved in next year.

Eating and celebrating!

What have I learned in 2017?

I love writing short stories, and some of the ones I’ve written could be expanded on.

TV recaps are time consuming, and they made TV less fun!

I take forever to proofread. For some reason my brain thinks reading the same sentence ten times is helpful. It isn’t, and I want to improve my speed! 

I’m a picky reader. If you’ve read anything awesome recently, let me know!

How about you? What have you learned this year? Any tips for faster proofreading? Are you writing in December, or taking a break like me?


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