Flash Fic Hive: My adventures with the December flash fiction challenge!

Originally I was going to blog about the DC-TV crossover today. I’ve decided not to. Whilst I loved Snart’s return in the form of Citizen Cold, and his boyfriend Ray, the rest of the crossover didn’t stand out to me.

Perhaps it was over hyped, perhaps it was the reduced interaction between Barry and Oliver, (which made the last crossovers funny), or perhaps it was the shocking major event I wasn’t expecting. No matter how tough the challenges, the crossovers are usually light hearted. This one was much darker. 

Instead, I’ve decided to write about what I’m doing during my break from the Arthurian legend story I started during NaNoWriMo: participating in @FlashFicHive on Twitter. #FlashFicHive is run by @AnjelaCurtis, and provides daily challenges surrounding Flash Fiction.

flash fic hive calender december 2017.png
Image: The challenge calendar for December: It looks like it’s going to be fun! (Image credit: @anjelacurtis. She’s very talented 🙂 )

I’m hoping to participate in most of the challenges even though I’m not on Twitter every day.

Day 1: Introductions.

Day one’s task was to introduce yourself, share your favourite flash fic length, answer the question ‘how many stories do you want to complete this month,’ and reveal whether or not you wrote any flash fiction in November. ( I didn’t because of NaNoWriMo!)

ffh 1
Image: My introduction.

I aim to write 8 flash fiction pieces this month, under 1000 words each. I want to have some stories ready for future Sunday Scribbles blog posts, in case I’m not able to write one in time. (Currently I write each story on the same day I post it!)

Day 2: Mix and Match

Image: Day 2’s prompt. Create a story by choosing setting, character, intent and a problem from the options above.

Day 2 was a challenge. You had to choose a character, setting, intent, and problem from a few options. The character options were store cashier or hair stylist: I chose a store cashier. I used to work in a supermarket, so I can understand the character easier!

For the setting, I had to choose between a car dealership or a birthday party. As one of my future Sunday Scribbles prompts is ‘Party’ I chose the birthday party! The intent options were play an instrument or take a nap. Who doesn’t love a nap?

The two problems to choose from were ‘has a month to live,’ or ‘can’t find his/her cell phone.’ I didn’t want to write about someone who has a month to live. It’s too dark for me. My problem had to be someone who couldn’t find their phone. I can relate: It happens often in our house!

I ended up with an idea for a story about a store cashier who crashes her nieces birthday party whilst retracing her steps looking for her phone. She ends up playing shops with the kids and hating it, because it’s just like work and she really wants a nap! 

Day 3: Write on!

The challenge today was to develop a story idea into a flash length story, or finish a recent draft. I wrote a story for my Sunday Scribbles prompt ‘Technology,’ based on a scene in a game I loved, Star Ocean 3, which had a virtual fight simulator. I ended up with a story just under 1000 words, and shared my favourite line to #sunscribbles and #flashfichive:

Image: My favourite line from today’s exercise: ‘I know technology is new and scary.’ Alena glared at him. ‘It’s not scary, it’s dangerous… We abandoned progress on my planet for a reason.’

Day 4:

I didn’t participate today. I’m rarely on Twitter on Monday’s, and I had a routine MRI scan to check the size of a cyst which is sitting on top of my pituitary gland. Hopefully it’s all clear!

The prompt today was to participate in hashtag games and quote RT back to #FlashFicHive. These are usually quite fun to do 🙂

Day 5: Write on!

Another ‘write on’ day, to develop a new story or continue with one. I’m working on a story from my ‘Pizza Assassin‘ universe. The Sunday Scribbles prompt for 10th December is fruit, and pizza assassin is set in a dystopian society where liking pineapple on pizza is punishable by death. As I have a family meal on Sunday, I have to finish my blog post in advance instead of on the day. This is new for me, and it will be the first Sunday I’ve taken off in a year!

The finished story is too long to be flash fiction, but I had fun. My favourite line is:

Shawn crept up to the ship, and from behind a pile of crates, he spied its name, painted in large white letters on the bow. ‘Fruit Loop 20? What happened to the other 19?’

‘Best you don’t ask,’ a voice said from behind him, and Shawn felt the barrel of a gun press into his back.

Look out for the story on Sunday at about 8.45pm GMT!

Day 6: Ask the magic 8 ball!

This was fun! The challenge was to ask the magic 8 ball account on Twitter (@8BallTweets) if my next flash fiction story should be about an ex-con with magical powers! I think this is an automated account, as the reply arrived instantly: Concentrate and ask again! The 8 ball seems as indecisive as I usually am, but I like the story concept so will probably write it anyway!


Day 7:

The task today was to share lines or a flash story premise. I have a few I’ve been working on, but the idea I chose was a story based on a character with anxiety going to university:

‘A young introvert with anxiety leaves home to go to university, but the challenges seem insurmountable, and that’s just in the first week.’

I’ll post the finished story in January!

I hope you enjoyed this insight into Flash Fic Hive! If it sounds fun, check out @FlashFicHive on Twitter for daily challenges and prompts throughout December. If you love writing prompts, check out #sunscribbles every Sunday for new prompts!

I’ll post about the prompts I do for Flash Fic Hive next week too, but after that there will be no Thursday blog posts until 11th January! Time to take a break over Christmas and focus on the last few short stories of the year!


  1. 1: I needed to know that the Twitter Magic 8 Ball existed. Now I can see if it agrees with the one I have at home.

    2: Man, I’ve always wanted to do #FlashFicHive, but I find it hard to dedicate myself to something daily like that. Power to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was so surprised to see the Twitter magic 8 ball. I’ve always wanted one. I wonder if the Twitter one agrees with yours!
      Thanks 🙂 It’s usually hard for me to commit to daily hashtag games too, but I’m taking December off my normal schedule to play catch up on everything I’ve neglected since I started planning my NaNoWriMo project 🙂 After 50k in November, flash fiction is just what I need!


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