The Pantser Plots: Part 8. #NaNoWriMo Progress Week 4. The End of the Road!

The final week of NaNoWriMo was more of a struggle than the rest. Reaching 50k never felt so hard! I’m really happy with the words I’ve written though, whereas last year I found 50k easy to write but despaired over the quality.

Image: Frosty ground outside my house. It’s been a cold week!

November 24th:

Target: 0.

Task: N/A.

Reward: N/A.

I wasn’t supposed to write today, but after my bike ride I scribbled a few words by hand. I spent most the day watching films on Netflix and doodling my main characters. I’m happy with Arthur, but Merlin needs work. It was fun, and I look forward to drawing draft 2!

Words: 150.


November 25th:

Target: 0.

Task: N/A.

Reward: N/A.

I scribbled another 300 words. It’s nice not having the pressure of targets. I had a feeling the pace of NaNoWriMo was too fast, and it looks like I’m right. It’s more relaxing to write at my own pace. I just need to figure out what that pace is so I can set a deadline for my first draft.

Words: 300.


November 26th:

Target: 200.

Task: Backstory short story.

Reward: Less words next week.

My short story for Sunday Scribbles was Arthur’s backstory, before his father made him leave home. It might be included in the main project so I’ll count it towards word count.

Image: Tintagel castle. May be linked to Arthurian Legends.

I wrote 1667 words. It’s the first day I’ve written the recommended daily amount for Nano! Easing the pressure over the weekend was exactly what I needed. I’m feeling more positive about my project than ever!

Words: 1667.


November 27th:

Target: 0.

Task: N/A.

Reward: N/A.

I went to visit my Nan and Grandad today. Turns out my Nan’s twin brother died yesterday. It’s sad because I’ve always thought twins have a special connection. My Nan is healthy at the moment, remarkably so for an 88 year old. I admire her because she’s lost so much: In 2009 her son (my dad) died in a car accident. He was 53. I think that’s what motivates me to follow my dreams no matter what, because you never know what might be around the corner. 

I scribbled some plot notes whilst watching ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,’ but no words!

Words: 0.

November 28th:

Target: 2000.

Task: Start chapter 8.

Reward: Netflix!

I had a bit of a sore throat yesterday. This morning it developed to a full blown cold. It was freezing outside, but I still went for a bike ride because I’m determined to keep up with my exercise this week: My sister is down this weekend and there’ll be Chinese takeaway. I actually felt better after exercise, and less full of cold!

I decided to look at my targets again. According to the Nano website I need 5554 words to finish. I aimed for 2000 today but struggled and wrote about 600. I decided to leave the last 5000 words to Wednesday and Thursday.

Words: 662.


November 29th:

Target: 2500.

Task: Finish chapter 8.

Reward: Start Black Desert Online.

This morning was hectic. It was raining so I attempted to give my fiancee a lift to work. In heavy traffic, it took twenty minutes to move 600 meters. The whole trip usually takes 6, and we hadn’t even gotten to the ‘bridge of doom,’ yet!

After twenty minutes of barely moving we turned back so he could bike to work. At least it’d stopped raining by then! Apparently a lorry broke down on the bridge, and our town is like a funnel that channels cars to that bridge. If it’s blocked, the traffic is chaos!

After that débâcle I was stressed. Sitting in traffic is one of my pet peeves! I decided to go for a bike ride to calm down. The sea was beautiful, but right after I took the picture below it started raining. I got soaked. It calmed me down and woke me up though, so it’s all good.

Image: Sun shining on the sea early morning. I love how beautiful it is!

I wrote more than my target today, and I enjoyed it. I wanted to carry on, but the house is pretty dirty and overdue a clean. Adulting sucks.

My reward is to start a new MMO I bought on sale over the weekend. The character creation screen alone looks awesome, and I’ll probably spend all my time on that!

Words: 2927.


November 30th:

Target: 2000. (Win Nano!)

Task: Start chapter 9.

Reward: DC TV crossover. 

I have to write 2000 words today but I’m distracted by snow. I get excited when it snows because it doesn’t happen often. Of course I wanted to go for a bike ride in it and take pictures! (I actually fell off, since I forgot sharp turns are a no go on ice!)

snow on the beach
Image: Snow covered beach. What a contrast to yesterday!

My writing progress was slow. The snow falling from the sky, the chill in my legs, and the aches from the bruises which began to form were all a distraction. I also had to sort my notes for the latest chapter before I started writing. I won though, and I’m so relieved! I’m going to carry on writing whilst I make a lasagna, and I’ll finish my first draft in the next few months as the story is nowhere near done. But as for NaNoWriMo? Beaten!

As a reward we’re binge watching the whole DC-TV crossover tomorrow night after we put our Christmas tree up, with snacks and popcorn. I’ll buy my kindle over the weekend!

Words: 2176.


Week 4 words: 50211/50000.

Image: My winners banner!
nano winner
Image: My winning stats and graph. I ran out of steam near the end!

So there we have it. I scraped 50k. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in love with my project and the words I’ve written, but it was a struggle to write so many words in a month. I think next year I’ll cheer from the sidelines and take a relaxed approach to my writing: It’s supposed to be fun, and all this pressure is anything but!

So what did I learn as a pantser attempting to plot? I’m saving that post for January: I’m exhausted and want to take a well deserved break over Christmas!

Did you reach 50k? Do you write more slowly with a plan? Do you think NaNoWriMo is worth it? Let me know in the comments 🙂


  1. Yay, congrats to you! Also, I loved these update posts, especially how your formatted them (I know I said that already once before, I think, but I really did enjoy these). I hope you keep up the progress and also take a well deserved break!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks 😀
      I’m thinking of using a similar format in future. I loved keeping a daily record, and I think it kept me more accountable to my goals.
      The current plan is December off from this story, and catch up on everything I’ve neglected in November 🙂
      I’ll come back to it in January, writing 25k a month with the aim to finish by the end of March! (That’s the plan anyway!)


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