The Pantser Plots: Part 7. #NaNoWriMo Progress Week 3. The Road to 40k!

I wanted to call this post ‘The Road to El Dorado,’ because at the moment I’d rather hunt for cities of gold than force so many words out! This week I bought a new notebook. My old one was looking rather pitiful, having been dropped in the bath, had pages torn out, and been scribbled all over. It’s amazing, and even has a list of common misspelled words at the back:


NaNo is taking its toll, so I’m going to take December off to recharge. I’ll take a break from my WIP to blog about the DC-TV crossover, the Psych movie, and write Sunday Scribbles. I’ll also participate in #FlashFicHive on Twitter, plan for next year, and catch up on messages!

November 16th:

Target: 3000 words.

Task: Finish chapter 5!

Reward: Arrow.

I woke 3 times last night. Crazily it was the heat keeping me up. In mid November. With a window open. I dreamt of explosions, two male lovers separated by a torturer who gave one puzzles to solve to free the other, and a mushy reunion scene. I might write it at some point. 

My fiancee’s off work this week. He popped out for a bit, so I took advantage of the couple of hours alone to sing my heart out. As a result my writing time was divided between the morning and afternoon. I had chocolate cake after lunch, which made me hyperactive, crazy in love with my project and really productive! I wish I could bottle that feeling.

Words: 3016


November 17th:

Target: 0.

Task: N/A.

Reward: N/A.

I took today off instead of tomorrow as our schedules changed. We went out to the arcades, lost a little money, and had a massive pizza for dinner. Probably not a great idea as I’ve decided to weigh myself tomorrow for the first time in nearly 3 months!

I also made one of my previous rewards: Soup, from scratch!

I’m a messy cook!

Words: 0.

November 18th:

Target: 740.

Task: Start chapter 6.

Reward: Read for an hour.

I woke up in a great mood. It was weird writing on a Saturday: It’s not something I do often. Whilst workmen fitted our back gate, I slouched on the couch in our living room where the sun shone in scribbling on paper. It was like being on a beach in summer!

My weigh in shocked me. Since I started exercising in August, when I was 14st 5 (203lbs), I’ve lost a stone and a half (30lbs). I’m over the moon, but could stand to lose some more so I’ll keep up the healthy-ish eating and exercise! (This includes cake, meals out, and pizza xD)

Words: 808.


November 19th:

Target: 740.

Task: Chapter 6.

Reward: Write fanfiction.

I had a long to do list today. I decided last Monday I need to go back to disconnecting a couple of days a week from emails and Twitter. I’ve been switched on all the time lately and it’s not good for me. I had two days to catch up on, NaNo words, and a blog post to write.

Luckily I expanded on the words I’d written by hand yesterday when I typed them up, so I met my target. My blog post was easy to write too, since it was loosely based on a past holiday! Yeah, I know, my reward is more writing, but I have crazy ideas I need to get out of my head!

Words: 767.


November 20th:

Target: 740.

Task: Chapter 6.

Reward: Salmon.

I wrote my words in a hospital waiting room today. My fiancee had an appointment because he’s had a blocked nose for 5 years. We didn’t have to wait as long as I expected, and whilst that’d normally be great, we were called in when I was midway through a sentence! 

After the appointment I had to drive home. A one hour journey, and I couldn’t write down the ideas spiralling in my head. In the end I asked my fiancee, the passenger, to take notes. Talking about my ideas helped me remember them later!


I like food rewards. Salmon is my favourite fish, and I wanted something nice for dinner!

Words: 750.


November 21st:

Target: 3000.

Task: Chapter 6.

Reward: Geeking out about DC-TV crossover.

Went for my first bike ride in a few days today. For some reason it gave me heartburn. I made the mistake of watching the trailer for the DC-TV crossover this morning. I had trouble getting anything done as I was stuck on how awesome it looks. I decided I’m only allowed to geek out on Tumblr if I finish my 3000 words. I think this will motivate me!

I wrote 1000 words before lunch. Normally I’d write 3000. It took a while, but I hit my target. 

Words: 3116.


November 22nd:

Target: 3000.

Task: Chapter 6/7.

Reward: The Flash.

I went for a bike ride this morning and came up with a few new ideas. I tried to reach 40k today. It didn’t happen, but I did write more than my target and spent a lot of time sorting my notes, splitting chapters and preparing for chapter 7. Hopefully it will make starting tomorrow easier!

Words: 3276.


November 23rd:

Target: 3000.

Task: Start chapter 7.

Reward: No words tomorrow.

Today is Thanksgiving in the USA. Happy Holidays! 

I can feel myself slowing down. I don’t know how I wrote over 50k last year and did TV recaps too. Is the plan going off the rails? Maybe a little, but it’s okay for first drafts to be all over the place. For more motivation, this article about first drafts is fantastic.

I decided to switch things up and write in the afternoon to give me time to wake up. It was a good choice. Writing was easier, although I still had to finish 500 words after dinner!

Words: 3018.


Week 3 words: 42329/41140

nano 23rd.png

So, one week left. Am I feeling frazzled? Burnt out? Yes. Will I continue this pace after NaNo? Not a chance. I’m dropping my expectations to 30k a month. It’s been a tough three weeks!

As I’m ahead of schedule I’ve recalculated my targets for the final week to ease the pressure. 2500 words on the 28th, 29th, and 30th, and 200 over the weekend should do it!

How about you? Feeling burnt out by NaNoWriMo or your targets? Stuffed too full of turkey to write? On target to meet that 50k?


    • Yeah. Relaxing over the weekend without a word count hanging over my head was just what I needed to recover: I even scribbled a few words 🙂

      I’m planning on finishing the first draft by the end of March so I can start edits in CampNaNo! I just need to stay on task 🙂

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