The Pantser Plots: Part 6. #NaNoWriMo progress Week 2, Midpoint Motivation!

This week I decided to set a bigger reward for reaching 25k: To check out the new local Archery club I’ve been meaning to go to for a while. It’s not all for fun: One of my characters in Dragonspire is an expert archer, and I need a refresher on what shooting feels like!

Not my target. I usually miss entirely!

I’ve also set a reward for reaching 50k: A Kindle. My fiancee works at an electronics store and gets staff discount too. I haven’t read enough lately and I think a kindle will help. I’m also tempted to participate in Melanie Thurlow’s #Decktheshelves on Twitter and buy a book a day in December. So there’s my motivation to reach 50k!

November 9th:

Target: 1870 words.

Task: Finish chapter 3.

Reward: Start Traitor Knight.

Since tomorrow is less busy and something came up today, I’ve broken my word counts up a little. Instead of 3000 today and 740 tomorrow, I’ll do 1870 on each day.

My words came easily today, maybe because I knew I had less to write. Merlin and Arthur are running from danger already, and these scenes are fun to write.

My reward is starting a book I bought a couple of weeks ago after a conversation with the author about dragons: His sounded fun and caught my attention!

Words: 1958.


November 10th:

Target: 1870 words.

Task: Half of chapter 4.

Reward: Watch Arrow. (Still not ‘good’ enough for fiancee!)

The weather was nice so I went out on my bike. When I got back I tried to write a few words. I managed 200. I spent a lot of time thinking about plot and scribbling notes for later chapters. I wrote bits and pieces throughout the day, but it was slow going. When I counted later I had 1987 words: The year I was born and a nice place to stop for the day 🙂

My cycle path.JPG
The path by the sea where I often cycle. Yes, that’s mini golf on the left, and yes I’ve been 🙂

Words: 1987.


November 11th:

Target: 0 words.

Task: Chill out. Do nothing. No writing.

Reward: N/A.

No writing today, I’m going to relax. I don’t want to be in the same position I was last Tuesday where I struggled to do anything. I spent the day reading and shopping, and I even bought a gate! (Our’s blew down in February. I’ve been meaning to get a new one for months!)

Words: 0.

November 12th:

Target: 740 words.

Task: Continue chapter 4 whilst writing a short story about aliens.

Reward: Subway breakfast this week!

I’ve been struggling with negative thoughts this week. The little voices that sometimes tell me my projects are terrible have been loud and irritating. I’m trying to catch these thoughts and dismiss them. It’s not been easy, but I think I’ve banished them for now! 

The words for my short story came easily today. It’s a fun tale about aliens and alcohol written in first person. I wrote 2150 words in 82 minutes, faster than I’ve been writing on my Nano project. (1650 words in the same time!) To me that made it obvious I needed a break to write something different!

As for my NaNo words? I was a bit distracted after writing something else, but I managed 1005: More than my target 🙂 It felt good to get out of my own head and just write!

My reward is subway breakfast later in the week. I love these and haven’t had one in ages!

Words: 1005.


November 13th:

Target: 740.

Task: Continue chapter 4.

Reward: Gaming.

Today I decided to take a whole day off. I haven’t done this in a really long time, and at first I was at a bit of a loose end! I didn’t write today. I played Skyrim, I read, I chilled out. It was nice, but even though I’m ahead on my goals and could afford the break, I’m still beating myself up a bit about those 740 words. I need to learn it’s okay to cut myself some slack sometimes!

Words: 0.


November 14th:

Target: 3000 words.

Task: Finish chapter 4. Start chapter 5.

Reward: Buy gloves!

I went for a bike ride this morning, and because it was cold and I have no gloves I’d lost feeling in my fingers when I got home. I also bought some healthy snacks:

Healthy snacks.JPG
Chicken and Apple snacks!

As of mid morning, I’d written 2600 words and was 911 shy of 25K. I decided 25k could wait until tomorrow, and I wrote the last 400 words of my 3000 target by hand close to midnight!

My reward is gloves. I need them if I’m going to stay motivated to exercise throughout winter!

Words: 3016.


November 15th:

Target: 3000 words.

Task: Continue chapter 5.

Reward: Watch the Flash.

After my word binge last night I woke up surprisingly early. I was really hungry and in a great mood. I didn’t go for a bike ride this morning. It was cold enough in the house and reading blogs on the sofa with tea won out! I biked to the shops to get some mushrooms later though.

Writing was hard today. My index finger has swelled up and it hurts to bend. This happens every so often and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s all the video games I’ve been playing lately… Anyway, I met my target and finally hit the half way mark! 25k!

My reward is the Flash. Last weeks episode was terrible. The writers tried to make a point about feminism, and for me it not only fell flat, it was cringe-worthy. I’m hoping this week will be better. 

Words: 3070.


Week 2 words: 27579/25010

Nano progress 2

Wisdom from a cold morning bike ride: 

As part of my NaNoWriMo journey I vowed to eat healthy and exercise 3 times a week. This is great for getting my mind in gear for writing and makes the words come easier!

Halfway through one of my bike rides this week I became fed up and wanted to stop, right there in the middle of the cycle path. Then, reason kicked in. If I stopped, what would happen? I wouldn’t move forward or reach my goal: Home. Work. Writing. 

The same applies if I give up on my dreams, my writing. Nothing would happen if I stopped. I wouldn’t get anywhere, and I’d never reach my goal of publication. 

Sometimes when things get tough, you need to take a step back, ease the pressure, and carry on. Don’t ever stop. I carried on cycling at a reduced speed feeling a little bit enlightened.

Thanks for reading. How was your week? Have any inspirational tips? Tips for relaxing the pressure on yourself? Ways to kill negative thought demons? Let me know!


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