The Pantser Plots: Part 5. #NaNoWriMo progress week 1!

I’ve decided to tell tales of my NaNoWriMo progress in diary form. I haven’t written a daily diary in years, so this will be interesting!

November 1st:

Target: 3000 words.

Task: Prologue (2000 words) Chapter 1 (1000 words)

Reward: I get to watch the latest Flash episode.

I woke up at 6am and gave up getting back to sleep. My shoulder hurt from too many hours slouched on the couch playing video games yesterday, and I couldn’t get comfy. I’m trying to get healthy, so after breakfast I went for a bike ride. It wasn’t too cold, so I took a longer route and cruised down a big hill near the beach to wake myself up!

After I got home I started to write. It was a challenge because I’ve done nothing but plan lately! I wrote 2700 words for my prologue and 1000 words on chapter 1 because I had extra time.

Words: 3738


November 2nd:

Target: 3000 words.

Task: Finish chapter one.

Reward: Doodle for an hour.

When I woke up my shoulder hurt, I had a sore throat, and I doubted my project. I couldn’t be bothered to go for a bike ride, but forced myself to anyway. I’m glad I did because it lifted my mood and I got some good ideas for my story. I went to one of our local parks. Check it out:

Lake in park

When I got home I finished chapter one and made a list of things to add later, to refer to when I edit. I had some some spare time, so I started chapter 2 and got ahead of my goals. 

My reward is doodling one of my MC’s. I love drawing but I don’t make enough time for it!

Words: 3266


November 3rd:

Target: 740 words.

Task: Continue chapter 2.

Reward: Watch the latest Arrow episode.

Woke later, just after 7. I wanted to work on my project, but alas I have other commitments, and my mother is coming to dinner tonight. I went for a bike ride and stopped to scribble more ideas. My frozen fingers hate me! 

My day was busy after that, and after mother left all I wanted to do was sleep. I went to bed early and immediately ideas flooded me. I spent the next hour scribbling by hand in my emergency bedside notebook.™ I won’t know how many words until I type them up!

My reward was to watch Arrow. My other half says I can watch it without him because he hates the current story line. I’m to tell him when it ‘gets good again’!

Words: ?


November 4th:

Target: 0 words.

Task: Type up yesterdays scribbles.

Reward: Dinner out.

I’m not supposed to write today, but I wanted to type up my notes from yesterday and my other half was working on his Minecraft server so I had time before we went out. He had ‘You’re Welcome,’ from Moana stuck in his head, so of course I played it on Youtube!

My sleep addled brain scribbled 4 pages of A5 last night, and I mean scribbled. I could barely decipher it. I typed 2 pages up, and because I expanded on what I wrote I have 832 new words. I’ll type the rest later. My reward was dinner out. I had a 50% off voucher for Frankie and Benny’s, an awesome Italian restaurant, and it entitled me to a free cocktail:

food reward

Yes, that’s pineapple on his pizza, and yes, he’s read my Pizza Assassin story!

Words: 832


November 5th:

Target: 740 words.

Task: Continue chapter two whilst writing a Sunday Scribbles post.

Reward: Chocolate cake.

The thought of meeting my word count and writing a blog post was overwhelming. I thought of two solutions: Write a shorter blog post than usual, (flash fiction, poetry, or song lyrics), or write an excerpt from my NaNoWriMo project so I can count it in my word count. I chose the latter.

I wrote a story where Merlin and Arthur attend a festival. It will appear in my draft if I can link it to the plot! Today is a big win. I doubled my word count, and all the words were edited too!

My reward is chocolate cake. Bad for the diet, but I need nice things sometimes to stick to it!

Words: 1563


November 6th:

Target: 740 words.

Task: Continue chapter 2.

Reward: Home made chicken soup.

I went for a bike ride to our local supermarket, which was blissfully quiet because it was so early! I got ingredients for soup making and headed home.

It was easy to write 740 words today. I hope to write Arthur’s meeting with Merlin tomorrow, as I’ll have more time. My chapters are better with a plan, and contain 50% less waffle!

I love home made chicken soup, so it’s my special reward for reaching 10K. (Is it a reward if I make it myself?) I have a leftover chicken carcass so I’ll try to make some!

Words: 886


November 7th:

Target: 3000 words.

Task: Continue chapter 2.

Reward: Watch Love Actually.

Today I had a bit of time, so I took a longer bike ride along the seafront. It’s beautiful this time of year. Don’t let the sun fool you, it’s -1 and there’s frost everywhere. Sure it’s cold, but it’s my favourite biking weather. You get used to the chill, and you don’t overheat like summertime.

beach early morning sunshine

I love the sun sparkling on the sea early in the morning.

Writing was hard today. I managed 2683 words in 3 hours: Slow for me. I pushed through the last words and took the afternoon off. I could feel myself stressing out and we’re only 7 days in!

My reward was inspired by this gif shared by Raimey Gallant on Twitter.

Words: 3244 


November 8th:

Target: 3000 words.

Task: Finish chapter 2.

Reward: Draw Arthur’s mural.

After my afternoon off, slumped on the couch watching Brookyn 99, I feel refreshed. I haven’t had a couple of hours where I sit and do nothing in a while. I think I needed it!

Writing was easy today. I finished chapter 2, but at 5800 words long I’ll need to edit it a lot in the 2nd draft. I also started chapter 3, where after a change of plan, Arthur finally meets Merlin.

My reward is drawing again: This time the mural Arthur has on the ceiling of his room!

Words: 3014


Week 1 Words: 16543/14220

NaNo Progress

Please remember to back up your work, and here’s to a productive week 2! How did your week go? What was your biggest challenge? Do you have an emergency beside notebook?


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