Sunday Scribbles Week 40: I forgot where I was going #sunscribbles

Welcome to Sunday Scribbles!

Today marks week 40 of the 52 week writing challenge!

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The prompt for Sunday 8th October is ‘Forget.’:

ssbanner 8th Oct Forget

I’d planned to use the prompt ‘Party’ this week, but I decided I didn’t like that prompt much so I put it to a Twitter poll.

Thankfully the winner wasn’t party, because I had no ideas for that one!

I used the #FlashFicHive prompt from the 2nd October (below) for inspiration, and added in memory loss. If you love Flash Fiction, check out @FlashFicHive on Twitter. Prompts and activities are daily throughout October!

ff hive oct 2nd.pngThis is probably the least dialogue I’ve ever written for a story, which is a good thing as I need to practice description a little more! As usual with my flash fiction, it sits at just under 1000 words.

My Attempt:

Abigail pulled her coat tight around her as she took quick steps towards her car. She opened the door and slumped, shivering, behind the wheel. Her phone landed with a thump on the passenger seat, and she glanced at the web page she’d loaded up during her lunch break. Cute faces smiled back at her. She nodded once and started the engine. Left the parking lot behind. She was on a mission and no one could stop her.

Nodding and singing along to the cheesy pop music blaring from her stereo, Abigail barely noticed the traffic had stopped. The next time she glanced up, the car in front was close. Too close. Abigail braked sharply. Her phone thudded from the passenger seat and disappeared underneath it. She cursed and waited. A minute or two ticked by. No movement. 

Abigail stuck the handbrake on and slouched to wait. She glanced at the briefcase beside her. Papers peeked out the top. Ungraded assignments from her class. A smile graced her face as she noticed the pictures. Little Timmy preferred to complete his homework using only scribbled drawings. It was amusing and sweet, but she would have to speak to his parents about it.

The traffic still wasn’t moving. Abigail let her mind wander. Meetings: Must bring up concerns over Sally’s unruly behaviour. Upcoming parents evenings: Twenty-five students to remember. She’d need to take notes for that. The Christmas party she agreed to chaperone. Shawn’s parents, who she was meeting this weekend. Abigail bit her lip and let scenario after scenario run through her head. They were rich, posh, and probably thought she wasn’t good enough for their son. Just an elementary school teacher with barely a penny to her name.

Ten minutes later, stuck in traffic and eyes wide, Abigail glanced around her wildly. The blaring of horns barely registered as she muttered under her breath, ‘Come on, remember.’

In all her musings, she’d forgotten where she was going. Her eyes settled on the passenger seat. Her phone knew, but she couldn’t bend over to grab it, not without taking her seat belt off. She had to retrace her steps, just like the doctor said.

Lunchtime. She declined Mr Riley’s offer of lunch and hid in an empty classroom to call Shawn. Her boyfriend hadn’t picked up, so Abigail slouched in a chair and flicked through Facebook on her phone, dismissing friend requests from students and liking pictures of cats.

A car horn blared. Abigail jolted.

‘Come on,’ she muttered, but unlike the other drivers around her, she wasn’t talking to the traffic. ‘I left work. I was going somewhere important. Not home. Was I meeting Shawn?’

Shawn. She’d sent him a text with a picture of a kitten. It wasn’t unusual though, for them to send cute animal pictures to each other. After that she’d pulled a chicken sub from her bag and eaten it as she’d flicked through her phone again. Whatever was on the phone, it was important.

Abigail shook her head and glanced at the floor near the passenger seat again. Her fingers twitched by her side. No. She was not digging around under the passenger seat whilst stuck in traffic. She could remember. She usually did, eventually. She just had to stop panicking.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. A news headline flashed in her mind. Brief. Fleeting. Abigail ran her fingers through her hair as she tried to bring the image back.

A sharp honk startled her, and Abigail cursed and glanced ahead at the clear road. She sent a nervous smile over her shoulder, sure her cheeks were red, and edged her car forward. She stopped behind a car at an intersection, but had no idea which way to turn.

‘Video killed the radio star,’ her stereo blared.

‘There was a video! ‘ Abigail yelled, and in her excitement stalled the car as she moved forward in the queue. The car behind her stopped suddenly, and the driver slammed his hands against the wheel.

Abigail winced and turned the key in the ignition. The engine roared into life. A roar. There had been a lion in the video. No. A large cat, hit by a car. She left behind kittens, but there wasn’t room for them all. Who didn’t have enough room for kittens? She did. Her and Shawn would take them in a heartbeat…

A sharp rap on the drivers side window made her jump. Abigail flinched and looked up, expecting to see the driver from behind. She sighed with relief when instead she saw a familiar face obscured by a motorcycle helmet.

‘Shawn!’ she exclaimed, as she wound down the window.

‘Hey Abs. I thought you were a teacher, not highway maintenance,’ Shawn said with a grin, and he gestured towards the tailback behind her.

Abigail whimpered and let her head rest on the steering wheel. ‘I forgot where I was going.’

‘Probably because you’ve got so much on your mind,’ Shawn replied. He reached into the car and placed a hand on her shoulder. With his other hand he gestured to the drivers behind him in a ‘settle down,’ motion. ‘The party, the endless tests, the marking. All those parents, and meeting mine this weekend… Try not to worry too much, okay? I’ll lead the way.’

‘But where?’

Shawn grinned. ‘The animal shelter, remember? We’re going to save lives!’

Abigail’s eyes widened, and she thrust the car into gear. The kittens needed new homes urgently. The animal shelter didn’t have room to keep them all. How could she forget?

‘What are we waiting for?’ Abigail asked. She sped away, shocking the tailback behind her and leaving them in the dust. She was going to the animal shelter with Shawn, and they were going adopt a few kittens. Abigail grinned and followed Shawn’s bike as they sped towards their new family. She had lives to save.

End Prompt.

Thanks for reading!

I’m pretty forgetful myself, but not to this extent. The worst thing I’ve forgotten is to check my emails for a month. My inbox hit 400+ emails, but there were no lasting consequences! How about you? What’s the worst thing you’ve forgotten?

Next Sunday’s prompt:

The prompt for 15th October is ‘Outlaw.’

ssbanner 15th oct outlaw 2.jpg

If you try next weeks prompt yourself, let me know how it goes. Post your attempt on your blog on the 15th October, and leave a link in the comments below this post so I can read it 🙂

If you can attempt the prompt in less than 140 characters, you can also #sunscribbles on Twitter. I am super interested to see what you all come up with 🙂

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