How images from the world around us can inspire ideas!

To all my #AuthorToolboxBlogHop friends: I’m skipping this month. I need to plan the next few months of my blog and get a few pieces ready to go ahead of time: At the moment I’m blogging by the seat of my pants, much like my writing!

If anyone is wondering what it’s like to work in publishing, in particular editorial, take a look at my past #AuthorToolboxBlogHop posts. I worked for two weeks in editorial at Penguin Random House, and learned many things about marketing, cover design, and traditional publishing.

Based in the UK? Penguin will open applications for September and October’s work experience on the 21st August! Follow them on Twitter for details: PRHCareersUK

As for today?

How can pictures provide inspiration?

Everywhere I go, I take a camera with me. (This has gotten much easier since the invention of camera phones!) I often take pictures of things that interest me, pretty scenery, and castles.

If I could find a dragon, I’d take pictures of that too!

Pictures can provide inspiration for characters, plot ideas, and locations. They are great at triggering breakthroughs in writers block, and they can also inspire us to continue writing, even in our darkest hours.

See a beautiful beach, with the sea stretching ahead of you?

I’m lucky enough to live by the sea. I love it!

Write a scene where your characters cross that ocean!

Stay in a hotel with a sign like this outside?:

Does America have Travelodge? It’s a hotel with just a room, and sometimes breakfast!

Become inspired to write a story about a haunted Travelodge!

My favourite image from this week was this one:

They cut me down but I grow back again.jpg

This tree, in my local park, was cut down at the top. You can see where the stump was. Even though it was chopped down, it grew again, and the branches continue to reach skyward.

We writers can learn from this tree. If people knock you back, keep writing. Try to determine if the feedback is constructive, or just plain nasty. If it’s constructive, use it to improve your writing. If it’s not constructive, ignore it. Continue onward towards the sky again.

Don’t let anyone hold you back. 

Twitter posts of the week:

The funniest thing I saw on Twitter this week was the parrot and a kitten in a box.

The cutest? This animated dragon.

The post I could relate to my work in progress? This one about riding dragons(I’ve mentioned before that I don’t think dragons should be slain without good reason, rather, befriended!)

I’m on Twitter too (DragonspireUK). There are lots of dragons and weekly writing prompts. I’ll never auto-DM, I follow most people back, and you’ll rarely see promotion spams! 

Thanks for reading! Do you find inspiration in the world around you? Do you love to take photos? Do you struggle with writers block?* Chat to me in the comments!

*Struggle with writers block? Penguin writers academy are running a free webinar on the 23rd August at 6pm GMT to discuss how to overcome it: Penguin Writers Block Webinar


  1. Hey Louise, great idea getting inspired by your photography and your real world surroundings. Love the picture of the regrowing tree. It would be great to use my writing as an excuse to travel more. 😉

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Oh thank you so much for the Penguin suggestion, although I don’t live in the UK, France is quite close I could pop over to do an internship 😀 I’ll also make sure to read your older posts! I also love taking photos although mostly with my phone. I have a short story project where I’d like to use pictures I have taken in the house of my bf’s grandmother, it’s a fairy-like, mysterious and somewhat eerie place.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome, it was a worthwhile experience and a great insight 🙂
      They also pay you now, which makes arranging travel easier, and Travelodge are so cheap too!
      My phone is full of pictures too. That sounds like an awesome short story project! Those images sound otherworldly.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love how you’re taking a break Louise. All the pictures were really inspiring too. I loved the tree. It reminded me of a dragon head emerging from the earth. I love the cemetary sign too. Happy planning and writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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