Sunday Scribbles Week 32: Stranded in the Wilderness.

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Today marks week 32 of the 52 week writing challenge!

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The prompt for Sunday 13th August is ‘Movies’:

ssbanner 13th aug movies

This weeks attempt is based on @Flashfichive’s prompt from the 2nd August, ‘Develop a story based on a movie character.’

At first I was stumped. I don’t like a lot of movies, since I haven’t found many that tell a good story in the limited time given. However recently it was announced that Psych, one of my favourite TV shows of all time, is getting a movie in December.

For those who don’t know Psych, it follows the adventures of Shawn Spencer, who ends up working for the police as a fake psychic detective. Together with best friend Gus, he solves crimes that even the head detective, Carlton Lassiter, can’t solve. The characters are so well written, and I know this movie is going to be awesome!

Flashfichive pysch
The graphic I did for Flash Fic Hive

In the spirit of crazy fangirling (I’m currently on a re-watch of all 8 seasons) I decided to base a short story on Shawn and Lassiter, who have one of the funniest on screen relationships I’ve seen. Is this fanfiction? Kinda. My characters are very closely based off the ones in Psych!

My Attempt:

‘Good work, detective.’

‘Thanks, Chief,’ Carlton replied, as he slid a piece of paper across the desk towards her.

She raised an eyebrow at the large number scrawled at the top. ‘What’s this?’

‘My expenses for the last case.’

The chief ran her eyes over the list. ‘Six trips to the gun range? Ammunition not discharged in pursuit of the suspects? The department won’t fund this.’

Carlton grimaced and gripped his gun in its holster. ‘But it’s your fault for hiring that consultant! He drives me insane, and that’s when he’s not calling me by that ridiculous nickname! I have to unwind somehow.’

‘For three hours a day?’ the Chief replied, and there was that raised brow again. ‘If you made the effort to get along, maybe you wouldn’t spend so much time shooting things.’

Carlton moved forward, ready to protest.

‘Ah, ah, ah. Learn to get along, or find a cheaper way to unwind, Carlton.’

Carlton sighed and looked away. ‘Yes, chief.’

The conversation in her office was the last thing Carlton remembered, so why was the ground shaking? He opened his eyes to an unfamiliar environment and quickly got his bearings. ‘When did I get on a plane?’

‘It’s going to crash!’ a familiar voice yelled beside him.

Startled faces looked their way. Carlton glanced to his right and groaned. Beside him sat the root of all his problems, Shawn Spencer, ‘psychic’ consultant.

Carlton rolled his eyes and grabbed Shawn’s arm. ‘Sit down, Spencer. You’re making a scene.’ He glanced at the in flight movie Shawn had on, and turned to address the other passengers. ‘Ignore him, he fell asleep watching Final Destination.’

‘I wasn’t asleep, Lassie!’ Shawn said with a whine as he wrenched himself free from Carlton’s grip to raise a hand to his head. ‘I sense something is wrong with the plane!’

‘You’re not psychic, Spencer!’ Carlton replied with a roll of his eyes. He opened his mouth, but snapped it shut when the plane began to shake some more.

Shawn’s eyes darted back and forth and his leg began to bounce. ‘Told you so.’

It was one of the few times Spencer didn’t seem pleased to be right.

After that, it was all blur. Flames. Cacophony. Screams. Dragging themselves free. Running. An explosion that flung them over a cliff.

When Carlton blinked his eyes open, he was in a clearing at the bottom of a ridge. Spencer’s worried eyes roamed his body. Carlton winced as he sat up.

‘How did you know the plane was going down?’ he asked immediately.

‘Psychic, remember?’ Shawn replied. He tried to raise his hand to his head but let out a gasp.

‘You’re not psychic,’ Carlton grumbled. He grabbed Shawn’s arm and checked it for injuries.

‘It’s just a sprain,’ Shawn said. He pulled his arm away and looked around. ‘Is this a dream? Cos I’ve had weird ones before, but never this vivid.’

‘It’s possible,’ Carlton replied. He glanced around the forest, and a new memory resurfaced. After he’d spoken to the chief, he’d brushed off his colleagues offers to celebrate, grabbed take out, and headed home to slouch on the couch watching old re-runs of CSI. He must have fallen asleep. That was it. This had to be a dream. 

A sharp pair of nails dug into his arm. ‘Oww! What was that for?’

‘Trying to wake you up,’ Shawn replied with a shrug. ‘Did it work?’

‘I’m still here, aren’t I?’ Carlton retorted. He watched the trees sway in the wind. It couldn’t be real, could it? He didn’t remember getting on a plane.

Beside him, Shawn’s eyes darted around them, before his gaze settled on a thick plume of smoke. ‘We should try and get back to the wreckage. They’ll send recovery crews.’

Carlton got to his feet. ‘I’ll check it out. Stay here, Spencer.’

‘Really? Are you sure we should split up?’ Shawn replied. This time his glance around the area was less confident, and he hurried to stand beside Carlton. ‘There could be wolves…’

Carlton sighed and ran a hand through his hair. ‘There’s no wolves.’

‘Bears, then. It’s a jungle, Lassie, you gotta protect me.’ 

‘Stop calling me that,’ Carlton replied with a grimace, but he glanced towards the trees. Spencer was right. The forest was dense, and if they split up now, there was no guarantee they’d find each other again. ‘Worst part of being a police officer. Protecting and serving civilians like you.’

He could see Spencer mocking him out of the corner of his eye, but he ignored it for now and moved towards the trees. They didn’t come across any wolves on their trek but mercifully, when the sun was high in the sky, they found a river.

‘At last!’ Carlton said, voice dry and raspy. He took a few steps towards the stream. ‘Come on Spencer.’

‘You might want to rethink that,’ Shawn replied. He nodded towards the rivers edge and placed a hand on Carlton’s shoulder to hold him back.

‘What now?’ Carlton asked, tight lipped, but what he saw by the river made his heart leap in his chest. ‘Is that a bear?’

Shawn nodded and began to back away. ‘It’ll be fine. So long as it doesn’t see us.’

Carlton kept his eyes on the shaggy brown bear and took a few hurried steps backward to catch up with Spencer. The bear remained with its back to them, face bent towards the stream.

‘So far so good,’ Shawn said with a grin.

‘Be quiet,’ Carlton replied, voice barely above a whisper. ‘It might hear us.’

There was a sharp crack as Carlton took another step back. He winced and glanced down to see a splintered tree branch beneath his feet. The bear whipped its head around. ‘Oh come on!’

‘Run!’ Shawn yelled. He grabbed Carlton by the arm and dragged him away through the trees.

Carlton looked back with wide eyes. It was no use. It was too close, and gaining fast. He grit his teeth and spun around to face the bear.

Shawn skidded to a stop beside him. ‘What are you doing?’

‘We can’t outrun it, we have to fight.’ Carlton’s fingers closed around the grip on his pistol. Time to put his time at the range to good use.

‘Are you crazy? You can’t take down a bear with a pistol!’

‘Just you watch me,’ Carlton replied.

He took aim at the bear and fired. The animal roared as the bullet tore into its shoulder, but it picked up speed as it continued to lumber towards them.

Carlton placed himself in front of Shawn and held steady. Let off a few more shots.

‘The engines were rumbling differently,’ Shawn said in whisper. Fear laced his tone, and as the bear bore down on them, Carlton noticed he was shaking.

‘What?’ Carlton asked as he took another shot. He cursed as the gun clicked, empty, and tossed it aside. ‘Run, Spencer!’

But it was too late. The bear pounced and knocked them to the ground.

‘The plane. I worked as a flight attendant for two weeks. I remembered how to tell if the engines were in trouble,’ Shawn rambled as the bear pinned him and lashed out with its claws. He brought his hands up to cover his face.

‘This isn’t the time to confess you’re not psychic!’ 

‘But Lassie, any other day you’d be glad to hear it!’ Shawn replied with a whimper as sharp teeth brushed his throat.

Carlton struggled to punch the bear away, but a large paw smacked him in the side of the head and he went flying. The last thing he remembered before darkness overcame his vision was the bear latching its mouth around Shawn’s neck.

When he came to, the ground was soft beneath him.

‘Game over,’ a familiar voice said. ‘I’m disappointed, I thought you’d at least make it half way.’

Carlton shot up and looked around. A thin mattress covered the table where he lay, and the chief stood beside him, arms crossed. ‘Where the hell am I? Where’s the bear? Where’s Spencer?’

‘I’m fine, Lassie,’ Shawn said from the doorway, but he didn’t meet Carlton’s eyes. ‘It was a simulation. Virtual reality. I can’t believe I didn’t see it.’

‘A simulation?’ Carlton turned on the chief, movements sluggish. ‘You drugged me and put me in a simulation? With him? Why?’

‘I wanted to see how you worked together in a life or death situation. Thought it might help with your problem,’ the chief replied with a smirk.

Carlton glanced at Shawn. His throat was unblemished, his arms were around his waist, and he shook like a leaf. Shawn met his eyes and attempted a smile. Carlton nodded. They were alive, and they hadn’t turned on each other in the simulation. After that nightmare, maybe he could learn to tolerate the fake psychic on cases after all.

End Prompt.

Thanks for reading! Like my other piece, ‘Robots,’ which involved characters similar to Leonard Snart and Mick Rory, this could be considered fanfiction. I hit a bit of a slump with my writing today and needed to do something fun, aside from doodle dragons!


Do you think many movies manage a good story line with well developed characters? What’s your favourite? What do you do when you’re in a writing slump?

Next Sunday’s prompt:

The prompt for 20th August is ‘Space.’

I already know how this one will play out: It has a giant purple space dragon!

ssbanner 20th August Space

If you try next weeks prompt yourself, let me know how it goes. Post your attempt on your blog on the 20th August, and leave a link in the comments below this post so that I can read it 🙂

If you can attempt the prompt in less than 140 characters, you can also #sunscribbles on Twitter. I am super interested to see what you all come up with 🙂

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  1. […] I had fun playing with these characters. I felt like I was going back to my fanfiction writer roots. If anyone has any prompts for Flash, Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow, throw them my way. Sometimes I need a break, and I find writing fanfiction therapeutic! For more fanfiction, this time based on Shawn and Lassiter from Psych, click here: Stranded in the Wilderness […]


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