Flash Season 3 Episode 22 recap: Does someone take Iris’s place?

Spoilers for Flash Season 3, Episode 22. (and Legends of Tomorrow Season 1)

Last time:

Barry tried to stop himself making new memories so that Savitar was no longer one step ahead. His plan failed, but Tracy finished the speed force trap. Theories follow the recap.

Onto the recap:

24 hours left: 12am

Felicity was unable to find Cisco a power source, so Tracy and H.R look for an alternative way to power the bazooka. Wally and Joe look after each other. At their flat, Iris asks Barry to get her caviar. When Barry leaves, Iris videos a message for Barry on her phone.

Cisco and Barry visit ARGUS:

s03e22 Cisco and Barrry approach Lyla.jpg

The next day Cisco calls Barry: He found something that may help. Barry and Cisco visit Lyla at ARGUS. They ask to borrow the crystal that Lyla recovered from the Dominators ship. Lyla refuses, even when Barry tells her that Iris’ life is at stake. She doesn’t trust Barry because of the mistake he made with Flashpoint.

Barry resorts to thievery:

Back at Star labs, Barry says that he and Wally will phase through the walls to steal the power source. Cisco says that they can’t: There is a meta-human power dampener at ARGUS. Breaking in is their only option, but because ARGUS is well defended with cameras, eye scans, and sensors, it would take a master thief to break in. Luckily, Barry knows where to find one!

Siberia, 1892:

Barry travels back in time to ask Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, for his help. When Barry explains that he needs to break into ARGUS, Snart agrees, but only if it’s on his terms.

Back at Star labs:

Barry arrives with Snart and tells the team that he will help Barry break into ARGUS. Snart leaves for Cisco’s lab to prepare. Cisco says that Snart is dead, and Joe tells Barry off for time travelling again. Barry says that he won’t change time: he will put Snart back where he found him. The team agree to his plan.

Frost tries to change Savitar’s mind:

Killer Frost asks Savitar if he is sure about killing Iris. Savitar says that if Iris doesn’t die, he’s never born. Frost reminds Savitar of his memories with Iris, but Savitar says that he doesn’t care about that, because Barry never cared about him. He accuses Killer Frost of having doubts, but she denies it. Savitar remembers Barry getting Snart to help, but he isn’t concerned.

s03e22 Frost tries to change Savitar's mind
Savitar works on his suit, which Flash damaged in their fight.

Snart reveals his plan:

Snart says that the power source will be in the deepest part of the facility, where it is most secure. Barry tells Joe to take Iris somewhere safe, but not tell him where. Before she leaves, Iris tells Barry not to lose himself in his attempts to save her.

Earth 2:

On Earth 2, Harry is surprised to see Joe, Wally, and Iris appear in his Star labs.

Breaking into ARGUS:

Lyla leaves ARGUS. A few minutes later Barry enters, disguised as Lyla with a fake ID and Captain Cold in handcuffs to take to lockup. Barry can’t answer the security question, and Cisco tells Barry to stall. Barry beats up the two security guards. Snart is impressed, and has removed his cuffs whilst Barry was fighting. Cisco directs Barry and Snart through ARGUS.

Joe and Iris talk:

They reminisce about old times. Iris gives Joe her engagement ring to give back to Barry in case they lose. This could be why she wasn’t wearing her ring in the future that Barry saw.

Snart disables security:

As they explore ARGUS, Barry and Snart pass Grodd’s cell. Barry explains that he spared Grodd, only for Grodd to attack Central city. He seems to regret showing mercy. They carry on and find the door where the power source is. Barry tells Cisco that the lock is the Montgomery 3000: it is worth ten million dollars and incredibly secure. Snart disables it in 37 seconds.

King Shark:

“King Shark, that’s adorable.”

King Shark appears by the door. Barry asks Snart for his cold gun so that he can kill King Shark and get the tech. Snart passes over the gun, but offers an alternative: lower the room temperature so that King Shark passes out. Barry hands the gun back to Snart, who throws a piece of the cold gun into the room. The temperature lowers and King Shark passes out. 

H.R asks Tracy to join Team Flash:

H.R asks Tracy to work at Star labs with him so that they can be together. Tracy agrees.

Barry steals the power source:

Barry grabs the power source, but alarms go off, and the door begins to shut. Barry gets out, but Snart is trapped inside with King Shark. Snart tells Barry to go: ARGUS will be here any minute. Barry stops and asks Cisco to help. King Shark wakes up. Cisco manages to open the door, but as Snart and Barry escape, Lyla catches them.

Lyla gives Barry the power source anyway:

After all that effort, moved by the way Barry refused to leave Snart behind, Lyla lets Barry have the power source anyway. She tells Barry to get Snart back where he belongs.

Barry takes Snart back to 1892:

s03e22 Snart is back where he belongs
“No strings on me.” Snart’s last words here, and in Legends of Tomorrow Season 1.

Before he leaves, Barry asks Snart if he thought Barry would leave him behind. Snart doesn’t know: He says that he’s always known Barry has the potential to be ruthless, just like Barry sees goodness in him. Snart tells Barry that his goodness is his strength, and he should use it to fight Savitar. Barry tells Snart to take care of himself.

Star labs:

Barry rushes into the cortex and says he got the Dominator tech. He asks where Iris is. H.R says she is safe on Earth 2. Barry turns to reveal his scars: It is Savitar in the Flash suit.

Savitar kidnaps Iris:

Savitar rushes to Earth 2. Wally tries to stop him, but Savitar breaks Wally’s leg and emerges from his suit. Joe tries to reason with him, but Savitar isn’t swayed. Iris agrees to go with him if he spares her family. Savitar takes her. Barry appears, and Joe tells him that Savitar took Iris.

53 minutes to go:

At Star labs, Wally apologises for failing to take out Savitar. Barry doesn’t blame Wally. He says that he will get Iris back. The team agree to go to Infantino street to confront Savitar, but Barry says that whatever their plan, he can’t know of it.

The team prepare:

As Cisco prepares, H.R tells him how awful he feels for telling Savitar where Iris was. Cisco tells H.R that it could have happened to any of them. He tells H.R to hold the fort. H.R tells Cisco, ’till next time,’ and looks at the piece of Savitar’s armour as Cisco leaves.

Cisco vibes Killer Frost:

As he leaves Star labs, Cisco vibes Killer Frost. She calls him to the forest where he saw them fight before. Barry tells Cisco to go and save Caitlin whilst Savitar isn’t with her. 

Infantino street:

At Infantino street, the team prepare to confront Savitar.

Vibe vs Killer Frost:

Cisco confronts Frost. Frost tells Cisco that she needs to kill what is left of Caitlin to become a god. She lashes out with ice, and Cisco is knocked to the ground.

Iris dies:

s03e22 Speed force trap fails

Savitar arrives with Iris. Barry shoots Savitar with the bazooka, but it doesn’t work. Savitar reveals that as long as he has the philosophers stone, made of calcified speed force energy, he cannot be trapped. Savitar kills Iris, and as Barry rushes towards her, Iris’s video plays: Her wedding vows. We end with Barry distraught and on his knees with Iris in his arms. 

Comments & theories:

Did anyone take Iris’s place?:

Unless H.R had two face changers, no one took Iris’s place before Savitar took her. Barry had H.R’s device during his heist with Snart and didn’t see his team until after Iris was taken. 

The only one fast enough to switch places with Iris, or help someone switch places with her after Savitar took her, is Wally. If his leg recovered enough, Wally could have helped a guilt ridden H.R make a last minute switch, but it’s a bit far fetched. Not saying that H.R isn’t up to something of course… 

I think there’s another solution. Savitar is a time loop, and changes affect the entire loop. I think Barry will create a remnant, and when it survives, be good to it. If that remnant doesn’t feel rejected, he won’t become Savitar, and it will be like Iris never died. As a speedster, Barry will be the only ones who remember anything, and Wally won’t have powers any more.

Where in the timeline is Snart from? 

When King Shark’s hand is cut off by the door, Snart comments that he’s been there. Therefore Barry snatched Leonard after Legends of Tomorrow Season 1, Episode 9, where Snart froze his hand and smashed it off to escape Chronos, but before Snart made up with Mick.

  • Snart does not seem surprised to see Barry in 1892: He knows that Barry can time travel!

  • Barry must have been training with Oliver. He took out those ARGUS guards really easy!

  • Barry doesn’t know what the team could have planned. They could have done anything in the 53 minutes they had left, including negotiate with Savitar…

  • Will Cisco save Caitlin, or lose his powers trying?

  • Will Team Flash save Jay Garrick, or have they forgotten about him?

  • I don’t like how dark the Flash is getting. Barry is becoming broody, like Oliver. For me, Flash was better when it was lighter. Captain Cold just reminded me of the good old days.

Next time:

Barry tries to take down Savitar, and Cisco tries to save Caitlin.

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