Flash Season 3 Episode 20 recap: Savitar revealed

Spoilers for Flash Season 3, Episode 20.

Last time:

Barry ran to the future to find a way to stop Savitar. He did not find out Savitar’s identity, but he did find out who built the speed trap which trapped Savitar. Now, Barry must find Tracy Brand…

Onto the recap:

Barry confronts Savitar:

Barry tells Savitar that he knows who he is. We then flash back to 16 hours earlier…

Cecile says I love you:

Joe and Cecile return from a run. Cecile accidentally tells Joe that she loves him. Joe gets a phone call and has to leave for Star labs. He doesn’t say it back.

At Star labs:

Barry explains that they need to find Tracy Brand. Julian is upset that the team are not focused on finding Caitlin. Cisco argues that they’ve tried, but they can’t find her. The team find a location for Tracy Brand. H.R, Cisco, and Barry go to Central city university to ask for her help.

Central city University:

s03e20_Killer Frost goes after Tracy

The team find Tracy Brand, who is setting fire to all her research. As they encourage her not to give up, Killer Frost shows up and tries to kill Tracy. Barry saves Tracy and tells H.R to get her out. Cisco is unable to fight Killer Frost, but Barry uses a blowtorch and creates a spark to make a flame thrower. Killer Frost flees in one direction, and Cisco and Barry in the other.


Team Flash have wiped the CCTV from the university to protect Caitlin, but the sketch artist has a good idea of who they are looking for from Tracy’s description. Cecile arrives, and Barry overhears her talking to Joe about her confession that morning. Barry asks Joe if he wants to talk, but Joe refuses. Tracy refuses to be put in police protection. She leaves the station.

Caitlin meets Savitar:

Caitlin tells Savitar that she failed to kill Tracy Brand. He is disappointed. Why doesn’t Savitar kill Tracy himself? He could handle it easily…

The team try to get Tracy on board:

H.R buys Tracy a coffee, and with Cisco’s help via radio, he talks to her about her research. As Cisco helps H.R, Julian tells Cisco that he saw the footage from CCU, and he asks why Cisco did not take the clear shot that he had on Caitlin. Cisco refuses to talk about it. In a van across from Jitters, Barry tells Joe that if he loves Cecile, he should tell her everything.

Tracy talks to H.R:

Tracy reveals that she has been studying speedsters: When they run, they generate a trail of lightning. She has figured out that some of that lightning comes from the speed force, and believes that it can be manipulated. She doesn’t know more, because the university refused to fund her research. As she asks why H.R is so interested, his coffee freezes. Killer Frost is back.

s03e20_Killer Frost comes after Tracy again

Killer Frost attacks:

Killer Frost shoots an icicle towards Tracy. Barry saves her. H.R leads Tracy away. Caitlin chases on a cool bridge of ice. Barry tells Cisco that he will lead Caitlin back to him so that Cisco can knock her out. When Killer Frost is in front of him, Cisco is unable to attack her. Barry takes a blow for Cisco, and Caitlin shoves an icicle through Barry’s leg. She leaves.

Back at Star labs:

The team tell Tracy that, in the future, she is a genius who creates a speed force trap to contain Savitar, and that Killer Frost is after her because Savitar wants to kill her before she can make the trap. They explain that someone important to them will die if Tracy does not build the trap now. Tracy leaves, overwhelmed. H.R follows to talk to her. 

Julian talks to Cisco:

Julian tells Cisco that H.R has talked Tracy round. He asks Cisco why he didn’t stop Caitlin when he had the chance outside Jitters. Cisco admits that he is afraid of killing Caitlin with his powers. She is his best friend, and he would rather it be him than her.

Barry talks to Joe about Cecile:

Barry asks Joe if he has told Cecile about them yet. Joe says that if he tells her, the only normal thing in his life goes away. Barry tells him that there is no such thing as normal, and if Joe doesn’t tell her, they may not stay together. He says that love is the only thing that makes the fight worth it. H.R rushes in to tell them that Tracy has gone.

Finding Tracy:

The team are unable to find Tracy. H.R suggests that they look at the future holograms for clues. He realises where she is based on a statue in the future photographs of her.

H.R finds Tracy:

Tracy admits that she is intimidated by her future greatness, because she only knows how to fail. H.R tells Tracy that she is a genius, and she just needs to believe in herself.

Killer Frost kidnaps Cecile:

Cecile visits Joe, who has been avoiding her. Joe says that they need to break up, because his life is too complicated. Cecile leaves, upset. Killer Frost returns with her a moment later. She tells Joe that if he doesn’t bring her Tracy, Cecile dies. Back at Star labs, Barry has a plan.

Julian encourages Cisco:

Julian tells Cisco that he believes he can control his powers, because Cisco’s abilities come from somewhere good. He says that if Cisco can stop her, they can save Caitlin.

The team confront Killer Frost:

s03e20_Vibe vs Killer Frost

At the exchange, Killer Frost knows every word that Barry will say. She knows that Cisco is hiding in the rafters too, because to Savitar, this is all history. A bomb goes off. Cisco falls from the rafters. Caitlin shoots at Joe. Barry saves him, but Caitlin freezes Barry to the floor. Cisco incapacitates Caitlin and takes a sample of her blood. Barry frees himself. Savitar arrives and takes Killer Frost with him, leaving Tracy unharmed.

The team discuss the fight:

Cisco wonders how Caitlin knew where he was and what Barry was going to say: It was like Savitar was there during the exchange. The team realise that Savitar didn’t kill Tracy because he needed to rescue Caitlin for something. They agree to figure out what. Julian says that they can use the blood sample that Cisco took from Killer Frost to try and make a cure.

Tracy works on the trap:

Tracy realises that Savitar travels so fast that he needs the suit to neutralise the charge that he builds up around him. She says that if they can build a device to harness that power, they can use his own velocity against him and trap him in the speed force.

Joe tells Cecile the truth:

At CCPD, in what looks like Singh’s office, Joe tells Cecile that he loves her too, and he was just trying to protect her before. He takes off his wedding ring.

Barry realises who Savitar is:

At Joe’s house, Wally returns. Joe tells Wally, Barry, and Iris that he told Cecile everything: That Barry is the Flash, and Wally is the Kid Flash. He says that love is the only thing they have in this world. Who knows what they would become without it? Barry realises who Savitar is.

Barry confronts Savitar:

Barry tells Savitar that he knows who he is: himself. Savitar opens his suit to reveal a scarred version of Barry. I’m not surprised. Next to Jay Garrick, a remnant of Barry was my next best theory: It was just one that I couldn’t, and still can’t, explain!



  • Barry is Savitar. I still can’t get my head around it. According to this behind the scenes video all will be explained in the first 5 minutes of episode 21 though.

  • Why does Jitters have a secret coffee called ‘Zoom?’ Do they make coffee out of all the villains? Is there a Captain Cold and Trickster coffee too?

  • If there are cameras in Singh’s office, he now knows who the Flash and Kid Flash are…

  • What does Savitar need Killer Frost for?

Next time:

To stop Savitar having knowledge of their plans, Cisco tries to stop Barry making new memories. Things go wrong, and we end up with a Barry very similar to Earth 2 Barry…

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