Flash Season 3 Episode 19 recap: Back to the future

Spoilers for Flash Season 3, Episode 19.

Last time:

Abra Kadabra caused trouble in Central city, but would not tell Barry who Savitar is. Barry decided to head to the future to find out how to stop Savitar. Caitlin died. Julian removed her necklace to heal her: she became Killer Frost.

Onto the recap:

Barry plans his trip:

Barry figures out that he needs to go to 2024, to after he trapped Savitar. Iris asks Barry to promise to look after Joe if he fails to save her. Barry is reluctant to think about failing, but he agrees. He gets an alert from Star labs.

Killer Frost attacks:

Caitlin, now Killer Frost, attacks H.R, Cisco and Julian. Julian tries to get her necklace from the floor, but Caitlin destroys it. The group flee to the pipeline, where Caitlin corners them.

s03e19 Killer Frost corners Caitlin's friends.jpg

As she prepares to attack, Barry arrives and confronts her. Caitlin seals the group in with her powers and leaves. When Barry phases through the wall of ice, Caitlin is gone.

Barry goes to the future:

Cisco is angry at Julian for removing the necklace. Julian insists that he just wanted to save Caitlin. Barry tells them to stop arguing, it won’t help them find Caitlin. When Julian and Cisco leave the cortex to cool off, Barry tells Wally, Joe and Iris that he is going to the future. Wally helps Barry to reach a fast enough speed to travel to the future.

Barry arrives in the future:

When Barry arrives, he finds a newspaper article dated 3rd February 2024. Whilst he is distracted, Mirror Master and Top ambush him. Barry realises that he can’t fight them now and retreats. Oliver would have told Barry off for not casing his environment when he arrived…

At Barry and Iris’ old flat:

Barry runs to his old flat. It is trashed. Future Cisco finds him, and he is pleased to see Barry. Cisco realises that this Barry is from 2017 and has come for information about Savitar. He takes Barry to Star labs to see his future self.

At Star labs:

Cisco explains that Barry shut down Team Flash and shut them all out once he lost Iris. He takes Barry to the lower levels, but will not accompany him further. He tells Barry to get what he needs from his future self, who never leaves Star labs, and not to leave without saying goodbye.

Barry talks to his future self:

Barry’s future self tells Barry that he can’t save Iris, so he should enjoy the time that they have left together. He never found out who Savitar is either, so he cannot help Barry.

s03e19 Barry talks to the future Flash

Barry tries to leave:

Barry tells Cisco that his other self was no help, and that he is leaving. Cisco suggests that Barry stay to help with the villains in the city: They don’t have a Flash now. Barry refuses, but when he tries to run back to the past, he can’t return home.

Cisco agrees to help:

Cisco assures Barry that he will help him get back home. He suggests that in the meantime, Barry could help him get the team back together. Cisco reveals that he couldn’t do it himself: Killer Frost destroyed his hands so that he can no longer vibe. Without his powers, and without Barry, he couldn’t get the team back together.


Barry asks Cisco what happened to the others. Cisco takes Barry to see Julian, who works where Caitlin is imprisoned. He is surprised to see a past Barry, and takes him to see Caitlin.


Caitlin tells Barry that he is no match for Savitar. She says that she joined up with Savitar because he cured her: He told her to embrace who she really was. Caitlin knows who Savitar is, but she refuses to tell Barry. She says that Wally fought Savitar: Maybe he can help.

Barry visits Wally:

Wally is in a wheelchair, and he does not talk or react to Barry. Cisco explains that after Iris died, Wally went after Savitar by himself. Savitar shattered his spine, and whatever he saw that night destroyed Wally. 

Barry speaks to Joe:

Barry asks where Joe is. Cisco says that if Joe is not here, he is at Iris’ grave. Barry tries to talk to Joe, but Joe is upset. Barry abandoned him after Iris died. He tells Barry to leave.

At Star labs:

Barry confronts his future self about breaking his promise to Iris and not being there for Joe. Future Barry says that Barry doesn’t understand: He will do everything to save Iris, but fail anyway. By the end, there will be nothing left apart from trying to stop Savitar: He won’t be there for anyone. He tells Barry to go home.

Note: Barry’s future self says that Barry will create time remnants of himself, which Savitar will kill, mostly. What happens to the rest of them? The Future Flash goes on to say that when Iris dies in his arms, it will feel like an eternity: Savitar was trapped in eternity. This is either super misleading dialogue to throw us off, or there is something more to future Barry. 

Barry tells Cisco that he has to leave:

Barry asks Cisco if he has figured out why he can’t go back to the past: he says that he can’t help his future self, or Cisco, and he needs to leave. Cisco admits that he created a device to stop Barry going back because he missed his friend. Barry agrees to help Cisco get the team back together.

Barry puts the team back together:

s03e19_Past Barry' gets his future selfs team back together

Barry grabs H.R away from Jitters, where he is reading from his romance novels, and he collects Julian and Joe too. Back at Star labs, Barry says that Iris wouldn’t have wanted him to drive everyone away, and he will not abandon them now. An alert sounds: Mirror Master and Top are back. The team agree to help Barry fight them.

Barry confronts Mirror Master and Top:

Barry confronts Mirror Master and Top, but he is overwhelmed. Cisco creates a device that will counter their powers, but they cannot get it to Barry. Future Barry says that he will take it to him.

Flash and Future Flash work together:

Future Barry saves Barry, and together they take down Mirror Master and Top.

s03e19_Future Flash and Flash fight together
Future Barry’s suit is so much cooler!

Future Barry agrees to carry on:

At Star labs, the team celebrate. Future Barry agrees that this is a good first step, and that Iris would have wanted them to stay together. He apologises to his team, and they agree to work together again.

Barry gets the help he came for:

Barry asks his future self how he trapped Savitar. Future Barry says that a physicist, Tracy Brand, created the speed force trap, but not until 4 years after Iris died. He gives Barry Tracy’s research, and tells him to find her in 2017 in the hope that she can decipher it. Future Barry says that if Tracy can’t help, Barry should make good memories with Iris and hold onto them.

Barry returns to the past:

Future Cisco and Barry part ways, with a promise from Barry that Cisco won’t lose his powers. Barry heads back to 2017. He tells the team that even though he didn’t find out who Savitar is, he has a lead to help save Iris. Julian asks about Caitlin: Barry tells them that she will align herself with Savitar, and they need to find her before she’s lost forever.

Barry talks to Joe:

Moved by his trip to the future, Barry hugs Joe and tells him that he loves him. He says that no matter what happens, he will always be there for him. Joe replies that he knows: which is probably why the other Joe was so crushed when Barry abandoned him.

s03e19_Barry is reunited with his Joe

Killer Frost meets Savitar in the woods:

Savitar tells Killer Frost that he wants to make sure that Caitlin Snow never returns. Frost asks why she should trust him. Savitar drops to his knees and opens his armour. He reveals his identity to her. She is surprised by his identity and asks what he needs her to do.

s03e19_Killer Frost finds a new master


  • If Savitar were Ronnie, Killer Frost’s facade would have cracked and Caitlin would have shone through for a moment. She didn’t. Killer Frost was just surprised. 

  • Ronnie would not want to make sure Caitlin Snow never returned: He loved her.

  • I think that future Wally saw who Savitar is, and it crushed him. Wally never met Ronnie, so it couldn’t have been him. I think it’s either Jay Garrick, or one of Barry’s remnants.

  • Savitar does not have to be someone that Killer Frost would follow without question: She could merely trust him because he revealed his identity.

  • Does Savitar even have super speed, or does the suit give him his speed?

  • Barry’s future self looks younger than his past self. I think it’s the hair!

Next time:

Barry confronts Savitar and tells him that he knows who he is. Whoever Savitar is, after all this hype it better be good!

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